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Unique number typography plays with negative space

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Forma and Co were tasked with creating a beautiful number font

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I have a number of problems with this Taylor Swift / Nine Inch Nails mashup

So my friend and former colleague David Pierce just tweeted that this mashup of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Nine Inch Nail’s “Perfect Drug” is the new “Call Me Maybe” / “Head Like A Hole”, and I just want to say that he is wrong, for the following exhaustive list of reasons.

1. The Call Me Maybe mashup is a perfect mix of Reznor’s vocals and Carly Rae Jepson’s backing track; the verse is great, and the chorus is pure gold. The Shake It Off mashup is fine during the verse, but misses when Taylor’s vocals reappear and then totally falls down during the chorus.

2. Perfect Drug has one of the best drum breaks of all time. It is perfect, and unassailable. Whatever this is still has Taylor Swift fake-rapping the words “this sick beat.”…

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Beautiful print charts all of UK’s Christmas number ones

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Which is your favourite Christmas number one?

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Stunning rainbow typography has got your number

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This type brings some colour to the pages of Men’s Health magazine

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‘Tropes vs. Women’ reveals staggering number of video games that treat women as sex objects

After a seven-month break, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency have released the latest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video. This new video, following up on previous episodes about damsels in distress and the so-called “Ms. Male Character,” analyzes gaming’s time-honored tendency to treat non-playable female characters as decoration and sex objects. Given how the male gaze is culturally embedded in Western society, video games, Sarkeesian argues, ratchet the issue up by giving the player the ability to act out this imperative — which is unfortunate when you consider how powerful games are at communicating ideas. “Interactive media has the potential to be a perfect medium to genuinely explore sex and sexuality,” she…

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Smoother Number Transitioning With Odometer

One of the effective ways to make a presentation of numerical information more interesting is by adding a transition animation. Creating a transition animation can be done with javascript, but the coding will take you a long time. For a quicker alternative, try Odometer.

Odometer is a javascript plugin that can help you make your numerical information more attractive with smooth transitions and cool themes. It’s easy to set up and is supported on many current browsers.


Odometer is a standalone javascript plugin. You only have to include the js file and its theme in your page with the following code:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="odometer-theme-car.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="odometer.js"></script> 

You’re done! Now any element that you wrap with the odometer class will be transformed into an odometer.

In this example, I’m using a car-like odometer theme. Odometer comes with six other different themes, namely the default theme, digital, minimal, plaza, slot machine and train station themes. You can head over to the demo page to see them in action.

To update the value, you can use either native javascript or a jQuery code. First, call the setTimeout function, then define the updated value like in the following snippet:

 <script> setTimeout(function(){ odometer.innerHTML = 5555; }, 1000); </script> 

Or you can use a jQuery form like so:

 setTimeout(function(){ $  ('.odometer').html(5555); }, 1000); 

The value of 1000 in the code means the update process will be executed one second after the page has fully loaded.

Then, add an odometer class to any element you want, for example:

 <p class="odometer">3252</p> 

And the value of 3252 will then be changed to 5555 (as defined earlier) with a cool transition.


For more advanced features, Odometer provides you with some options to customize. This is useful when the default setting doesn’t suit you. To be able to set options, first create an odometerOptions object like so:

 <script> window.odometerOptions = { format: '(ddd).dd' }; </script> 

The format option will affect the number formatting rule, like showing a decimal point before certain digits. (ddd) means there is no decimal point in the number. And for other options, check out the following list:

 window.odometerOptions = { auto: false, // Don't automatically initialize everything with class 'odometer' selector: '.my-numbers', // Change the selector used to automatically find things to be animated format: '(,ddd).dd', // Change how digit groups are formatted, and how many digits are shown after the decimal point duration: 3000, // Change how long the javascript expects the CSS animation to take theme: 'car', // Specify the theme (if you have more than one theme css file on the page) animation: 'count' // Count is a simpler animation method which just increments the value, // use it when you're looking for something more subtle. }; 


For those who often present numerical information and would like to make it more eye-catching, Odometer is a good choice. Just take note that if you input anything other than a number, the plugin won’t work. Anyway, do give it a try and let us know what you think!

Guide to Unlock your Locked Phone Using its IMEI Number and an Unlock Website

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number is a serial code attached to every mobile device that is used by service providers for the identification purposes. For a contract based…

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Rdio lays off untold number of employees to ‘ensure a scalable business model’

Rdio is today feeling the effects of its ongoing war with Spotify and other music streaming services. The company has confirmed layoffs that affect a number of employees — up to one-third of its entire staff, according to TechCrunch. Rdio says the unfortunate move will ultimately help “improve its cost structure and ensure a scalable business model for the long-term.” Rdio isn’t revealing any specific numbers to counteract the bad news, but the company insists things are looking up. “Since the end of last year, we’ve tripled our number of new users,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch. Rdio also says that 90 percent of users now subscribe to its $ 9.99 unlimited streaming plan, a healthy conversion rate by any standard.

But clearly Rdio…

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For the new Galaxy Note, USB 3 is the magic number

With all the news coming from it’s big event yesterday, Samsung glazed over the importance of one new feature of its Galaxy Note 3 — it’s the first phone we know of that that uses USB 3.0. The benefits of the switch to the more modern standard are two-fold. The obvious plus for USB 3.0 is that it offers far faster data rates, potentially increasing the speed of transferring music, videos, and photos to and from your phone. “Potential” is an important word here: the speeds you’ll actually achieve will depend on the quality of the storage Samsung has included in the Galaxy Note 3.

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Xerox begins rolling out software fix for number replacing bug on its copiers

Earlier this month, it came out that some Xerox multifunction printers had a serious bug: copied documents could have numbers changed from the original. The culprit, as you’d probably expect, was overly aggressive compression software which could convert sixes to eights, for example. Xerox says that it only happened with what it calls “stress documents,” which can include tiny fonts and “stray pixels.”

Fortunately, the company is already issuing a patch for a subset of the affected copiers, including the ConnectKey family and some WorkCentre models. More software patches will follow, and the company is collecting them all at a single URL: There, users can either download the patches or sign up to be contact when…

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