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Gods of Marketing, What We Can Learn From Them

Learn several tips from marketing gods that made a name for themselves thanks to powerful advertising campaigns.

Growth Hacking – an Outlaw of Marketing or Efficient Strategy for a Start Up..?

The article tells about the definition of growth hacking, its best strategies, tips and tricks. Get to know if growth hacking is exactly what you need for your start up!

Startup Marketing Strategies that Always Work

If you need efficient tactics that would boost your company’s popularity, make use of these startup marketing strategies and get ready for success.

9 common mistakes in content marketing

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Tony Randall By now most internet marketers are familiar with the phrase “Content is King” but this really is nothing new. It always has been king and it always will be.

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17 Top Free Resources to Learn Online Marketing Techniques

Online marketing is one of the more important aspects of a successful business, large and small alike. For freelance graphic designers, web designers, web developers, or other freelance creatives, a…

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SEO VS PPC Comparison? What Should You Choose for Marketing Campaign of Your Site?

SEO VS PPC Comparison – Know the Difference & Decide Which is Better for Your Project!

12 Free Marketing Tools And Resources

In this collection, we are presenting some amazing and essential marketing tools and resources that can help you maintain relationship with your clients and customers. Email marketing is an important aspect of marketing that should not be neglected. It has the potential and can greatly increase your conversion rate.

In this round up, you will find 12 free (with Pro version available) amazing and extremely useful email marketing tools as well as some resources that are all free to use. So, don’t hesitate in trying them. Also, let us know what you think about this collection. Your comments are always more than welcome.


Create, deliver, and track FREE email campaigns with ReachMail.


The first free email marketing service by TargetHero. Design and send your email campaigns using hundreds of free templates.

Sender Score

Find out your email reputation score from Return Path’s Sender Score reputation rank.


Test the inbox-placement performance of your campaigns.

Lyris ContentChecker for Email

Lyris ContentChecker uses the SpamAssassin content filter to validate email marketing campaigns against rules widely adopted within receiving domains.


Gmail signature automatically inserted in your email, create custom templates based on signatures and social media. Tools to run a complete email marketing campaign, track ROI and send emails that convert.


Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages in Chrome/Firefox/Safari.


HTML to Text Email Converter


Follow Up Themn


Pinterest Marketing Tips. Key Takeaways from Successful Social Media Campaigns

Using Pinterest for business marketing is the right way of building brand awareness. Grow client base with 15 great Pinterest marketing tips.

5 awesome experiential marketing campaigns by RPM

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Experiential marketing, or “engagement marketing” as it’s often called, is a marketing strategy that builds direct relationships between the brand and the client. Instead of looking at the consumers as passive receivers of the message, engagement marketers address the consumers directly and engage with them. some companies like RPM specialize in this type of marketing. […]

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How you can incorporate QR codes in your marketing strategy


QR codes, otherwise known as quick response codes, have been actively and successfully used in North America for a number of years now. As opposed to a barcode, a QR code is a 2D code that can be scanned through a Smartphone to give the user immediate access to their online search; more specifically bringing your potential customers to your online market place in real time.

There are 1.75 billion smartphone users as of 2014 according to Emarketer. Therefore it goes without saying that there is definitely a market to be reached through mobile devices. Moreover, companies are being forced to keep up with the most current advertising techniques in order to maintain a competitive edge. A business owner that acknowledges the current tech trends will provide their business with the image of having an up to date, trustworthy, and innovative enterprise.

With so much information being broadcasted to people through so many different mediums on a minute-to-minute basis, people are longing for a personalized and interactive encounter. QR codes are one of the latest ways to deliver this.

According to I Acquire, 70 percent of mobile searches lead to direct action on the website within an hour, with 60 percent of people searching on their phone and 40 percent on a tablet. It only makes sense for a business that wants to maximize their revenue potential to look into optimizing their company for the online marketplace with the best tools possible. QR codes can be one of those tools.

So you’re opening your mind to the possibility of incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy, but it’s not a particularly simple process. Here of the most important steps in developing your company’s QR code and making its use a smashing success.

How to Make a QR Code

There are many things to consider when choosing a code generator, although one of the most important functions is the ability to track and analyze results. Beyond the logistics, you’ll want your first QR impression to be unique to your brand. Besides, a little creativity never hurt anyone. The following are a few of the most popular choices within this framework:

Kaywa: Is known to be the simplest generator and as a result it’s also the most popular. This generator also permits you to customize your design for free.

Custom QR Codes: This generator will allow you to design your code similar to a logo. This generator uses a freemium approach, where the basic generator is free, but you can add additional features for a fee. What’s most impressive about this one is the fact that, in addition to being able to read a URL, phone number, or SMS, it can also link to a vcard, which would automatically save the contact information to your mobile phone.

Microsoft (MS) tags: This generator allows you to create your code in color, which is a rarity in code generators.

Make it Mobile Friendly

The last thing you want to do is invest all of this time and money into planting your QR code all over your print advertisements and then finding out the code doesn’t work. Since people are going to be scanning your code through their mobile phones, you have to make sure that when the code connects them to your website, they can actually view your site on their device. One of the most trusted platforms to create a mobile optimized website is Shopify, the platform is one of the best when it comes to creating online store and offers a host of other features which could come in handy when trying to attract a mobile based audience.

Have a Purpose

Ask yourself what exactly you are trying to accomplish by implementing QR codes into your marketing strategy. Do you want to increase your social media fan base, grow your email list, or simply encourage sales? By creating a clear objective you can plan the type of content you will connect your QR code to.

Make it Worth Their While

While you’re trying to generate leads, your customer is searching for something of value. So try to make it a fair trade. Have your QR code promote your business, but once your potential customer has gained interest and scanned your code, ensure that they’ve landed on something that gives them incentive to stay on your page and continue business with your company. For example, lead them to a page that provides a discount, free eBook, or VIP access.

Track Your Results

Using a QR management system will provide you with valuable information on your interested customers. Not every person who scans your QR code will end up buying something. Although, if you have a system in place that tracks and analyzes the activity from the scans, you will get a better understanding of what is working and what is not when it comes to your current marketing strategy.

According to the Social Media Examiner, Nick Martin of Microsoft said, “MS tags have the capability to accurately determine the location of a scan and report that data in real time.” This advantage will permit you to customize the content that is delivered to customers depending on where they are located.

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