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7 Offbeat Android Apps For Social Media Lovers

This time we are showcasing some useful and exciting apps for social media lovers. These are basically Android apps that are extremely popular among social media fans. Social media is a kind of a bridge that is slowly bringing the virtual and real worlds together. Here we have listed top 7 Android apps for social media users who want to stay connected with their friends.

With these apps, users can connect with each other as well as can share information, skills and experiences. This is the advantage of the technology that you can share information by sitting in the comforts of your homes and also from your offices. Let us have a look at this compilation. Share your views on this post via comment section below. Enjoy!

Hootsuite (Social Media Mgmt)

Get Social Media Followers

All Social Network

tsu – Social & Payment Network


SynkMonkey – Social Calendar


Seletti Wears Toiletpaper: The Mantua-based design firm collaborates with the off-beat magazine for a line of dinnerware

Seletti Wears Toiletpaper

Toiletpaper is one of the best examples of how a niche magazine done right can become a mass phenomenon. This photography-only publication was born in 2010 from a collaboration between artist );…

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Cool Hunting

Creepy horror book covers with offbeat colours

From Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to Dracula and Frankenstein, take a look at these eye-catching book cover designs.


Creative Bloq

People People Pocket Watch : Swedish design meets an offbeat approach to horology in a modern take on time

People People Pocket Watch

Swedish design collective People People lets their work do the talking. Splitting their time between client commissions and lab work, the creators of the successful Kickstarter project, the Transparent Speaker, are now set to dip their toes into the waters of the timepiece with a new pocket watch currently…

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Cool Hunting

Offbeat Darwin Award-style safety animation

Public safety campaigns are usually boring and predictable. In contrast, ‘Dumb ways to Die’ promotes train safety in an amusing Darwin Award style.

Creative Bloq