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Link About It: Passengers React to Tesla’s Insane Mode

Passengers React to Tesla's Insane Mode

An owner of a new Tesla P85D shocked some of his family and friends by giving them a taste of the all-wheel-drive electric vehicle’s “insane mode.” Using a dashboard-mounted camera, the driver caught the screams, squeals and swearing of his passengers……

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks: The smell of rain, Tesla’s ‘Insane Mode,’ cannabis beer and more in our weekly look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Beer for Cannabis Connoisseurs
A new beer by Colorado-based brewery Oskar Blues keeps cannabis-inclined drinkers in mind. The new brew—dubbed “Pinner” (referring to the term used for small joints)—features a heavy, hoppy aroma that likens itself……

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Watch people lose their minds when subjected to the Tesla P85D’s ‘insane’ mode

When Elon Musk first showed off the Model S P85D, Tesla’s high-end all-wheel-drive electric car, he said that his company wanted to reach the kind of acceleration achieved by the world’s greatest supercars. With the help of a dash camera, some unsuspecting victims, and the car’s ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds, a P85D owner made a super sweary compilation video to show that Tesla was certainly successful in making its newest model shockingly speedy.

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Photoshop Blend Mode for Cutting-Edge Visuals

Photoshop blend mode is a really helpful thing that can add soму vibe to a dull image.

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ will have a first-person mode on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto 5 will include a first-person mode when its released on next-generation consoles. The updated version of the game that sold millions of copies last year will include a number of new weapons, vehicles, and features along with improved visuals. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014, and on PC on January 27, 2015. CVG has a handful of new images, while IGN has video footage of the new mode.

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Maintenance Mode for WordPress – Plugin Review

You’re reading Maintenance Mode for WordPress – Plugin Review, originally posted on Designmodo. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!

Maintenance Mode for WordPress - Plugin Review

When upgrading a website to a new design, carrying out bug fixes at the backend and updating the website core CMS, themes and plugins works best when the site is placed in maintenance mode while you are working. When a website is in maintenance mode, public access is blocked and a splash page (informing visitors […]

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How to Use CSS3 Blending Mode [CSS3 Tips]

Note: This feature here requires enabling from the chrome://flags page for it to work.

If you have ever used a graphic or photo editor like Photoshop and Pixelmator, you should already be familiar with Blending Modes. Blending Modes is a collection of modes that enables an object to blend with other objects, and thus producing contrastive output of the mix. If done correctly, Blending Modes could output a very enticing result, like this.

Blend Mode application in a logo by Ivan Bobrov

Blending Mode has been a feature found only in graphic and photo editors. Nowadays, you can find it in the CSS realm. Let’s take a look how it works.

Getting Started

It’s worth noting that CSS3 Blend Mode is an experimental feature. Firefox and Chrome are the only browser that ships with this feature at the time of the writing.

Note: In Chrome, before it’s able to render CSS3 Blend Mode, you will have to enable the Web Platform Features from the chrome://flags page.

Background and Mix Blend Mode

There are two newly introduced CSS properties regarding Blending Mode: mix-blend-mode and background-blend-mode.

The mix-blend-mode defines how the content of an element blends with other content underneath. While the background-blend-mode property, as the name implies, addresses the background color, background image, and the background gradients.

Like in Photoshop, we are able to apply the the following Blending modes to those CSS properties: normal, multiply, screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color-dodge, color-burn, hard-light, soft-light, difference, exclusion, hue, saturation, color and luminosity.

Blend Mode options in Photoshop Layer panel.

Using CSS3 Blend Mode

The Google logo is colorful, and has been shaped in many forms for the Google Doodle project. In this post, we will carry out the Blend effect on the Google logotype to illustrate how this new CSS3 feature works.

First, let’s set the markup: we wrap each letter with a span element so we will able to specify different colors as well as style rules for the letter.

 <h1> <span>G</span><span>o</span><span>o</span><span>g</span><span>l</span><span>e</span> </h1> 

Then, we add the colors for the Google brand, derived from BrandColors. Herein, we select the element by using the nth-child selector, letting us apply the styles without having to add additional HTML classes to each of the span element wrapping the letters.

 .demo-wrapper .title { letter-spacing: -25px; } span:first-child { color: #4285f4; position: relative; z-index: 100; } span:nth-child(2) { color: #db4437; } span:nth-child(3) { color: #f4b400; } span:nth-child(4) { color: #4285f4; position: relative; z-index: 100; } span:nth-child(5) { color: #0f9d58; } span:nth-child(6) { color: #db4437; } 

At this stage, here is how the logo turns out. The logo now looks more densed as we decrease the whitespace between the letter at -25px through added code.

Now we apply the Blend mode.

The original colors of the logo as well as the colors of the intersected letters turns out more vivid.

We have applied the logo with both Opacity and CSS3 Blend Mode. The output, as expected, is distinctive; the colors of the Google logo with the opacity applied looks stale and faded. See a demo of their comparison in action below.

Further resources

Netflix is testing a ‘privacy mode’ for watching guilty pleasures

The feature colloquially referred to as “porn mode” on web browsers is headed to Netflix soon. The company just began testing a new feature on its streaming service called “privacy mode,” that won’t keep track of what you’ve watched or use it to come up with new recommendations. That means with the feature enabled, you could watch Dana Carvey’s The Master of Disguise (which holds a 1 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) without fear of having future recommendations skewed, or loved ones seeing what you’ve done.

The feature is being tested in some markets and only to some users, GigaOm reports. If made a permanent fixture, it would join the multiple user profile feature, which Netflix introduced nearly a year ago, and lets several people share…

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Play this: ‘Super Planet Crash’ tests your god mode

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget what a serendipitous marvel our universe really is. At least, until you’ve tried building your own. Super Planet Crash is a browser-based simulation that requires players to forge a planetary system capable of surviving at least 500 years. The interface is simple: left-click to place up to 11 astronomical objects of varying sizes anywhere within the defined limits. What makes it challenging is how the gravitational field of each celestial body affects others around it. Even a single dwarf star can throw everything out of orbit.

Super Planet Crash was created by Stefano Meschiari, a postdoctoral astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin. It is based on the latest version of System Console, a…

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How To Reset Mac OS X User Password In Recovery Mode [Quicktip]

Let’s assume you’ve forgotten your OS X user account password and there is simply no way for you to enter your account in your OS X. Well, it happens to everyone at some point, especially if you have just updated your password and can only remember the old password, not the new one.

Reset mac user account password

First, don’t panic. Secondly, check out this quick tip on how to reset your OS X user account password. It will require you go in to OS X Recovery mode. Once you have your password reset, make sure to have a backup of all your passwords somewhere else that is not in your Mac.

Enter OS X Recovery Mode

To boot into OS X Recovery, the first thing you need to do is to restart your Mac. While restarting, hold down CMD + R until the Apple logo appears. If you time it right, you will enter the recovery mode.

What you need to do next is to go to Utilities > Terminal to open a Terminal. In Terminal, type resetpassword and press Enter.

Select terminal

You will now be presented with the Reset Password window. Next, select your OS X drive. From the drop-down under "Select the user account:", choose the user account that you want to reset password for.

Select user account

Type in your new password, re-enter it and try not to forget it this time. You can also choose to write down a hint in the "Enter a new password hint for this user (optional)", just in case.

Reset password

Once you’re done, click on Save. You will be prompted with this message saying that your user account password was reset but your keychain is not. Just click OK and close all windows.

Login password reset

Now click the Apple icon at the very top left and choose Restart. You can now enter your account with your new password.