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Vanessa Prager’s Dreamers: The self-taught artist uses thick oil paint to creating dripping, melting portraits of imagined yet familiar figures

Vanessa Prager's Dreamers

Vanessa Prager is no stranger to CH—whether she’s wielding a paintbrush or a ballpoint pen over vintage music sheets, the LA-based artist always surprises with her next move. Described by Prager as “dripping, melting, fading out portraits,” her newest series titled “Continue Reading…

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Antarctic ice at greater risk of melting than presumed, spy satellite data shows

It’s long been acknowledged that climate change is having an impact on some of the world’s ice sheets: glaciers in Greenland, for instance, experienced massive ice loss due to above-average temperatures last year, and a recent report suggests that the Arctic might be entirely ice-free as early as 2020. Now, a fascinating new study reveals that a massive ice sheet thought to be immune from climate change might be more vulnerable than previously believed.

Researchers out of Durham University used declassified satellite imagery, dating back to 1963, to examine how East Antarctica responds to temperature changes. The East Antarctic ice sheet is the largest in the world, with some regions more than 2.5 miles thick and at elevations higher…

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