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Online Payment Processing Overview

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Online Payment Processing Overview

The ability to process payments online is an essential feature of any e-commerce application or Web site. Mobile or Web apps that have some paid features or services also need the ability to collect one-time or recurring fees. Online payment processing services allow you to process credit or debit cards along with other forms like […]


User Experience and Credit Card Payment Forms

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The User Experience of Credit Card Payment Forms

Everybody loves shopping, until you get to the checkout and have to swipe your credit card. This is not the most pleasurable part of shopping, is it? And when you add in the painful user experience of payment forms, you will get either a distressed customer or a user that eventually fails to convert. The […]

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Kmart is the latest retailer to have its payment systems hacked

TargetHome Depot, Neiman Marcus, and PF Changs have all had their payment systems hacked in recent months — now you can add Kmart to that list. According to a recent SEC filing and confirmed in a statement from the company, the Sears-owned department store chain discovered on October 9th that its “payment data systems had been breached” by hackers, and the company believes that “certain debit and credit card numbers have been compromised.” Unfortunately, it’s not clear yet how extensive this attack was, but the company does note that it believes it was vulnerable from early September through yesterday, when it removed the malware responsible for the attack.

On the plus side, Kmart says that PIN numbers, social security numbers, email…

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Stripe Checkout – Web And Mobile Payment The Easy Way

If you dabble in e-commerce and have yet to try out Stripe, then you are losing out on one of the easiest way to receive payment online. Stripe takes care of the payment process without the need of complex coding. A while back, Stripe released a brand new payment form: Checkout. It has integration with stripe.js and works well both on mobile or desktop browsers.

Checkout enables users to easily finish their payment without having to leave the page they are on. Users can also opt to save their credit card data by entering an SMS code sent to their phone. This feature also is embeddable, and Checkout effectively solves problems involving mobile payments.

Checkout Overview

The Checkout form is easy to integrate on a site. Just insert this snippet wherever you want the checkout button to appear:

 <form action="/charge" method="POST"> <script src="" class="stripe-button" data-key="pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtIshFeQd4XMUh" data-image="/square-image.jpg" data-name="Demo Site" data-description="2 widgets ($  20.00)" data-amount="2000"> </script> </form> 

In the source, leave it to link from the Checkout server so that the form updates automatically when there are changes. You can change the logo and text by Checkout with your own brand or design. The appropriate data are data-name and data-image.

This default script results in the following button:

To change the button name, simply add data-panel-label to the script and name your button. For more option documentation, please head over to this page.

When the button is clicked, a window will pop up showing forms to complete the payment.

As stated, Checkout gives an optional feature to save the credit card info with SMS code. Users need only fill in their phone number and when you need to make another payment, just enter the code sent.

Customizing The Form

There is also a custom form integration which can be used with any HTML element or JavaScript event. Let’s take a quick look in the following snippet taken from custom integration doc:

 <script src=""></script> <button id="customButton">Purchase</button> <script> var handler = StripeCheckout.configure({ key: 'pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtIshFeQd4XMUh', image: '/square-image.jpg', token: function(token, args) { // Use the token to create the charge with a server-side script. // You can access the token ID with `` } }); document.getElementById('customButton').addEventListener('click', function(e) { // Open Checkout with further options{ name: 'Demo Site', description: '2 widgets ($  20.00)', amount: 2000 }); e.preventDefault(); }); </script> 

Rather than work with data- attributes like the previous snippet, this custom form uses JavaScript to work with. StripeCheckout.configure() is the handler object when the page loaded. And the option can be passed within the open() or configure().

13 Payment Form Photoshop Files For Free Download

Payment form is the most integral part of any website or online business because it allows the potential customers to pay for your services or goods, therefore, it is very important to design a payment form that is simple, easy yet completely functional so that your potential clients do not have to face in difficulty while filling up the form. An easy to use payment form can also ensure more sale conversion because it gives the users an easy way to pay for the goods and services they would like to have.

Keeping this in mind, we thought to compile some free to use payment form PSD files for your download so that you do not have to design them from scratch. Enjoy!

Credit / Debit Cards


Checkout Form

Credit Card

Payment Options Icons

Payment details

Payment Form

Products and Boxes

Cute UI Kit

Flat Payment Cards

Free iPhone UI Psd

Semi-Transparent “Payment Methods”

Payment Widget

How Brand Nu created a payment card’s identity from scratch

Read more about How Brand Nu created a payment card’s identity from scratch at

Mintlet is a new pre-paid, multi-currency payment card aimed at travellers. Supporting a range of foreign currencies at launch, the idea is that it could potentially become a replacement for traveller’s cheques.

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Freebie: The Payment System Icon Set

We have a huge Payment System Icon Set as a freebie for you guys today! Designed by Russian designer Artem Ottoson, the set includes 50 (yep, that really is FIFTY) of the most popular payment services icons, they come in transparent PNG, JPG amd editable PSD formats, and are
sized at 60x38px, 120x75px, 240x150px & 480x300px.

Oh yes, you can also freely use the Payment System Icon Set in both your personal and commercial projects.

The Payment System Icon Set

The Payment System Icon Set Freebie Preview

The Details

The Payment System Icon Set transparent PNG JPG Preview
The icons come in transparent PNG and JPG formats, and
are sized at 60x38px, 120x75px, 240x150px & 480x300px.

The Payment System Icon Set transparent editable psd Preview
The download package also includes editable PSD templates.

Download & License

You can freely use the Payment System Icon Set in both personal and commercial projects.

About the Designer

The Payment System Icon Set has been designed by Artem Ottoson, a designer from Moscow. You can view his work on Behance.

Do you have a freebie that you would like to share with our readers? if you do, get in touch with us here:

Freebie: The Payment System Icon Set

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Google, payment providers take action against firms profiting from mug shots

As if getting arrested isn’t problematic enough, it turns out that the advent of the internet age has made it considerably worse. A cottage industry of companies scraping and reposting local police departments’ websites for mug shots has popped up over the past several years, keeping the specter of a past run-in with the law no further than a Google search away unless a fee — which can run in the hundreds of dollars — is paid to have the shot taken down. For serious crimes, permanently spreading a mug shot far and wide isn’t necessarily a bad thing; for minor offenses, it can make the difference between landing and losing a job.

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Design Inspiration: Payment Method Icons

All that payment method icons you always need, finally in one place. The most useful and complete free icon set for eCommerce sites.

This design was featured on Friday 6th of September 2013. It’s designed by Get Bowtied, and falls under the category of Element.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Chase expands support for mobile payment service backed by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile

Pleased with the results it saw during trials in Austin, TX, and Salt Lake City, Chase said today it would roll out nationwide support for mobile-payment service Isis. Isis, the joint venture in mobile payments between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, makes an Android app that lets users make purchases, redeem coupons, and participate in store loyalty programs using the near-field communication technology in their smartphones. The group announced last month that it would expand nationally.

Chase, Capital One, and Barclaycard participated in trial programs last year, offering credit, debit, and prepaid cards in the Texas and Utah. For the national rollout, Chase said it would allow customers to connect its Freedom, Sapphire, and Slate cards…

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