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Brutal London by Zupagrafika: The design studio preserves some of the city’s iconic Brutalist buildings like Balfron Tower in paper form

Brutal London by Zupagrafika

Paper models of buildings and animals are some of the most simple and classic children’s toys. But turning something 2D into a 3D sculpture never gets boring—and when you combine the DIY factor with interesting designs, you have the recipe for Brutal……

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Why teaching yourself paper craft could earn you more money

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If you think paper craft has been and gone, you’re wrong. There are still increasing numbers of clients who seek the tactile, handmade beauty of paper-cut illustration to communicate their messages to their audiences.

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Incredibly detailed paper sculptures by Justine Khamara

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What happens when photography meets papercutting and sculpture? If made by a talented artist like Justine Khamara, you get a wonderful looking art made of photos cutted and assembled to look like amazing sculptures. The Australian artist gives her photographic work a new life by distorting it and giving a whole new life. A great […]

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Organizing With the Post-it Plus App: A digital tool turning paper and ink into easy-to-organize files for sharing across multiple platforms

Organizing With the Post-it Plus App

In our constant quest to take handwritten material into the digital world, the brand new Post-it Plus App for iOS 8 delivers on a promise of easy organizing and sharing. Whether in collaborative sessions, or just for the sake of jotting ideas down……

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Paper Collective Prints and Posters: A webstore that nods to Denmark’s design heritage and donates at least 15% of profits to charity

Paper Collective Prints and Posters

Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and homeware for decades. New Danish webshop Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has a number of contemporary graphic designers……

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“Pop-Up Op-Art: Vasarely” by Philippe UG: Paper engineer Philippe UG pays homage to the grandfather of optical illusion art in his newest book

Victor Vasarely is widely recognized as the grandfather of Op-Art, the short-lived but highly impactful movement that brought optical illusion to the canvas and sculpture. Seemingly contemporary because of its computational element and use of high……

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Paper sculptures that disappear

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Paper sculptures created by Korean artist Yoon Ho Shin . From most angles, you see a quite regular sculpture, but if you move around and go in front or in the back of the sculpture, it becomes like transparent and you can see through it. The artist works with layers of paper that are cutted […]

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Wonderful DIY Paper Templates for Adorable 3D Geometric Animals

Wonderful geometric animal designed by Artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer, aka Paperwolf from Germany. The artist studied computer animation in school and he realised even how much he enjoys creating  virtual 3D models, He prefer to create those virtual 3D model by his hand and paper more. Each of his 3D model took many hours of time to assembling, patience, and…

Stress-Free Holiday Cards by Artifact Uprising: Simple, customizable cards printed on recycled paper are easy to produce and easy on the eyes

Stress-Free Holiday Cards by Artifact Uprising

‘Tis that season, when a large number of friends, but really, mostly blood relatives, expect an update on what you’ve been up to the last year—or two, or three, depending on when you last sent out a…

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Fascinating Paper Bird Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

paper bird sculptures4Diana Beltran Herrera is the talented artist behind these paper bird sculptures. Paper is her chosen medium and these fascinating bird pieces show us why! On her website she tells us that her works are based on photographs of real birds, and start out as a drawing in Adobe Illustrator to get dimensions and details. She then keeps the sketch, photograph and all the […]
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