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Monochrome Pencil and Ink illustrations by Iain Macarthur

pencil and ink illustrationsIain Macarthur created these pencil and ink illustrations for an advertising commission for Japanese magazine 'Common & Sense', it includes 6 portrait illustrations. Iain is a freelance illustrator currently based in London and specializes in shirt designs, tattoo designs, posters and more. I create portraits of ordinary people but create them in a unusual way by, embellishing […]
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Monochrome posters by Ronan Kelly


Beautiful typographic posters with black and white lettering by Irish graphic design Ronan Kelly.







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Monochrome Animal Photography by Lukas Holas

8This collection of monochrome animal photography is by photographer and graphic designer Lukas Holas, based in Czech Republic. Lukas takes all of his animal photographs at local zoo's and his dream is to take pictures of wild and exotic animals in their natural environment.  It may not seem so but shooting in a zoo might turn into a totally exciting […]
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Making a magnificent monochrome music video

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Timothy Saccenti and Joshua Davis teamed up to create the music video for Fall in Love by Phantogram. Davis wrote programs to produce computer-generated graphics that were projected onto the band during a one-day shoot, filmed using a Red Monochrome camera.

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Intricate Monochrome Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

Freelance illustrator Nicolas Delort has created these amazingly detailed and intricate monochrome illustrations, his website is currently being updated but you can check out his blog or tumblr via the link at the bottom of the article. Nicolas is currently based in Paris, France and is available for freelance jobs. Nicolas Delort Website
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Monochrome Photography by Nathan Wirth

Nathan Wirth is a self taught photographer, living in the US. He uses techinques such as long exposure and intentional camera movement "to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence." Nathan is currently teaching English Composition at City College of San Francisco.

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Monochrome animation gets creative with contrast

Not About Us is a game of contrasts – light and darkness, black and white, a man and a woman. Watch this award-winning animation now.

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Monochrome Fine Art Photography by Vassilis Tangoulis

This incredibly stunning monochrome fine art photography is by Vassilis Tangoulis, a full time academic teacher-lecturer as well as a photographer. "He has been a recipient of international award for his Black and White long exposure work. He was born in a small Greek town, Karpenisi surrounded by mountains and was really lucky to be a “village” boy. He had the opportunity to see sceneries that influenced his viewpoint and perspective and maybe unconsciously defined the absolute meanings of words like “sunset”, “snow”, and many others; all important ingredients of a landscape photographer."  

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Hand-made kinetic typography is a monochrome dream

French design duo Cauboyz went outside the computer to create the kinetic typography for this brilliant music video.

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Combine colour with monochrome in Photoshop

Get creative with colour, learn how to create a wider tonal range, and create classic images with added impact in six simple steps!

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