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I have a number of problems with this Taylor Swift / Nine Inch Nails mashup

So my friend and former colleague David Pierce just tweeted that this mashup of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Nine Inch Nail’s “Perfect Drug” is the new “Call Me Maybe” / “Head Like A Hole”, and I just want to say that he is wrong, for the following exhaustive list of reasons.

1. The Call Me Maybe mashup is a perfect mix of Reznor’s vocals and Carly Rae Jepson’s backing track; the verse is great, and the chorus is pure gold. The Shake It Off mashup is fine during the verse, but misses when Taylor’s vocals reappear and then totally falls down during the chorus.

2. Perfect Drug has one of the best drum breaks of all time. It is perfect, and unassailable. Whatever this is still has Taylor Swift fake-rapping the words “this sick beat.”…

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Somehow, this mash-up of Miley Cyrus and the Serial podcast just works

Did Adnan Syed murder Hae Min Lee? If not, who did? What’s the deal with Jay, anyway? What if Sarah Koenig did it all along? And who is threatening that poor “Mail Kimp” girl?

Turns out we’ve been asking the wrong question the whole time. The really, truly important question to ask here is, what does Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” sound like remixed with the “Serial” theme? And why does it work so damn well? And do we have to say Miley … “Kyrus” now?

We’re calling it the best Miley Cyrus / Serial mash-up of all time.*

Stay with it. 1:58. Just trust us.

* Note: to our knowledge, there exists no other Miley Cyrus / Serial podcast mash-up, but if you know of another, we are very happy to be wrong Update: there’s at least one other from…

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Animals (and Muppets) in a surreal illustrative mash-up

Read more about Animals (and Muppets) in a surreal illustrative mash-up at

Carter combines illustrative styles for a brilliant illustration project

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Iron Man Digital Art Mashup Series by Bosslogic

Recently, I came across the digital mashup artwork of Australian graphic artist Kode Abdo, AKA the ‘Bosslogic’. Kode is quite a celebrity in the world of digital arts, with his work being featured on a number of great design magazines. Most of his work focuses on either TV or comic book characters.

His ‘Iron Man mashup series‘ instantly caught the attention in which he merged the famous Iron Man metal suit with the suits of other popular superheroes quite brilliantly. The result is simply amazing.

Whether you’re a Batman fan or a Spiderman fan, you’ll simply love the new outlook that this guy has given to your favorite super heroes.

P.S my favorite is the Batman suit. Which one is yours?

Iron Man Digital Art Mashup

Spiderman and Iron Man mashup Digital Art by Bosslogic

Batman and Iron Man Digital Art Mashup

Darth Vader and Iron Man mashup Digital Art by Bosslogic
Darth Vader

Superman and Iron Man Digital Art Mashup

Wolverine and Iron Man mashup Digital Art by Bosslogic

Juggernaut and Iron Man Digital Art Mashup

Green Arrow and Iron Man mashup Digital Art by Bosslogic
Green Arrow

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Watch Batman and Bane’s romance flourish in ‘The Dark Notebook Rises’ mashup

Remixing movie trailers for cheap thrills is hardly a new practice, but it takes real skill to combine two films with almost no thematic overlap and still produce a cohesive trailer. The Dark Notebook Rises is just such a work of art — it overlays the supremely schmaltzy dialogue and soundtrack from The Notebook atop gritty scenes of violent malevolence from Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film. The result? A profound reinterpretation of the bat-man’s desire to fly like a real bird, the discovery of Bane’s softer side, and a healthy dose of absurd comedy.

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Gene Simmons producing Kiss and Hello Kitty mashup for ‘My Little Pony’ network


If you’ve always felt that children’s television shows were lacking in lessons on anarchy, you’re in luck: the ubiquitous Hello Kitty franchise is set to be mashed up with the aesthetics of hair metal band Kiss, reports USA Today. The show’s working title is Kiss Hello Kitty, and it’s being produced for The Hub — the same network that airs the surprise cult hit My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The new show is set to be about four Hello Kitty characters living the rockstar dream and creating anarchy in each scenario they’re put into, and it’s just a bizarre enough pop culture mashup that the network could be looking to repeat the unlikely cross-demographic success of My Little Pony.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons will be executive…

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Agency site breaks rules with typeface mashup

The combination of fonts on Design Intellection’s site shouldn’t work – but somehow it does! We take a look at this typographically-focused site and how it works responsively.

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Kapow! Nike’s massive monster manga mashup

This stylish comic-themed promo animation features martial arts, monsters and mayhem galore!

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