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Holiday Markets Around the World: From LA to Berlin, we hunt for some of the best Pop Ups the season has to offer

Holiday Markets Around the World

by Laura Feinstein

The winter season always seems to bring the reliable trappings of festive cheer: trees and wreathes, carols and bells, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. But one tradition that we always look forward to most is the holiday……

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10 Online Markets To Sell Your Art

Selling art online is making a comeback. Artists have been selling their work on the Internet but as of late, there’s an increase in online art sales. In an article by Bloomberg, it is reported that global art sales went up to $ 65.9 billion in 2013. Many online high-end art galleries are emerging and even Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon (after a failure to launch in 2000). The bad news is, these places take a rather large cut from your earnings.


You can of course build your own website to share your art, run your own marketing and promotional exercise via social media and other channels but you will probably gain more exposure with the following 10 online markets. Time to get your beautiful art out there.


On top of letting you sell prints and canvases, Society6 also allows you to sell your art via a variety of merchandises such as tote bags, phone cases, clothing and mugs. You can set how much you profit from each item by raising the base price. Society6 will handle production, packaging and shipping for you whilst you keep working on your art. Rest assure, you retain all rights to your art. [Visit site]



Redbubble offers the same model as Society6 by offering artists to sell their art on various products while handling all the nitty-gritty stuff. Artists can set the price of their products by adding to the base price and they retain ownership of their work sold there. Joining is free. [Visit site]



INPRNT sells glicée prints of art pieces. If you are interested to sell, INPRNT requires you to submit 3 pieces of your artwork for review. When your art is approved, they’ll get in touch with your about setting up shop. When any of your art is bought, you’ll earn 50% of the sales. INPRNT handles all logistics and you retain all ownership of your works. [Visit site]


Big Cartel

Big Cartel may offer only 5 listings under its free plan (to continue your subscription it is between $ 9.99 to $ 29.99 per month) but it offers one thing most art e-commerce platforms don’t offer: CSS cuztomization of your shop. If this is important to you as a web artist, then this is the online market to put up your wares. You also get to keep all your earnings and you can take advantage of their iOS app that allows you to manage your shop while on the go. [Visit site]


College Art Online

Attention all art students and lecturers, this platform is for you. You can set the price of your own artwork and College Art Online takes only 25% commision fee out of each piece sold. Setting up and maintaining your account is free and you can display as many pieces of your work as you want. The best thing about this site is that it supports art graduates of the last 3-5 years too. [Visit site]



Selling your artwors on paper or canvas is so mainstream; why not sell them as metal posters call Displates? Setting up an account is free and you get to set your own prices. You can even earn some moolah when you promote other artists on the site, 5% commision goes to you when someone purchases an artist’s work that you promoted. [Visit site]



On Vango, for a 20% commission, you can feature your product on an app they made which lets buyers see how your art piece looks on the buyer’s wall. You can start selling your art pieces at $ 100 or $ 250 and steadily raise the price as you sell more pieces on the site. You will have to handle the shipping of your own work but Vango will cover the shipping fees for you. [Visit site]



You may think Storenvy is another art-centric e-commerce site but you would definitely love the fact tha it lets you run the first 500 listings for free. You will also get store analytics, layout customization for your online store, inventory and order-tracking services for free. If you would like to have your own domain set up, then that is just an extra $ 5.00 a month. Well, you’re getting all other essentials for free, right? [Visit site]


Hey Prints

If you love posters, and love creating them just as much, Hey Prints is the place to get your poster designs out there. Your poster art will be printed on Epson Enchanced Matte Inkjet Paper (192 gsm) for a high resolution turn out, and the posters will be available in 3 different sizes. You can set your own retail price on top of their base price, and they will handle the shipping for you. [Visit site]



One of the most popular places to get T-shirt art prints, Threadless sells your art differently than the others. Instead of setting up shop on the site, you submit your designs for one of the site’s design challenges. Your design will be scored by people around the world. If they like it, Threadless will turn it into a T-shirt design and do all the heavy lifting to get your art out there. [Visit site]


As Wii U sales flatline, Nintendo looks to new markets: 90 Seconds on The Verge

Seizure warning. (Press start) Title screen: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat of the Planet of the Apes. The Memory Card does not have a save file. Submit to new masters? (Play) Select a stamp for your save file. (Free human) Saving… Please do not turn off the console or seek help. (Clap! Clap!) First level, opening ceremony. (Resist!) Nope, dammit, clap! Now bang on the drums!

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Nintendo will develop new consoles for emerging markets

Nintendo has said it will release new consoles targeted at emerging markets, marking a strategy shift for the Japanese gaming giant. The products will be built from the ground up to serve these markets, rather than repurposing existing hardware. “We want to make new things, with new thinking rather than a cheaper version of what we currently have,” CEO and president Satoru Iwata told Bloomberg News. “The product and price balance must be made from scratch.”

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Word of Mouth: Santa Barbara: Wine tasting, farmers markets and local secrets in our guide to this city by the sea

Word of Mouth: Santa Barbara

In the Southern California city of Santa Barbara, exploring the picturesque mountains, surf beaches and harbor only tells part of the story. The town boasts a world-class museum, lush botanical gardens and a historic mission; plus its close proximity to fruitful farmlands and ideal climate for vineyards has made the…

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Link About It: L’ArcoBaleno: Earthquake-proof tables, Brazilian modern, Brooklyn’s Souda studio and more in the stories culled from the online market’s cast of talent

Link About It: L’ArcoBaleno

Helmed by Design Miami co-founder Ambra Medda, L’ArcoBaleno is an extraordinary online marketplace for the cultured design enthusiast. To provide further…

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Nokia markets Lumia 2520 as the mullet of tablets

Nokia is bringing back the mullet hairstyle. While Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet isn’t short at the front or long at the back, the Finnish smartphone maker’s latest ad picks a fitting mullet analogy for a truly weird promo. Nokia’s main selling point of the Lumia 2520 is “work and play” in a single tablet, just like the mullet hairstyle with business at the front, and party at the back. The long-forgotten hairstyle might have peaked in the 1980s, but that’s not stopping Nokia from reviving it for a little bit of awkward hairdressing.

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Artist breathes new life into open air markets

Brooklyn-based artist Jingyao Guo has teamed up with Chicago’s Object Design League (ODLCO) to create a series of illustrations depicting some of the world’s most vibrant open air markets. Jingyao’s “Marketplace Posters” collection was produced as part of a Kickstarter project launched last week, and includes detailed, stylized renderings of the Raohe Night Market in Taipei, the Muara Kuin Floating Market in Indonesia, and Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market (above).

The China-born Jingyao takes about a month to create each work, after conducting thorough research on each locale. The idea, she says, was to capture the bustling energy and unique culture of each market in graphic detail.

“As designers, we are interested in the way that all the…

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Word of Mouth: Saint-Tropez: Yacht-spotting, beach clubs, markets and people-watching in our guide to the glamorous hub in the south of France

Word of Mouth: Saint-Tropez

A premier stop for the jet-set community, the south of France carries prestige grounded first and foremost in the region’s historic beauty. Sun soaks the beaches. Sailboats ride sea breezes, drifting between yachts. Dancing, drinks and dinner occur among playful elegance. At the pinnacle of all of this rests Saint-Tropez….

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Decatur & Sons: A visit to Chelsea Market’s full-service barbershop with owner Thorin Decatur

Decatur & Sons

Taking a moment to relax in the heart of New York City can be a challenge. Thorin Decatur, proprietor of the newly minted barbershop Decatur & Sons wants to change that. Decatur developed his barbering skills…

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