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8 Free eBook For Mobile App Developers

If you are into mobile app development, you know that this is the most difficult profession as it requires you to take several things into account before you even start working on any app development. Moreover, it is a forever learning process so you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest trend and developments in the industry. Learning process will help in increasing efficiency and productivity in the long run. The process is the same whether you develop applications for desktop or mobile.

Here, we are sharing 8 free eBooks that will greatly help you with your mobile app development work and teach you lots of good things as well. These eBooks would be your prefect resource to strengthen your grip on the subject. Enjoy!

Mobile Book of Trends 2014

Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps

The App Design Handbook

Mobile Game Design book

Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid App Development

Free Android Programming – Ebook

Free ebook: Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development A Cascades-Driven Approach

The dos and don’ts of a great mobile campaign

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Like most agencies and prodcos, digital for us used to mean desktop. And even though there were repeated prophecies about ‘the year of mobile’ it wasn’t until 2008, heralding the launch of Apple’s app store, that mobile devices with respectable processing power gained traction and became commonplace products in pockets around the planet.

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Adobe updates Lightroom Mobile for iOS

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The iOS version of Lightroom has got a set of new features A way to manage and edit images across desktop, mobile devices and the web, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom enables you to automatically import images from your device’s camera roll and sync them to a Lightroom catalogue on the desktop.

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Design guideline to deliver web & mobile apps with rich UX

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Graphic designs while app or web development isn’t a child’s play. A high end graphic design demands complete dedication, efforts and prior designing experience. Since, application graphics often involve certain complexities, it is advisable to hire professional designers to breakthrough all the challenging issues. Thus, it can be said that designing a mobile app or […]

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Online Mobile Gaming: Tips for Taking the Casino With You

Just about anything is possible in this digital age and you can watch movies on the go and communicate with people almost instantly, wherever you are in the world. There is also good news if you…

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5 tips for maximizing mobile ad revenue

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Simon Birkenhead has launched three digital advertising start-ups, including Axonix

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Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case : The Seattle mobile phone lens-maker launches a second Kickstarter for a smart shutter button integrated case

Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case

Designed to elevate the mobile photography experience to a more professional level, Moment launched with a two-piece lens system on Kickstarter in January 2014, pulling in nearly $ 500,000 and over nine times their goal. But while their lenses have……

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MobiKwik : Recharge Your Mobile Instantly

MobiKwik is the best and fast online mobile recharge site in India. Though, recharging the mobile phone has become the safe and easy procedure in online, MobiKwik offering the best offers with just…

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16 killer design tips for creating mobile apps

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There are certain rules every designer needs to know before creating a mobile app Specialists generally assume that everything they know is obvious, and need to remind themselves that isn’t the case for most of the population.

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Elements of Intuitive Mobile User Experience

With million of apps available to download, as well as mobile optimized websites, consumers have a sea of choice and little tolerance towards apps that don’t deliver. The spotlight is not on how to launch apps quickly, rather on how to improve the different elements that create the mobile user experience.

Elements of Intuitive Mobile User Experience

In this brutally competitive market, quality and seamless performance always win against brand loyalty. In the app world, there are no second chances.

Remember, the competitor’s app is only a tap away. Ultimately, everything is about developing a mobile app that not only stands tall in the crowd, but also beats the competition. Consumers are fiercely vocal about an app’s shortcomings; even minor flaws are not spared. It takes a conscious effort throughout the design and development process to get mobile app user experience right.

While spectacular visuals and elegant interfaces can entice customers to hit the download button, a long-lasting relationship depends on the quality of user experience, which is directly proportional to how the app performs. Mobile applications need to focus on core functions, and they need to be fast and reliable in order to create an impact on user’s life.

Good looks alone can’t influence user’s experience with the app.

It is all about right feeling

Mobile user experience primarily takes into account the user’s engagement level with your mobile app before, during and after their interaction. It is all about relevance and effectiveness. You need to focus on how the user perceives and enjoys interaction with the app. It is all about making user’s life easy and providing holistic, easy to use and valuable solutions.

Example: Hulu


Hulu is a free vod (video on demand) application. Many popular shows including TV shows, seasonal shows, kids shows, reality shows etc. IT is the most engaging Android app till now which gives right feeling to it’s audience.

Rise above the clutter

Each and every aspect of the user interface design must serve a purpose; any superficial element that doesn’t need to be part of your mobile app should be simply knocked off. Even if you think a feature is critical to the success of your app, reconsider it repeatedly. It’s not a random coincidence that extremely popular mobile apps are the ones that let users do a few tasks very well. Minimalism, ease of use, efficiency and sophistication can act as a differentiator and set you apart from competitors.

Example: FaceTune


FaceTune is a efficiently powerful photo editor with sophistication and easyness with simple interface layout. It’s features makes it outstanding among all other paid apps.

Don’t reinvent just for the sake of innovation

Undoubtedly innovation drives the mobile app world. Users expect robust and cutting-edge features. However, in a bid to innovate don’t deviate from best practices. Reinventing for the sake of innovation could alienate users. Implement simple and clean features that users are already familiar with, as well as adopt Apple and Android rules for mobile user interfaces. Users will engage with familiar interface immediately, instead of navigating through complex navigation.

Example: Temple Run, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope

Temple Run, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope

Such apps have made their mark in app history by achieving unbelievable success through launching new inventions and features to their existing game apps.

Rich interface

Just because we suggested not to reinvent the wheel, does not mean that your mobile app interface should lack the look, feel, features and the cool quotient. In fact, creating a dynamic experience that delights and connects with users is one of the most important differentiators in a very saturated and competitive field. Smart and apt use of content delivery, transitions, video, images and audio can help you achieve your goal.

Example: Vine & Nike+ Running

Vine & Nike+ Running

Vine is the best way to upload and share videos free in unlimited manner. Whereas Nike+ Running is for tracking your running progress to reach the goals. Both of these apps have tremendously beautiful interface. The look & fell they give to the user is completely rich.

Rise beyond the obvious

If you are looking to improve user experience, you need to rise above the cliché and traditional analytics tools. Use sophisticated visual mobile analytics tool. This tool provides the insight behind user action by presenting you with key behavioral visual data. It transcends beyond the concept of just working with the numbers that a traditional tool provides you with. This gold mine of information allows you to optimize your app strategy.

Example: Kony, Flurry, CA Analytics and AppsSee etc.

Kony, Flurry, CA Analytics and AppsSee

These are some really helpful visual mobile app analytics tool which can provide more insight on user behavior rather than just providing some statistics of traffic. By using any of these, you can make sure your mobile app strategy is working in perfect direction throughout the design, development and marketing process.

Don’t go overboard with jargon

This is one of the most basic, yet blatantly overlooked guideline in user experience. Well, technical jargons are a way of life for developers; users tend to think the other way. They expect warmth and a simple language that is easy to understand. The ultimate goal should be to empower and enable users to perform tasks effortlessly without making them jump through unnecessary roadblocks.

Optimize content for mobile

Designing for mobile apps requires striking a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. One needs to take into account several constraints such as limited screen size, bandwidth, speed to ensure optimal performance, as well as factors such as devices or operating systems. While designing one needs to consider the constraints and make every inch count. Simply emulating your desktop site will not work. Remember, mobile is about keeping context and location at the forefront. Ensure that core features and content are optimized for mobile.

Example: Expedia


Expedia is the best example of content optimization for mobile.

Usability for both novice and pros

Walking the tight rope. It’s important to keep in mind that while designing a mobile application, you are targeting two groups of users with very distinct capabilities. More than likely, both novices and experts will use it. This effectively means your app interface should deliver an experience that is intuitive for the novice, yet captivating for the experienced user.

Example: Umano


Functionalities and features Umano carries are truly handy for both novices and mobile experts.

Thumb rules

When it comes to mobile app, consider the user’s thumbs, ability to grip, and motion. Remember these factors play an instrumental role into how responsive an app is and whether it is appealing enough to encourage users to come back. Can users navigate through the app with one hand? Is it easy enough for left-handed users or not?

Staying relevant

Relevance is the most crucial factor which will determine the success of your customer experience. Users need to see a reason to adopt and engage with your mobile offering. Only thorough knowledge of your target knowledge enables you to meet their expectations. Once you understand what users want, you need to map user needs against your core business objectives. Once you determine the connection between these two elements, channelize your efforts towards the area. Successfully align the user’s needs to the device capabilities and offer a personalized and relevant experience. Make optimum use of factors such as location, social network, or time.

Context matters

A smartphone or tablet can be used at anytime, anywhere. The needs of mobile users are different compared to those using a website. They may be walking on a busy street, using tablet for a quick product comparison, or actually purchasing. In such cases, these users can get easily distracted and the mobile context plays an instrumental role. Context is all about circumstances that affect interaction between the mobile user and the interface. It can change constantly and rapidly. Think about enhancing device capabilities to anticipate and support the user’s context of use.

Example: Amazon & Fish Dope

Amazon & Fish Dope

In Amazon app, it shows products and offers based on your location, whereas in ‘Fish Dope’ app, it locates your place with real time GPS and guides you about fishing on particular place and particular time.

Constant evolution

The mobile app industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Whether it is advances in technology, rapidly changing trends and user preferences, conflicting business requirements and last but not least, feedback from your users. Consumer expectations are higher then ever. You need to be responsive to such changes and take conscious steps to improve your mobile proposition. Listen to your users and respond quickly to their feedback and their needs. Introduce new features as required. Don’t blindly ape your competitors. If your users experience technical glitches, immediately correct them. Constant evolution can help you survive and stay ahead in this competitive world.

Analyze and comprehend: Ultimately iterative process works

It is important to analyze comprehend how users are behaving and interacting within their apps at a contextual level. In-depth study of user behavior will strengthen your app marketing initiatives and enhance the mobile user experience.

Here are few key features of user behavior analytics tool that will help you refine your app marketing efforts.

User recordings

Get deep into every action users are taking; gestures such as pinch, tap, and swipe. This will allow you to fix problem at the root level and help you in converting new users into active.

Touch heatmaps

Visualize user behavior on your app’s screens with a visual aggregated report of all gestures performed on each screen. With this crucial information, you can eliminate and revamp confusing UI elements, ultimately securing high conversion rates.

Realtime in-app analytics

Analyze where users spend the most time and how they navigate through the screens of your app, as well as any glitches they may have experienced. You can take preventive measures.

Notifications: Next big thing

Whether it is wearable, smartphone, tablet, or PC, the goal is to provide a robust user experience, irrespective of device or screen size. There is a noticeable shift towards actionable notifications which is fast replacing opening a full app. Notifications provide user with predictable and a consistent experience. That’s incredibly powerful and future of user experience.

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