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Did ZBrush just become the complete package for 3D artists?

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The new ZBrush makes it easier to stay in the app the whole time ZBrush has become a huge part of many a 3D artist’s workflow. But it has never quite managed to be the complete package, with other software needed for certain tasks. The latest version, 4r7, may well change that for good.

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Tesla announces Roadster 3.0, an upgrade package with massive range

As CEO Elon Musk first announced yesterday, Tesla is detailing a new extended-range upgrade for its seminal Roadster — the Lotus-based two-door that preceded today’s Model S sedan. It turns out that the upgrade is far more than a battery swap: yes, that’s part of it, but a retrofit aerodynamics kit will improve the car’s drag by some 15 percent, while new tires, wheel bearings, and changes to brake drag will decreasing rolling resistance by 20 percent. In all, the upgrades are expected to yield a 40 to 50 percent improvement in range, breaking the 400-mile mark. The package is currently called a “prototype,” but the company says that it’ll demonstrate the improvements in early 2015 with a non-stop drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

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Creative Package Designs For Bottles & Jars You Have To See

The goal of any package design is to be unique and to differentiate itself from competitors. A bottle or jar can be somewhat of a white canvas for creative package designers. It’s a space for both art and communication with clients which can be used to tell the story of a brand. There’s a lot of ways this can be done, whether it’s through the typography or the color of the brand.

Today I’m going to showcase 30 creative package designs featuring bottles and jars that are not only unique but tell a story. Here you’ll see these vessels packed with all sorts of different items ranging from wine to salsa. Scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Le Chat by Isabela Rodrigues

Paradise by Eszter Laki

GOOD DAY MILK PACKAGING by not available design


Kräftig Saft by Isabela Rodrigues Studio

Raw by Lauren Nicole Foot

Hovelsrud Jam & Juice by Gøril Torske and Nina Helland Sortland

Délices de Michèle – Brand Identity & Packagings by Chez Valois, Robin Kurtz and Michael Mason

Gia Nhien Fruit Juice by iBom Design and BINRAINBOW

Roots & Bulbs by Robot Food

The Roots Family by Beatrice Menis

Barclay’s (packaging) by No Entry Design

Juicebox Jugos Vivos

Epleslang by Dinamo Design and Ida Ekroll

Juice Sunday

Monsieur Moustache by Studio Chapeaux

Birch by Andy Clark

Spices & Jams by Masha Barsukova

Geleta jam package design / 2013 by Dori Novotny


Jam Bottle Design For Waitrose by Turner Duckworth

The Jam | Packaging by Jessica Y. Wen

Jilly Jam packaging by Amanda Goddard

Koel Fresh by Dot Kite Lab

Nubes De Yogurt by Regina Puig

Ugly Fruit – Student Work by Mirim Seo

Wotton Brewery by Confederation Studio

Angry Man Salsa by Foundry Co.

Eerst Hulp Van Schulp by PROUDdesign

Happy Moose Juice

20 Ridiculously Creative Package Designs You Have To See

When you’re at shopping at the supermarket, chances are you’ll probably buy things that you might not neccesarily need. Sometimes, what lures you in is not the product itself, but the way it’s presented to you. Marketers may spend tons of money on advertising campaigns or huge billboards, but nothing works better than clever packaging.

To get the consumers’ attention, the package design must be clever, funny, unusual, and stand out from the crowd to grab your attention. Today I’d like to share 20 really creative and clever package designs that would lose their meaning without the products inside them. From honey that’s made to look like it’s still in the hive to architecture-inspired spaghetti, there’s plenty of creative designs for you to browse through.

Teapee by Sophie Pépin. This is one teepee you’d want to collapse.

Beehive Honey Squares by Lacy Kuhn. My, what a big mouth you have there, Mr.Bear.

Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa. No more getting your juices mixed up again with this quirky design.

Empire Dogs. Not sure which hot dog is right for you? Let these gentlemen help you out.

WhiteBites by Cecilia Uhr Design. This brings a whole other meaning to the term, “pearly whites.”

Honey – Made by Bees by Maksim Arbuzov. It’s like jenga but with honey!

Poilu by Simon Laliberté. Why shouldn’t your brushes look hip too?

Standard Dress Shirt by Jille Natalino, Elizabeth Kelley, Rob Hurst, Joanna Milewski, Mary Durant. This eliminates the hassle of folding and unfolding shirts. No creases here.

Thelma’s by Saturday MFG. Cookies straight from the oven, yummy!

Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging by Unknown. This is one tasty looking afro.

Water Bottle by Designers Anonymous. Whatever your fancy, you can see em float or sink.

Festina Watches by Scholz ;& Friends. Now we know just how waterproof this watch actually is.

Hanger Tea – Teabags Packaging by Soon Mo Kang. Hangers aren’t just useful for clothes, as we can see here.

3 Dutch Farmers by Sogood. Crunchy tulips anyone?

Flower Garden – packaging for flower by Milena Wlodarczyk. This handy geometric-inspired packaging not only keeps it safe but looks good too.

NYC Spaghetti by Ben Thorpe. Let’s hope that this towering pasta is structurally sound.

Kiss – puree of vegetables and fruits by Alexandra Istratova. So, which kiss is your favorite?

Pink Glasses by Luksemburk. Now where did my glasses go? Ah, they’re right here on the bottle!

Butter! Better! concept by Yeongkeun. No more rummaging around drawers for that butter knife with this little cover.

Antismoke pack by Reynolds and Reyner. This is one way to make a statement and get the point across.

Giveaway: Win Free Print Package from PrintKEG

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Giveaway: Win Free Print Package from PrintKEG

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Creative ways to package your mail-outs

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After all that time, effort and money you’ve spent on brochure printing, don’t let it go to waste by sending your prized creation off in a standard envelope. With a little extra thought, creativity and forward planning, your brochure can make a real impact before it’s even been opened with a creative envelope design. Here are some ideas of ways in which you can make that all-important, positive first impression.

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Test Drive: 2014 MB E63 AMG S-Model Wagon: The updated E-Class wagon delivers high-speed performance in an understated, fuel-friendly package

Test Drive: 2014 MB E63 AMG S-Model Wagon

Whether we value the utility, appreciate the form-factor or gravitate toward the less common—we love a wagon. Oftentimes, and especially in the US, wagons are not built with driving performance in mind. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz sees enough of a market to justify selling…

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Mike Smith: Charity Water Ball Invitation Package

Mike Smith recently did a beautiful job of designing the invitation package and collateral for charity:water‘s annual charity:ball. Be sure to check out his blog post for more details on the process.















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Eco-Friendly Package Designs: 20 Ways To Go Green

Everything you buy from a store would leave some form of waste, particularly the packaging, which we’d throw away the moment its contents are released. Since it is now more important than ever to be conscious about our environment, many brands and designers have produced eco-friendly package designs that are reusable or recyclable to help reduce our carbon footprint in nature.

From paper bags, boxes and tubes to glass jars, these designs are not only unique and creative, but also eye-catching and versatile. Available in a healthy mix of nature’s colors, these 20 eco-friendly package designs are a great source of ideas for packaging designs, that you don’t want to miss out.

1. MUG pub by Ivan Maximov

2. SUE BEE HONEY by Ashley Gustafson

3. Branding & Packaging Design by Ady Chng

4. Plant’it Earth Identity & Packaging by Ethan Bennett

5. Rishi Tea – Loose Leaf Tea Packaging by Allie Kilmer

6. Eco-Lite Light Bulbs by Herschel Delicana

7. Package for two eggs by Buba

8. Soma Organics – SuperBite Packaging design by Dora Schall

9. Morning Ritual: Organic Strained Yogurt by Jeremy Mellon

10. Éco-traito by Jessica Ma

11. INVENT by Melissa Rosenbloom

12. Peanut & Co – Ecopackaging by Mónica López and Gloria Kelly

13. Packaging by Jacqueline Minkler

14. Yourstruly // Packaging Design by Nicole Nell

15. + ORGANIC MEADOW by Yana Stepchenko

16. Trader Joe’s Rice by Elizabeth Vornbrock

17. EcoBag. Depot WPF by Vera Zvereva, Maria Mordvintseva, and Julia Zhdanova

18. Sustainable Bagless Take-Out Packaging by JoAnn Arello

19. Happy Eggs by Maja Szczypek

20. LIGHT BULB PACKAGE REDESIGN by Mongkol Praneenit