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Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands: Sailing, hiking and the best in dining across the pristine, tiny nation

Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands

With a dramatic landscape as intricately charming as it is awe-inspiring, the Faroe Islands (a nation located between Iceland and Norway), provide a destination unlike any other. Situated in the North Atlantic, the archipelago is comprised of 18 separate islands (many of which…

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Bottlocase World Cup Editions: Represent your chosen nation and sip pretty at the same time with these soccer-themed smartphone cases

Bottlocase World Cup Editions

On a multi-leg journey to watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, Dutch entrepreneur James Bluemink found himself in Thailand buying beer from a convenience store. Thirsty for…

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Interview: Brian Nation of Midleton Distillery: The Master Distiller on the importance of teamwork and what makes Redbreast 21-Year-Old whiskey special

Interview: Brian Nation of Midleton Distillery

During a recent tasting of the components that make up the newest bottling from Irish whiskey Redbreast 21, Brian Nation was thrilled about his new position as Master Distiller of the Midleton Distillery. Nation now fills the…

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J.D. Humphreys: An Invitation Across the Nation Poster Series

An Invitation Across the Nation is a collection of twenty posters featuring and celebrating musical artists from the 1960s, especially those who helped break racial barriers through their music. Conceptualized and designed by J.D. Humphreys, each poster’s design centers around a single hook from a popular song by the featured artist, and is accompanied by a story that puts the music into a historical context. I’ve included a few examples of the posters below, but be sure to check out the entire series and read all of the included stories. You can find them all right here.








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