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How obsessed with your phone are you?

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vimeo: 117934677 Your alarm goes off and you reach for your phone; you’re on your way to work and you check your social media channels; your friend has shared a funny video and you watch it; you’ve heard a rumour, so you check your news app; you want to check-in at your favourite restuarant… the list is endless.

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Unlocking your phone through a carrier officially gets easier today

Cellphone unlocking has come a long way. At the beginning of 2013, it became arguably illegal, when a copyright exemption letting people crack the firmware to use their phone on another carrier expired. Since then, we’ve seen the FCC and Congress take up the case, creating more options for people who want to unlock their own phones or have a carrier do it for them. And today, if you’re looking to do the latter, you can officially expect more options: February 11th is the deadline for carriers to adopt unlocking standards that the CTIA announced in December of 2013.

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Microsoft’s new wireless phone charger will bathe your desk in neon light

My Nexus 6 usually rests on a Tylt wireless charger here at The Verge office. I paid Verizon $ 60 for the thing. It’s got a black, soft matte finish; it’s the opposite of flashy, but works perfectly with any Qi-compatible smartphone I’ve placed on it — even with a bulky case on. Microsoft’s taking the opposite approach with its new Nokia-branded Qi wireless charger. It’s available in three bright colors: white, green, or orange (the model we tested).

This thing defines flashy. Drop a Lumia smartphone onto the plastic pad, and a ring of light instantly illuminates your desk, nightstand, or whatever it might be resting on. And it’s incredibly bright, though you can thankfully choose between three brightness settings if the charger proves…

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Expect Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy phone on March 1st

Samsung has sent out invitations to its latest Unpacked event, where the company is expected to reveal its flagship phone for the year. The Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event will take place on March 1st at 12:30PM ET (6:30PM CET) ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. From the teaser image below, it looks like Samsung could well be applying the curved-screen technology seen in the Galaxy Note Edge (above) to its mainline series of smartphones.

Last year’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress saw Samsung unveil new Gear smartwatches, the Gear Fit band, and the Galaxy S5 smartphone. Sales of the S5 disappointed in 2014, however, and the company’s profits are down on last year.

When reporting earnings last week, Samsung said that…

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Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case : The Seattle mobile phone lens-maker launches a second Kickstarter for a smart shutter button integrated case

Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case

Designed to elevate the mobile photography experience to a more professional level, Moment launched with a two-piece lens system on Kickstarter in January 2014, pulling in nearly $ 500,000 and over nine times their goal. But while their lenses have……

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KiiTAG 2 Ultimate Phone Accessory: A car key fob-sized device with built-in phone charger, USB drive, remote camera shutter and more

KiiTAG 2 Ultimate Phone Accessory

Though comical in hindsight, the helpless feeling many encounter when their phone dies while away from home can be crippling. Same goes for when trapped in a conversation you’d rather not be having. With solutions to these two situations, and many……

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10 Windows Phone Tricks and Settings You Should Know

You feel so excited as you have just received a brand new Windows Phone. You start exploring the phone in almost all the corners. You have already installed many apps which appear on the start screen. You’ve get used to the gestures, and eventually also find some hidden features.

Yet, with all the features that ship in Windows Phone, there’s a chance that you have missed a couple of handy tricks and useful settings to configure and tune up your Windows Phone. So, here are 10 tricks and settings that you should know to get the most out of Windows Phone. Let’s check them out.

Capitalize and All-Caps Words Quickly

Typing in Windows Phone can be so much faster, if you know this little trick. For example: while typing, you may highlight a word and tap the Shift key to capitalize the first letter. Tap it a second time and it will capitalize the whole word. Holding down the Shift key will turn on the caps-lock mode.

Turn Off Navigation Key Vibration

Windows Phone handhelds ship with 3 physically sensitive buttons – namely the back button, the home button (which is depicted with the Windows new logo) and the search button. These buttons will vibrate as you tap. If you feel that the vibration is kind of annoying or you simply want to switch it off for whatever reason, go to Settings > Touch and turn off the Navigation Bar.

Action Center Half-view

Windows Phone has finally come with an Action Center that stores app notifications as well as a couple of shortcut settings for quick access. To view the Action Center, swipe your finger from the top edge of the screen down to the bottom. Alternatively, halt your finger at the middle to only view the shortcuts.

Configuring the Action Center Shortcut

There are 4 shortcuts present in the Action Center, but a Windows Phone with a wider screen will have 5. Configure the shortcuts with ones that you frequently need most with Settings > Notification+action menu. Tap one of the current shortcuts, and select another on the list as the substitute.

Remove All Your notifications In One Swipe

You can remove a notification in the Action Center by swiping your finger from the left to the right of each notification item. But, sometimes you can have heaps of notifications that will tire your fingers out. In that case, use 2 fingers to swipe all of them away in one swift motion.

Move and Install Apps to SD Card

One of the best things about a Windows Phone is that the storage capability is upgradable with an SD Card for up to 64GB. You can store files, images, videos, and even apps in the SD Card instead of within the internal storage.

So, if you have an app that takes up a lot of internal storage, it’s better to move it into the SD Card. To do so, go to Settings > Storage Sense. Tap the app+games and select the game. You will find the button to transfer it to the SD Card.

Note: This button will only appear if you have your SD Card installed.

Mute the Shutter Sound

When taking a picture or taking a screenshot of the phone, you will hear the shutter sound that is similar to the sound a real camera makes . Did you know that you can turn this sound off? If you don’t want people around you to notice that you are taking pictures, go to the Settings > ringtones+sound and untick the Camera shutter.

Assign Nick Name for Cortana

Cortana, though in Beta, is very capable and and up to par with its competitors. Cortana can help you call or text a specific person by calling his/her name. Alternatively, you can also call the nickname. So, instead of call “John Doe”, you may simply tell Cortana to call “Driver” (if he really is so).

Go to the Cortana’s Notebook. Then, select the Inner Circle option and select the the person from the contact list to be assigned for a nickname – you can assign up to 3 nicknames. Cortana’s Notebook is where Cortana learns about you. Therein, aside from the Inner Circle, you can specify your Interest and Favourites as well.

Projecting Screen

You can project Windows Screen to a TV or to your PC screen. This can be very useful for creating screencast tutorial and demonstrating Windows Phone in a presentation. To do this, you will have to install Project My Screen. Connect Windows Phone to PC with USB, and start projecting the screen through the Settings > Project My Screen.

Additionally, turn on the Show touch option to show your finger position on the PC screen with a dot.

Note: This is only applicabale in Windows Phone 8.1.

Disable Narrator Text

Windows Phone is built with accessibility in mind. People with vision disabilities can use Windows Phone through the Narrator function. The Narrator will read aloud the text on the phone. I myself once enabled the Narrator, and it honestly freaked me out.

Once this feature is enabled, some features are disabled, like Swiping, and I could not find my way back to turn it off in the Settings. At the end, I was able to sort it out. You can do it by holding the Volume button and tap the Windows icon at the same time.

Moment’s new case gives your phone a real shutter button

Taking photos with your smartphone is quick, convenient, and, more often than not, pretty fun. But even the most die-hard smartphone shooters would admit that taking photos with your phone isn’t quite the same as using a traditional camera. Moment is looking to bridge the gap between smartphones and traditional cameras with its new Moment Case, launching on Kickstarter today.

The Moment Case has an integrated mount for Moment’s wide-angle and telephoto lenses released last year, as well as mounting points for neck or wrist straps. It can even determine which of Moment’s lenses are attached, sending that information to Moment’s app for improved image processing. But the most interesting part of the Moment Case is its two stage shutter…

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This concept turns old phone parts into a supercomputer

One of the selling points for modular smartphones like Project Ara or the Puzzlephone is that they reduce waste. But little has been said about how discarded modules could be put to use. Finland’s Circular Devices, the company developing the Puzzlephone, has now revealed its answer to that question: it’s called the Puzzlecluster, and it’s a scalable supercomputer.

Reuse and reduce

The concept is pretty simple: when a Puzzlephone owner inevitably decides to upgrade their modular phone’s “brain” (read: processor unit), the old module can be repurposed to power a versatile computer. With many different outdated smartphone CPUs combined, the cluster should have enough processing power to make the Puzzlecluster a useful addition to…

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Dropbox is finally available for Windows Phone

Windows Phone as we know it is not long for this world, with Windows 10 and a universal app strategy set to replace it soon. But one of the most important gaps in the Windows Phone library has just been filled nevertheless, as Dropbox has finally released an official app for Microsoft’s stuttering smartphone platform. The Windows Store app for tablets has also been updated with a much-improved new interface.

The cloud storage company’s Windows Phone app is the latest fruit borne from its new partnership with Microsoft. Although third-party Dropbox options have been available on Windows Phone for some time, it’s good to see a legitimate release out there considering the critical importance of cloud data to many.

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