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Samsung’s ‘eye mouse’ is the nicest thing it’s ever done

A volunteer group of Samsung engineers has developed a second generation of the company’s EYECAN eye-tracking technology, which is designed to allow disabled people to navigate a computer interface. EYECAN+ dispenses with the original’s need for glasses and is now just a self-contained unit that slots in under a computer’s monitor. Once hooked up, it presents the user with a series of options, which can be highlighted with a look and “clicked” with a blink. The technology was on demonstration in Seoul today, where The Verge‘s Sojung Lim witnessed it being used by graduate student Hyung-Jin Shin of Yonsei University. Shin, who was born quadriplegic, has been helping test the EYECAN+ and used it to write out a message of support for the…

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Pat Graham’s Modest Mouse: The band’s longtime friend and faithful photographer shares images from their storied career in a new book

Pat Graham's Modest Mouse

In 1992, photographer Pat Graham took his first photo of his then roommate Isaac Brock—a man who would go on to front the rock band Modest Mouse and leave…

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Most Creative Mouse Pads Design

Usually mouse pad comes with a standard size and design and there is no creativity in it making mouse pad a boring computer accessory. However, many people who love creativity prefer to use some creative mouse pads with unique design. For them, we have compiled this collection where we are showcasing some very creative and brilliantly designed mouse pad designs. These mouse pad designs not only perform their function flawlessly but also add a spark of like to your desktop.

Most Creative Mouse Pads Design

Without any further ado, here is the complete list after the jump. We hope you will like this creative collection of unique mouse pad designs and find these designs inspiring for you. Please feel free to share your views and comments with us via comment section below. Enjoy!

1. Eggs Round Mouse Pad

Eggs 8 inch Round Mouse Pad

This creative mouse pad is 8” round in diameter and made up from durable heat resistant polyester fabric top that keeps your mouse rolling in style. Moreover, it comes in permanent vibrant colors that do not fade.

2. Scratch-n-Scroll


This is another creative idea to be incorporated with the mouse pad. This mouse pad comes with a plastic stylus and an erasable writing surface to allow you quickly jot down phone numbers or reminders when you’re working at your desk and can’t find a pen.

3. Hamburger Mouse Pad

Hamburger Mouse Pad

This creative mouse pad just weighs 100 grams and measures 260 x 242 x 38mm, and it keeps your hands warm while working on computer. It comes with a built-in warmer pad that keeps the temperature constant at 104°F.

4. Reflect Mouse Pad – Retro TV

Reflect Mouse Pad - Retro TV

This is another creatively designed mouse pad that has been specially designed for laser and optimal computer mice. This mouse pad allows smooth and precise cursor movement because the top side of the pad reflects laser optics consistently.

5. Mini Golf Mouse Pad is a complete Timepass

Mini Golf Mouse Pad is a complete Timepass

This mini golf mouse pad is a perfect accessory to kill your time. Whenever you get bored from your tedious office routines, you can start playing with this mini golf pad.

6. Arm Rested Mouse Pad: Genius

Arm Rested Mouse Pad: Genius

This arm-rested mouse pad is a combination of a simple plastic arm support and a detachable washable mouse pad that you can attach on the edge of your desk or chair.

7. Behold: Mouse pad / USB hub

Behold: the illuminated calculator / mouse pad / USB hub

This is a three in one calculator, mouse pad and a USB hub that lights up. Isn’t it interesting thing to add to your desk? You may have seen many calculators, USB hubs and mouse pad but this uniquely designed mouse pad is something different.

8. Finger Drum Mousepad

Finger Drum Mousepad

This creative mouse pad is designed by Hammacher Schlemmer which will be a perfect choice for music lover. This mouse pad gets your finger drumming. You can tap on the drum to get the sound of drum, and on cymbal for cymbal sound.

9. Apple shaped Mousepad

Apple shaped Mousepad

Inspired by the designs of Apple products? Well, this one is also designed to convey the excellence. This apple shaped mouse pad comes with a soft and thick cushioned surface to equally distribute the pressure so that you can use it all day long comfortably.

10. LED Mouse Pad Offers a Light Show on Your Desktop

LED Mouse Pad Offers a Light Show on Your Desktop

This glowing mouse pad was created by Flexiglow and it comes in three different varieties to suit your mood: red, green and blue. These LED mouse pad offer a light show for your desktop and bring some colorful illumination.

11. Mousetrap Mousepad

Mousetrap Mousepad

If you get bored with regular design of mouse pad and want something new and interesting? Then have a look at this mousetrap mouse pad which was designed by the Hong Kong based design studio ChilliChilly. This one will surely spice up your desktop.

12. Retro Mouse and Mousepad

Retro Mouse and Mousepad

This retro designed USB optical mouse and mouse mat comes with modern day functionality making it compatible for both PC and MAC. This would be perfect design for you if you are into retro styling.

13. Circuitboard Mousepad

Circuitboard Mousepad

This creative mouse pad was designed from a genuine recycled circuit board and would be a fun and geeky accessory. However, because of its nature it cannot be used with optical mice. It can only be used with roller ball mice.

14. The Ironing Service – Mousemat:

The Ironing Service - Mousemat:

This is another creative mouse pad design that gives the ironing service while letting you work on your PC.

15. Web Designer Color Reference Hexagon Mouse Pad

Web Designer Color Reference Hexagon Mouse Pad

This would be the perfect mouse pad for a designer because it gives the color reference hexagon that comes very handy for the designers. Moreover, since it made up of some many color it comes as a vibrant accessory for your computer as well.

16. Yiwu stock Fashion Creative mouse pads

Yiwu stock Fashion Creative mouse pads

This creative mouse pad is made from rubber and is available in customized size, shape, image and color. The colors are permanent and vibrant that do not get fade.

17. 3D Online Game Personalized Rectangle Mouse Pad

3D Online Game Personalized Rectangle Mouse Pad

This creative mouse pad is the best choice as a gift. You can decorate your desktop with a customized rectangle mouse pad. You can add your family photos, pictures of your loved ones, your own artistic works, logo, favorite slogan and make your desk unique. Furthermore, the durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant.

18. Rhodia (Mouse) Pad

Rhodia (Mouse) Pad

This is a mouse pad that you can also write on. At several times while working on computer, we need to jot down something but we can’t find pen. This mouse pad is the perfect solution to this problem. It comes with 30 sheets of smooth papers.

19. Colorful Mouse Pad with 2014 Calendar

Colorful Mouse Pad with 2014 Calendar

It is a genuine rubber base mouse pad with high traction surface that works perfectly with any mouse. This mouse pad comes with 2014 calendar so you do not have to look here and there for calendar, it is right under your mouse.

20. Unusual bizarre Mouse Pads

Unusual bizarre Mouse Pads

This would be the most bizarre mouse pad design you have ever seen but it is completely functional. The surface is soft to touch and will not crack or peel. It works well with any mouse.

21. Creative and cute small ghost mouse pad

Creative and cute small ghost mouse pad

Remember the character of Casper – the little ghost? This mouse pad also comes in a very cute and creative ghost shaped design that surely grab your attention. It is made of heavy-duty recycled rubber.

22. This is not an ordinary mouse pad

This is not an ordinary mouse pad

This is just not the ordinary mouse pad rather it is made from high strength elastic rubber and can be used to exercise.

23. Warming mouse pad is like a bed for your hand

Warming mouse pad is like a bed for your hand

This mouse pad is designed very intelligently. During long sessions of computer usage, the mouse hand gets cold. This mouse pad keeps your hand warm and works like a bed for your hand. It has been designed from Japanese electronics manufacturer Thanko.

24. Speech Bubble Mousepad

Speech Bubble Mousepad

This mouse pad design is inspired by speech bubble talk design and it looks really awesome because of its cool shape.

25. Grass mouse pad

Grass mouse pad

This creative mouse pad design comes with a grass garden and natural light cycles by slowly altering in color and intensity throughout the day. This mouse pad design gives you natural experience when you have to work on computer for long hours.

26. Mouserug Mousepad

Mouserug Mousepad

Here is another brilliantly designed mouse pad for your computer mouse. Each of this mouse rug is composed of seven million individual fibers that gives your mouse a smooth surface to work flawlessly.

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17 Creative Computer Mouse Designs

In this round up, we are presenting 17 most creative computer mouse designs for your inspiration. The usual computer mouse design has been considered as the standard and there have not been much variation in computer mice designs, but the designs we are presenting here are totally different than the usual mouse design. These computer mice designs are not only extraordinary and eye catching but have also been designed to meet your requirements, and hence are perfectly functional as well.
We hope that you will like this collection and find these mice designs inspiring as well. These computer mice are designed with an advanced streamlined ergonomics along with an elegant finish to make sure that your wrist does not cramp up. Here is the full collection after the jump. Enjoy!

Wireless Building Block Mouse

Gold Bullion Computer Mouse

Mouse On A Diet

Computer Mouse – Hamburger Shape

Inflatable Computer Mouse

Joey Roth and His Furry Mouse

Handshoe Mouse

Grenade Mouse

Elecom Soap Mouse

The Canon LS-100TKM Mouse, Calculator & Numeric Keypad

AirO2bic Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Gold Brain Optical Mouse – Fun Series

Belkin Gaming Mouse

Body Computer Mouse

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Make-Up Mouse

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30 Creative Computer Mouse Designs

In this compilation, you will find out some extraordinary and interesting creatively designed computer mice. These computer mouse designs are different than the usual mouse design and have been designed to meet the requirement of modern computing professionals.

30 Creative Computer Mouse Designs

These mouse designs have been created to make sure that the wrist of user doesn’t cramp up. These creative computer mouse designs are created with an advanced feature set and streamlined ergonomics along with an elegant and sophisticated finish.

The most important thing is that these modern mouse designs set new standards in protecting the computer users against a range of upper limb conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) caused by exaggerated movements of the wrist joint. Here is the full collection. We hope that you will like this collection. Enjoy!

1. Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

This mouse sets new standards in protecting the computer users against a range of upper limb conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) caused by exaggerated movements of the wrist joint.

2. Gaming Bits

Gaming Bits

This mouse is designed especially for the gamers. Its futuristic shape and form look make it fit in each gamer room. Though it would not be comfortable for the regular computer users.

3. Gold Brain Optical Mouse

Gold Brain Optical Mouse

This is an interesting mouse design which is targeted at the geeky folks who would also enjoy playing some sporty stuff too.

4. Inflatable Computer Mouse

Inflatable Computer Mouse

This smart inflatable computer mouse was designed by a group of Korean designers for those who do not have enough space in their notebook bag for a regular mouse.

5. Anywhere Mouse

Anywhere Mouse

The interesting thing about this computer mouse is that it can be used on any surface.

6. Mouse Pen

Mouse Pen

This mouse Pen has been especially designed to be used with both iPads and laptops, and it can be used as a computer mouse and as pen.

7. Joey Roth and His Furry Mouse

Joey Roth and His Furry Mouse

This futuristic mouse was designed by Joey Roth. This prototype looks pretty much ready for the production from its looks.

8. Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse

Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse

This mouse is most suitable for tablet PCs and multi-touch tabletop surfaces. The name Triped was given because it can be used as a mouse, touchpad and digitizer pen.

9. Mousing Gets a Facelift With USB Multi-Touch Keypad

Mousing Gets a Facelift With USB Multi-Touch Keypad

This creative mouse lets you switch between windows, lets you open My Computer and get onto Page Up and Page Down.

10. Body Computer Mouse

Body Computer Mouse

This mouse design is just a concept. Though it is very creepy yet it appeals so much, maybe someday we get to use such mouse.

11. Mouse Mouse

Mouse Mouse!

This is a homemade travel size computer mouse that is fully functional and won’t take much space.

12. Ezkey Keypad Mouse

Ezkey Keypad Mouse

When working on laptop, we always miss the proper keypad. Well, this creative mouse takes care of this problem.

13. Mus2 Computer Mouse

Mus2 Computer Mouse

This is a cordless, two button mouse that works pretty well. Its unusual shape does not cause any discomfort rather it fits well into the hands.

14. Hamburger Shape

Computer Mouse – Hamburger Shape

Though, its shape is very unusual but it works like a standard computer mouse. It is made up of plastic with an easy glide feeling. Plus, all the buttons of a standard mouse are included in this mouse.

15. Eclipse Touchmouse

Eclipse Touchmouse

This creative mouse design features an elegant and very classy brushed-aluminum finish that makes it attractive. It is designed for home, office and on the go use, and it features an advanced feature set with streamlined ergonomics.

16. Sliced Mouse

Sliced Mouse

This sliced mouse design does not look useful enough. It may be just a concept.

17. Wireless Finger Mouse

Wireless Finger Mouse

This is truly creative design for a computer mouse that fits on the finger so that users do not need to separate their hands from the keyboard.

18. New Pc Laptop Man Body Shape Usb Scroll Mouse

New Pc Laptop Man Body Shape Usb Scroll Mouse

This mouse design may looks like real human body but in actual it is not. This mouse can be used with laptops and PC and it is shaped like a man body.

19. One Finger Mouse, USB, Blac

One Finger Mouse, USB, Blac

This new and creative design for a computer mouse certainly grabs attention of many people. It can be controlled by one finger because dimensions and buttons are very easy to be controlled by fingers.

20. Jelfin Standard USB Mouse Green Accent

Jelfin Standard USB Mouse Green Accent, Golf Ball Skin, Can Packaging

This round shaped mouse better fits the natural curvature of your hand. Plus the gel cover is comfortable and soft to the touch.

21. Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse

Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse Medium Right Wired Hand Black

This innovative design of a mouse provides full support to the hand and wrist and minimizes the risk of RSI repetitive strain injury by letting your hand to continuously rest on the mouse body in a relaxed fashion.

22. Crystal Computer Mouse

Crystal Computer Mouse

This mouse design mostly appeals the fashionable ladies and men because of its stylish design and gorgeous look.

23. Mouse On A Diet

Mouse On A Diet

This design of a mouse works best for those who focus more on the keyboard and use a mouse just as a pointer. This mouse design comes with only the necessary features on it.

24. Trilogy of Celestial Orbs For Computing At Hand’s Luxury

Trilogy of Celestial Orbs For Computing At Hand’s Luxury

These mouse designs are not cheap and will cost you more than 150% as compared to a standard mouse. This is trilogy of celestial orbs, and named as the Jupiter mouse, Escher mouse, and the Deco mouse.

25. Wireless Building Block Mouse

Wireless Building Block Mouse

This is an interesting concept which is inspired by the same building blocks we used to play in our childhood. This creative mouse design will make boring tasks at work fun activities.

26. Mario Brothers Mice

Mario Brothers Mice

This mouse design is inspired by a popular bitmap characters from the popular game series, and it comes in two different designs. One of which features Mario and the other one features a familiar Star shape.

27. Diamante USB Mouse

Diamante USB Mouse

You can gift this mouse to your girlfriend, and she’ll love it because this mouse was designed especially keeping girls in min.

28. Sport Car Ferrari Optical Mouse

Sport Car Ferrari Optical Mouse

If you are obsessed about Ferrari sport car then you will like this mouse design for sure. Its 3D optical design makes it look like a real Ferrari sport car.

29. The Computer-Mouse Star

The Computer-Mouse Star

This star shaped mouse would be little bit uncomfortable to use and also looks slightly awkward but would be best option for the stars lovers.

30. Gold Bullion Computer Mouse

Gold Bullion Computer Mouse

This is another wireless mouse that you can also gift to your loved ones. It has two standard left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel. It works perfectly with PC or Mac.

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20 Cool Mouse Designs You Don’t See Often

Laptops with their trackpads have conquered the world these days but there some people who still use desktop computers with the mouse. The way we use the mouse has not changed much since its conception but when it comes to design and style, there are massive upgrades everywhere.

If you’re into gadgets and innovations of any kind, you’ll enjoy viewing today’s collection of mouse designs. Industrial designers do their best to design mice for playing games or comfortable everyday usage – they also make them look really cool.

Some of these mice are just concepts, while others are already available for sale.

VF Portable Mouse by Jet Ong

This mouse design is just a concept, but the stylish and sleek concave back and the white-and-red combination will make this mouse a delightful addition to the workdesk.

GoodMood Mouse for Microsoft by Evgeni Leonov

In addition to eco-friendly materials and an ergonomic design, this mouse is equipped with an Activity Sensor. When you spend more than an hour on it, the mouse sends a vibration signal to your arm to tell you to take a break.

Wooden mouse by Alest Rukov

This mouse is an alternative option in a greener sense. The main goal behind this product is to get the maximum out of natural materials and extend lifetime warranty.

Woody | PC Mouse by Joana Ferreira do Amaral

This mouse design is based on the tree leaf form. Plus, it is made from organic materials and serves as a great example of biological design.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse by Donn Koh

Microsoft found a way to get a mouse to flatten for travel and storage, while being ergonomically shaped for use. It was engineered with the bend-and-snap principle.

Bean by Rene Lee

Bean is a universal ergonomic mouse. It has only one touch sensitive bottom that clicks on both edges. Its lateral symmetry makes it a comfortable fit for both right and left hand users.

The Mouse by Alex

This mouse has a pure and smooth surface design plus a hollowed out design in the middle to keep it lightweight for constant use.

Express Mouse Limited Edition by Microsoft

Microsoft Express Mouse tracks on almost any surface with BlueTrack technology, works for both right hand and/or left hand, is available in a variety of colors and just looks so cute.

Pearl Mouse by Lee Gicas

This mouse is built to pivot in four directions, left and right, front and back, allowing users to extend, flex, and relax their wrists for minimal fatigue while using the mouse.

CAMEL TOE by Matthieu Nollet

It is still a concept but just look at it!. The lack of the scrolling wheel is replaced by optical detection. Hey, you can dream, right?

Infinity by Pierre Schwenke

Look at the curve on those mice. Check out the design process at the original link for a backstage look into how mice are made.

XEN: faceted mouse design by Zhenhui Ng

From curves to corners, this Xen mouse, had some body work done to give it an alien-version of what a mouse would look like.

Megalan Speed Mouse by Adept and Petya Savova

Fancy sports cars? Then maybe this Megalan Speed Mouse is right up your alley.

Float – Minimal Mouse by Patrick Mulcahy

Material reduction comes to play but not at the expense of ergonomics. The soft touch black with a teal accent makes this one a classy act.

Jailed mouse – PC peripheral by Jang WooSeok

If you hate it that your mouse becomes greasy from extended use, this jailed mouse design keeps the surface dry with steel bars.

Intelligent Design – Titanium mouse by Zlatan Menkovic

This Titanium perfection at your fingertips comes with high quality-plastic resin and a neodymium scroll wheel.

Elecom Egg Mouse

Want more to grip on? The ovoid design here will fit perfectly in your palm. Its variety of colors will also be a great addition to a not so white-and-black workdesk.

Really Cool Washable Mouse from Belkin

Finally, they made a washable, water-resistant mouse that can survive spills on the table and can get back to work after a quick wash under running water.

SWAROVSKI MOUSE by by Jeremy Doherty, Simon Doherty and Dareen Doherty

This mouse design is a play on the Swarovski logo. The body of the Swan becomes the body of the mouse and the two buttons are placed alongside the crystal.

The Flip-Flop Toe Mouse

Here’s one for the foot. It is designed for people with upper limb disabilities and is inspired by flip-flop beach sandals.

Which mouse design do you like best and why? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment field below.

How to make a man and his mouse in 3D

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Amazing crowdsourced music video uses thousands of mouse cursors as cast members


If there were any lingering doubt that the music video has found a new home away from the television screen, here’s a clip that MTV couldn’t play even if it wanted to. For Light Light’s new video for “Kilo,” the Netherlands-based band enlisted Roel Wouters to create an browser-based experience that tracks your cursor movements and later integrates them into the video itself for future playback. As instructed by messages at the top of the screen, thousands of cursors form patterns by sticking within guidelines, obscure band members’ faces by acting as a collective mask, and create an opponent for a boxer on the other side of the screen. Play the video for yourself at

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Brand new look for Mickey Mouse

Mickey has had a few makeovers over the years and this latest look could be one of our favourites. What do you make of it?

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