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7 Offbeat Android Apps For Social Media Lovers

This time we are showcasing some useful and exciting apps for social media lovers. These are basically Android apps that are extremely popular among social media fans. Social media is a kind of a bridge that is slowly bringing the virtual and real worlds together. Here we have listed top 7 Android apps for social media users who want to stay connected with their friends.

With these apps, users can connect with each other as well as can share information, skills and experiences. This is the advantage of the technology that you can share information by sitting in the comforts of your homes and also from your offices. Let us have a look at this compilation. Share your views on this post via comment section below. Enjoy!

Hootsuite (Social Media Mgmt)

Get Social Media Followers

All Social Network

tsu – Social & Payment Network


SynkMonkey – Social Calendar


How To Customize Media Upload Directory In WordPress

Despite improvements in the WordPress media manager, one thing has not changed: how WordPress stores media (e.g. files, images, videos, and audios) in the server.

Currently, WordPress organizes files into date-based folders, unless we opt out of it from Settings > Media, in which case, all uploaded media files will not be categorized into subfolders. So far WordPress does not provide many options to customize this particular area.

If you’re not cool with this, and would like to customize the path structure of where these files are stored, e.g. storing it in a folder with a name that matches the post permalink, or changing the "uploads" name to something else, this is the quicktip to follow.

With the help of a few plugins, we can now make our website more personalized and easy to organize with custom file structures.

Changing the default “uploads” Folder

WordPress, by default, will store the uploaded files in the wp-content/uploads folder. WordPress allows us to customize the upload folder destination. One good reason to change this default is to make your website look less WordPress-y.

Instead of wp-content/uploads, let’s upload the files to a folder named files. First we need to create the folder.

Now let’s tell WordPress to upload our files in that folder. Open the WordPress wp-config.php file, and then add the following code after require_once(ABSPATH.'wp-settings.php'); declaration.

 define('UPLOADS', 'files'); 

New uploaded files should now be stored in a "files" folder, as shown below.

This ability was actually available through the Setting > Media editing screen back in version 3.0. WordPress replaced this with the above function in version 3.5.

If you are too afraid that you will screw things up when editing wp-config.php, you can install this plugin called Upload URL and Path Enabler by Gregory Viguier, which will bring the option back into the Setting > Media page. Once it has been installed, you will find 2 input fields, as shown below:

These 2 new options will be useful, say, if you want to deliver your files through a sub-domain. Assuming you have created a sub-domain (from your hosting control panel), there should be now a new folder which links to the sub-domain. Set the folder name in the “Store uploads in this folder” field, and the sub-domain in the “Full URL path to files” field.

And now your file should be delivered through the sub-domain.

More Customizations for Upload Directory

Another great plugin to use to customize media folder is Custom Upload Dir. This plugin brings more options of how you would like to organize the uploaded files; you can set the folder name to match the post category, the post URL, the author name, etc.

Activate the plugin, then go to the Setting > Custom Upload Dir to specify the folder name with the provided placeholder. Now, if you want to group images from a single post into the same folder, you can use the /%permalink%; it’s similar to the way we specify the WordPress permalink structure.

Create a new post and upload a file. In our case, this file is now accessible through the following URL structure.

… as you can see below:

Hidden Social Media Sharing Popup Bubbles with jQuery Tutorial

Check out social media sharing bubbles tutorial. Give users more opportunities.

6 Ways Social Media Has Changed Christmas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly as #Christmas is here! Obviously a lot has changed in the ways we celebrate the holidays, with the continual rise of smartphones, social media, and selfies – just try and stop your Christmas dinner from showing up on Instagram. Rather than send Christmas cards via post or invite friends over for the Christmas party with a call, we now drop emails and invite them via Facebook Events.

While you may bemoan over how technology has changed the traditional Christmas spirit (curses!), it is time to observe the change of time. So in lieu of this festive season, we present to you 6 ways social media has changed the way we celebrate Christmas.

Spruce Up Your Accounts

If you have the time, the first thing to do to get into the festivities is to dress up your accounts. Like updating your Facebook cover picture with a Christmassy wallpaper or giving your Twitter display photo a Santa hat.

And why stop at one social network when you have multiple? Change your Tumblr theme colors and take a new selfie for Instagram; update them all!

Construct Your Wishlist

Because sometimes (or most times) people just don’t know what to get you for presents and end up giving you the boring old mug to add to your collection. It ends this Christmas and with the power of technology.

It can be as simple as a Facebook status with a picture of the object of your desire or an entire Pinterest board with everything you want in it. Complete your not-so-subtle hints with the hashtag #ChristmasWishlist or #IWantThis.

Send Season’s Greetings

With 1000+ followers/friends, ain’t nobody got time to wish them all. So a festive tweet would have to do when the clock strikes midnight and you take a little more time to craft a touching and thankful Facebook status because you are #deep.

Then you spend the next hour or so refreshing and going back and forth between social media to reply, retweet, and check for likes.

Oh and you can’t forget to mass WhatsApp your contact list. Or LINE them. Or send them a KakaoTalk. Or WeChat. And then there’s that Skype call you have to make…

Document The Festivities

You put in a lot of effort wrapping that present for your bestie by customizing the wrapping paper and carefully tying the ribbon with add-ons. It’s a piece of art (!) so you Instagram it. Heaven knows how much time you took to put up tinsel and baubles and lights all around the house and the Christmas tree. You stand back to admire your handiwork and Instagram it.

Your mom spent close to 8 hours cooking up the Christmas feast that now sits on the dining table. Before anyone could dig in, you take a picture and Instagram it. And hashtag your post with #foodporn, #Christmasdinner, #turkey and #blessed.

A photo posted by Anna Aromin (@seldabelda) on

Just Take All The Photos/Videos

Vines are the new family videos. Vine the carollers who stop by your front door with their sweet voices. Vine everyone’s reactions when they open their presents. And when you run out of moments, do it (read: make some up) for the Vine.

Besides, you can send a couple of the decent ones as Season’s Greetings to far off relatives who are “joining” the festivities via WhatsApp.

Count Down Till Midnight

…to be the first to wish/tweet all your followers Season’s Greetings and have a Happy New Year. Hey, it’s much more comfortable doing it in your warm house and in your jammies than counting down out in the streets and in the cold with too many people singing too loudly for your liking.

But if you’re out there because life is too short to stay holed up at home and because YOLO, you have got to take that selfie.

Have a #MerryChristmas!

Apollo Muse RSS App: A carefully selected news feed of the best art and design media sources at your fingertips

Apollo Muse RSS App

If there’s a single, surefire way to impress dinner party friends, it’s by being on the very cutting edge of culture. The newly launched Apollo Muse app is making that easy by putting the most authoritative digital art and design publications right……

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10 Most Adorable Kids That Rocked Social Media In 2014

There’s not really a set formula on how to make videos that go viral although it is clear to see that those that do, tug on heartstrings, one way or another. And who can better manipulate your emotions than kids — charming, adorable and pretty talented kids, to be exact.

The Internet swooned over these 10 kids who burned up social media in 2014 with their funny antics and cute charm. Some of them have been at this for a while, while others became accidental stars overnight but the most surprising fact is that they are all under the age of 10. Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead. Proceed with caution.

Noah Ritter – The “Apparently” Kid

In August of 2014, this incredibly precocious kid became famous after a video of him being interviewed by WNEP-TV was uploaded onto their YouTube channel. Aptly titled, “Apparently” This Kid Is Awesome, Steals The Show During Interview, the video shows him being interviewed at a carnival about a ride. Apparently, he enjoyed his time there as well as his appearance on live television. He’s been invited to be on ‘The Ellen Show’ a few times and he even got to do his very own commercial.

Zhang Junhao – The Talent Show Kid

His name may not sound familiar but chances are that you’ve probably seen a particular video going around on the web of this little guy grooving. Merely 3 years old, Zhang Junhao wanted to "spread a bit of happiness" and auditioned for a Chinese talent show (spoiler alert: he made it to the next round). A YouTube account called DramaFever then uploaded his initial audition which quickly went viral for his impressive dancing skills and ability to adapt to different styles. It currently has 56 million views.

Yebin – The Kid Who LOVES Cookies

Baby Yebin, as she is known, garnered a following of admirers after her Korean mom posted a particular video that went viral. It showcases an attempt by her mother to teach her about "stranger danger". You can’t help but laugh at the little girl’s antics. Ye Bin’s YouTube channel currently has close to 45,000 subscribers (at the time of writing) and the video that made her famous has gotten over 500,000 views.

Mateo – The Kid Who Just Wants Cupcakes

In March, a video surfaced online of Mateo Beltran, a spunky 3-year old whom was on a mission. He wanted some cupcakes instead of dinner (because lunch was enough, apparently) but after being refused them by mom, he went behind her back to get some from Grandma. What ensues from here is this charming little guy’s attempt to reason with his mother, Linda.

Since the video, he’s appeared on The Ellen Show (and got some cupcakes, of course). His parents have since started selling t-shirts with his famous phrase for his college fund and part of the proceeds also go towards the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary.

Zony & Yony – The Kids Who Dance

Zony & Yony are twin sisters from Taipei, Taiwan and they went viral thanks to their YouTube dance videos. In particular, the video of them dancing to K-Pop group Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar has gotten more than 6 million views. Their fame got them flown in from Taipei to be on ‘The Ellen Show’ in May, which brought them even more fame… and a trip to Disneyland!

They’ve been invited back on the Ellen Show several times to perform. Most recently, they showcased their dancing skills to Taylor Swift’s "Shake it off".

Breanna Youn – The Kid Too Cute To Resist

Breanna’s mom has been posting videos of her on Vine where she has a steady following of 311.7K followers. However, it was only via the Instagram account that was set up that she really rose to fame. Her Instagram followers has since grown to a cool 1.2 million — pretty big numbers for an ordinary 5 year old girl. The videos showcase her and her daily antics and they’re pretty adorable to watch. Originally based in Korea, after a holiday in Saudi Arabia, paid for by wealthy fans, they decided to stay there .

James Hashimoto – The Action Movie Kid

Forget Schwarzenegger and Van Damme, there’s a new action hero in town. James aka Action Movie Kid quickly gathered fans on YouTube thanks to the awesome special effects skills of his father, Daniel Hashimoto. Daniel, an animator with Dreamworks, began posting videos of James’ adventures in April and since then the videos have raked in millions of views.

You can catch James in the new 2014 YouTube rewind video and word on the street is that we’ll see more of Action Movie Kid in the future.

Ty – The Kid Who Got Poked In The Heart

Like adults, even kids get into arguments sometimes. This video first uploaded to Facebook (and later on YouTube) by Tara Willmott. It features a group of 3 year olds, comprimising Ty and the Roberts’ sisters, arguing over the weather in Arkansas. Their interaction is adorable with lines like “You’re not real, I’m real” get thrown in. The video currently has more than 12 million views.

Sadie – The Kid Who Loves Her Brother

We all struggle with growing up but 5 year old Sadie seemed to have a bit more of a struggle with the fact that her 3 month old brother Carson would no longer be as young… or cute (I don’t blame her, he’s pretty adorable). Her uncle, Alex Miller, uploaded the video where Sadie refuses to accept the fact that her brother is going to have to grow up one day. Her outburst has since been viewed more than 30 million times.

Tre – The “Exasperating” Kid

Getting told that you’re getting another sibling is a big deal. You can tell just how much of a big deal it is for Tre when his mom told him that she was pregnant. This eloquent young man tried to explain to his mom why he didn’t take too kindly to this news.

Captured on video by his mom, Shanee, this video has made its way around the Internet has and has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. Like quite a few of the other kids, Tre was invited onto ‘The Ellen Show’ where both he and mom were treated to a special surprise.

Apple lawyers accuse the media of asking to see ‘a dead man’ in Steve Jobs video testimony

A California judge is still mulling a decision to make public a video deposition of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, recorded just months before his death in 2011. A motion filed by The Associated Press, Bloomberg, and CNN yesterday asked for the tape, a section of which was played during trial last week, to be released. Some 27 minutes of that footage were shown in court last week. Despite the potentially beneficial statements made by Jobs in Apple’s defense, the company’s lawyers fought the effort to make it public, saying it was not admitted into evidence as an exhibit, and thus does not fall under a court order that requires each exhibit to be shared with the press.

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10 interesting infographics about social media

first image of the post
We all know a picture speaks thousand words and for that reason infographics are being more popular due to its amazing information displayed in the form of images. It has the capability to capture everyone’s eye and tell them a story with engaging content and images.  It’s an all in one package with text, images […]

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Pinterest Marketing Tips. Key Takeaways from Successful Social Media Campaigns

Using Pinterest for business marketing is the right way of building brand awareness. Grow client base with 15 great Pinterest marketing tips.

6 Things We Love To Do When Social Media Is Down

For many people, social media is heavily integrated into their daily schedule. It seems impossible to go a day without checking our social media accounts, and while we wouldn’t voluntary do so, there are times when the social network site may experience some downtime.


Okay, calm your horses. It’s no big deal. A little downtime won’t hurt. There will be fewer pings from our phones, fewer pictures to go through or statuses to like. It’s not like it’s the end of the world. Is it?

(Image source: ITProPortal)

Unless you are a hit with actual downtime of your favorite social media sites, you probably would laugh at this like it was no big deal. You may even deny the existence of the 6 stages of withdrawal one would experience when their favorite social media sites go down. But mark my words, if you spend as much time on these networks like I think you do, this is probably what your meltdown looks like, starting with…

Stage 1: Denial – “This Can’t Be Happening”

(Image source: Mashable)

Hmm… something went wrong, huh? No matter, let’s hit refresh. Hmm… it’s not working. Let’s refresh again. There must be some mistake. Again, with the refresh; okay, breathe, it’s a temporary setback, a glitch. Let’s check the connection, see if it is up and running. Or it could be the browser acting up, let’s try another browser.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

Well, err, maybe it’s the router, let’s turn everything off then on, multiple times. Oh, let’s not forget the wires: unplug, plug it in, restart, refresh.

Oh my god, this is for real, nothing is working. The site is down. Cue panic mode!

Stage 2: Solidarity – “I’m not the only one!”

Okay, let’s not panic yet. Take deep calm breaths, let’s check out other social network sites to see if we’re the only ones facing this bleak moment in Internet history. What’s that top trending hashtag of the day. OMG, #facebookdown.

This really is happening, now. Everyone is affected. What else is there for me to do?

Stage 3: Confusion – “Why must this happen sobs”

Complain/cry collectively. ‘Cause that’s what we all do. And we’ll do it on good ol’ reliable Twitter. Unless (God forbid) Twitter is down too. Gasp! Oh noes, where do we go to vent our lamentable circumstances and hashtag it with #firstworldproblems?

Oh Instagram is working? Yes! We can selfie our faces of despair with the error message, to mark this as a dark day in history.

Let’s get this up on Instagram, it’s a quick fix. Maybe it can even help us outlast the downtime, unless…

(Image source: Mashable)


Stage 4: Sarcasm – “LOL U mad Bro?”

Well, some of us can handle social media downtimes better than others, using the power of SARCASM and by storming another popular social media network, temporarily. Cue all the memes and tweets about reverting back to the Stone Ages and going outside to enjoy real life.


While we are on the subject, if you are part of your brand’s social media team make sure to capitalize on the situation. Because nothing sells better than making fun of social media’s downtime, amirite? Bonus points if you get more followers for your spot-on humor.

Stage 5: Desperation – “Click on all the things!”

We are done wailing. We are done trying to laugh along with everyone else. But we are not quite ready to continue being a productive member of the workforce yet. It’s been 5 whole minutes, that’s enough time for the techies to get the site back up, right?

Let’s try our luck.



At this point, the withdrawal signs are showing, you are at the brink of calling 911 because it’s a crime for this to keep continuing. But then…

Even the police want no part of this. So what’s a social media addict to do?

Stage 6: Acceptance – “Okay, back to work”

We have come to accept the fact that the site is never going back up at this moment. As this point of realization, perhaps a little work won’t hurt. Besides, your hands are getting jittery and your mind needs to be engaged.

Before you know it, you have managed to clear your inbox, complete your reports, clean your workspace, talk to your colleagues face-to-face, and get some natural D from your stroll outside the office.

Maybe, this downtime isn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe this is proof that we are strong enough to not consistently check our Facebook news feed. Maybe that tweet can wait, and that selfie doesn’t need taking. Maybe now, we can focus on that startup, invent or discover something new, or even take over the world!

Wait, what’s that sound? Oh, the site is up. Ooo, 4 new notifications. Ooo, new updates. Click, click, click…