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Neil Simone’s surreal paintings merge facts and reality


Neil Simone creates paintings that are both spectacular and intriguing. With a mix of reality and facts, the British self-thaught artist creates clever compositions that will make you think twice.








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Microsoft will merge separate versions of Windows into one unified operating system

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that the his company will amalgamate all major versions of Windows into one operating system. Speaking on the company’s quarterly earnings call today, Nadella told analysts Microsoft will “streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system.” Describing the implications of the change, Nadella said “this means one operating system that covers all screen sizes.”

Previously, under the management of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft had multiple teams producing different versions of Windows working separately from each other. “Now,” Nadella said, “we have one team with a common architecture.” The Microsoft boss noted the benefit for users and…

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Animals merge with people and things in Redmer Hoekstra’s fantastic illustrations


Redmer Hoekstra‘s illustrations open a new world where machines and people can merge with animals to create fantastic new creatures.








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This is Mars: Art and science merge in a book of hi-res space camera images that reveals the red planet’s beauty

This is Mars

Eight years ago, the NASA space probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was fitted with the largest and most powerful camera (more commonly known as the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or ); return…

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Korshun Footwear: Shoes made without any glue or stitches fashionably merge style with sustainability

Korshun Footwear

by Dora Haller Dutch footwear designer Anna Korshun creates leather shoes that don’t require any glue or stitches. Almost magically constructed, the upper and outer soles are clicked together and…

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Merge Typography

Loving this typography by Wun Ping Christopher Wong:

Merge is a san-serif type face designed with the combination of vector, pencil sketch, fine lines and shades. The philosophy behind this typeface is to find simplicity out of complexity. ‘Merge’ can be used as a display typeface for publication layout, print, and many more.







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Rapha Leather Town Gloves: Style and function merge to keep you warm and comfortable during the daily commute

Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Whether your daily commute carries you by bicycle, car or train, Rapha’s Leather Town Gloves have your digits covered. Made by hand with leather from the African hair sheep—an animal native to the savannah of Eastern Africa and known for its thin but strong skin—these luxe gloves are intelligently…

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