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What 20 Designers Carry Inside Their Bags [PICS]

Designers and artists are pretty fashionable folks, as you may know. They like to get creative from the clothes they wear to how they organize their desks. If you’ve always wondered about what designers carry in their bags as well, you definitely want to pay attention to this.

Mijlo, a Dutch-based collective which has a backpack project you can back on Kickstarter, has reached out to a group of creatives from all over the world, asking them the essentials they have in their bags. On their site you can find about 100 of these designer bag exposés, so what we have here is just a sneak peek into what you can probably find in a designer’s bag.

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Jiani Lu

Juani Lu is a designer, photographer and bookbinder from Toronto, who currently lives in Dubai. It is evident just how passionate she is about her craft with the particular items she uses for her craft like thread and the paper cutter. The camera, and a set of pens and markers in her bag complete her artistic endeavours.

Fabrizio Querida

Fabrizio Querida is a designer at a graphic design bureau based in Barcelona called Querida (which means lover in Spanish). The array of things featured in the picture display a quirky sense of style as well as humor. The subtle nods to pop culture are pretty cool as well.

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a designer and Creative Director based in New York city, which explains the mug. What makes this display unique is the different combinations of item that seem to go together such as the radical pineapple with sunglasses and the lipstick holding figurine.

Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole is a graphic designer and illustrator from Newcastle, Australia. She is also co-founder of the Shorthand design studio. Instead of going the conventional route and taking a picture of her items, Amanda went with what she knew. You can really tell that she dials it back down to the real essentials.

Justin Broadbent

Justin Broadbent is an artist based in Canada. Judging by his collection of items military bag, Justin is a fan of coffee and skateboarding. It’s highly likely that he’s 32 years old and dabbles with different mediums of art.

Jordan Blyth

Jordan Blyth is the owner of a small design studio, JB Studio, that specializes in identity design and brand development. His fairly minimalistic style is depicted here by his choices which are black and white in color.

Ed Nacional

Ed Nacional is a freelance designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. As you see, Ed is a fan of trade marks and symbols. He also uses the stylish field notes notebook and only takes a few things along with him.

Daniel Brokstad

What really strikes a person about this photograph is the arrangement of the stuff Daniel has. As a freelance graphic designer that also works in photography and illustration, the Norwegian has a particular elegant style that’s depicted by his accessories.

Kasia Kurek

Kasia is a Melbourne based freelance graphic designer. She is inspired by various people like Wes Anderson and Saul Bass and loves to experiment with different creative elements. Her playful and creative nature comes alive through her things in this photo.

Calen Knauf

Calen Knauf makes up half of the Knauf and Brown studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The contents of his bag are kind of weird: a pocket camera, notebook, sunglasses, a handy pocket knife and an old cell phone.

Adam Gray

A quick glance at the contents inside the bag and you can tell that Adam Gray is someone who loves the outdoors. The artist from San Francisco has a huge imagination as indicated by his selection. Definitely someone with a wide range of interests.

Polly Stanton

Polly uses photography, videos and sounds to reflect her view of the way human’s experience the world with all its features. In addition to her art, she also works in film and television which is reflected in the items that she carries in her bag.

Thorbjorn Gudnason

Originally from Denmark, Thorbjorn Gudnason is a New York based designer. He has a fondness for creating ideas that combine both Scandanavian simplicity and New York mentality which we can see. The contrast between his passport and the rest of his items which are black in color really highlight his taste.

Levi van Veluw

Levi van Veluw is a Dutchman who has produced varying artworks in a combination of different disciplines. The powertools displayed here showcases just how much he plays around with all sorts of materials.

Thibault Zimmermann

French artist Thimbault Zimmermann is a part of the Zim&Zou brand. Their specialty lies in creating wonderful installations out of phsycial objects although their preferred medium is paper. Thimbault’s vibrant personality comes through below.

Joe Perez

Joe Perez is a creative director and graphic artist based in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of a lot of well-known musicians if you didn’t guess by the guitar and his general style.

Yah-Leng Yu

Yah-Leng Yu has worked with some renowned names in fashion. Currently she is one of the co-founder’s and a creative director at Foreign Policy Design, which is based in Singapore. You can sense the tropical vibe by the garments pictured below and the particular rustic sense of asthetic.

Adriana Barros

Adriana is a founder and award-winning designer of Scene 360’s Illusion. Scene 360 is a magazine featuring art, design, and films. As one would expect, as someone who is in charge, she needs a lot of tools in her bags, be it make up or artistic tools.

Amy Woodside

Amy Woodside is an artist and founder of OKREAL, a site which features stories of everyday women from all over the globe. Her own story unfolds her before our eyes. She comes across as down to earth and someone who appreicates the simple things in life.

Davy Rudolph

As the current Interactive Art Director at Apple, Davy Rudolph is someone who understands what the company is about. His Californian roots are showcased here in the form of the sunglasses and shoes. A fusion of elegance and simplicity.

Share with us what you have in yours in the comments below.

The Very Best of Hand Painting Art [PICS]

The human hand is a work of splendour. It is also a tool that can create other marvellous work as well. Take for instance the art of Hand Painting. Using the hands as part of the final artwork itself, hand painting breathes life into a piece of art through movement, the surface of the skin or the lines on the palm.

In some cases, it makes you look at art from a different angle, especially when it comes to the use of the hand as a canvas. At times it is pronounced, other times the hand disappears into the artwork like an optical illusion. The following are just some of the examples of how talented artists deliver their art with their hands, literally.

Lara Hawker

Lara Hawker is an artist in New Zealand who does a lot of face and hand art – the kind that will make you sit up and pay attention. That’s not surprising since she started since she was 14. Her projects are thematic; if you want to be impressed, look at what she did for Halloween last year. You can follow her on Facebook or find out more from her Tumblr blog.

Image source Carolina Canada

Guido Daniele

Since 2000, Guido Daniele has embarked on creating "Handimals" – the art of creating animal paintings on hands. If you have ever come across Handimals on the Internet, chances are, it is linked back to Guido Daniele. He also does plenty of other types of art and exhibitions. You can find more of his masterpieces at his site.

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Image source Guido Daniele

Mario Mariotti

Mario Mariotti may no longer be around but his hand art still prevails to this day. A conceptual artist, he transformed his hands into odd yet fascinating creatures. His book Animani is a showcase of wild fauna and flora pulled together by paint, his hands and a few household items (string, buttons).

Image source Mario Mariotti

Image source Mario Mariotti

Annie Ralli

Annie Ralli was with BBC for a decade as a scenic artist, creating and painting sets and backdrops for scenes in films shot there. Now, she creates body painting (including hands), murals and advertising copies for clients. You can see more of her work from her site.

Image source Annie Ralli

Image source Annie Ralli

Image source Annie Ralli

Svetlana Kolosova

A musician, poet and artist, Svetlana Kolosova likes to paint on her hands but don’t that fool you into thinking that she isn’t creating masterpieces. Each of her painting depicts fairy tales scenes inspired by the works of authors like Hans Christian Anderson. They take between 1 and 3 hours to complete, and she washes them off every day. Find more of her work here, courtesy of Rex Features.

Image source

Image source

Image source

Image source

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Kenu Highline iPhone Case

Whether you’re dangling off a glacier, ice axe in hand; knee-deep in a river while fishing; riding the chairlift; chances are you’ll want to snap a few photos. You’ll also want to keep your phone from plummeting into an abyss, a body of water or……

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Cool Hunting

30 Cool Dads That Did Parenting Right [PICS]

When it comes to parenting, jokes and folklore say that the person who faints in the labor room, pukes while changing a baby’s diaper, and shies away from the birds and the bees talk is, the dad. "Go ask your mom" may have been the standing slogan of last generation’s dads but this generation sees the rise of the cool dads, the dads that took a look at a Dummy’s Guide To Parenting book, closed it and said, "Shove it, I’m going to be a dad my way."

There are plenty of viral videos and stories online that have captured that notion so beautifully, giving many dads out there a second chance at redeeming themselves (and perhaps be rid of those terribly biased parenting jokes, forever).

While we’re not sure which of the following dads deserve the Father of the Year award for 2014 (can’t they ALL win?), it’s not too much to say that they all deserve to be the apple of their kids’ eyes.

The Dad Who takes His Kid drifting

Toxa Avdeyev from Kazakhstan took his 4-year-old son, Timofey for a spin on a closed racing track, and of course filmed his kid’s face. There is nothing but pure joy and excitement in young Timofey’s face while his dad sped away. In fact he liked it so much that Toxa lamented that his son demanded, "Once again."


Toxa did deliver, a year later and again he has the video to prove it. My, my how quickly do children grow.


The Dad Who CGIs His Kid’s Home Videos

Like any doting father, Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto likes taking videos of his son, James. Unlike any other father however, Daniel gives his videos of James the magical touch, turning home videos into stunning action movies, like having a working lightsaber, playng the game "the floor is lava" and speeding through a collapsing bridge (Watch out, James!). For more adventures of the Action Movie Kid, click here.




The Dad Who Sings

Damn you, tear glands! This one made headlines that you would definitely have come across. After a complication during a C-section, Chris Picco’s wife Ashley passed away, leaving premature son, Lennon to Chris’ care. Before the incident struck, Ashley had told Chris of how Lennon loved listening to music while in the womb, so the father did what any father could, sing to Lennon in his incubator. Unfortunately, Lennon, 4 days old, joined his mother shortly, but you don’t have to be a father yourself to know how much was lost.

(Image source: Ashley Picco Memorial Fund)


The Dad Who Raps

Anyone remember Derek Clerk rapping with his boys while driving last year? Since then, other dads began to drop sick beats as an opportunity to bond with their children. Like this father-daughter duo lip syncing along to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy.


And this dad who decided to shorten story time by rapping out Harry Potter to his son. The little guy is having none of it though.


But all those dads probably got nothing on Ricky Weems and his girl, Kayliyah. Watch them kickin’ it together as they bring their A game here.


The Dads Who Did The Twist

Dads love to dance, as this Tumblr shows, especially with their daughters. It’s what happens when mothers leave the kid to their fathers at home. They do the Shake (it off)…


… and sometimes choreograph their own routine (Dad’s keeping up pretty well).


Some dads like it so much, they do it when they get home from work every day!


But not everyone can get up on stage like Mike Carey here. In his daughter’s beauty pagent, he got up on stage, picked up his daughter McKenzie, who suffers from mobility problems from mitochondrial disease, and waltzes with her to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ "The Climb". You Sir, are doing parenting right.

The Dads Who Make Music

Of course, a father’s musical talents don’t just stop at song and dance. They can play instruments too. But making music is always more fun when you do it with your kids, again, when mom is not home.


Sometimes, when you don’t have instruments, you have to improvise, like this dad who turns his son into his personal drum set.


The Dad Who Made It Snow

Eric McGehearty lives in Dallas, Texas where the annual snowfall is a measly 1.3 inches so when a sudden snowstorm hits, a father has to do what a father’s got to do: take the kids sledding! Eric strings 3 laundry baskets together, has his 3 sons sit in them, and tows them down the snow-covered pavement. Just hear them scream in delight!



The Dad Who Loves Halloween (& His Kid)

Being a mere 6 months old, baby Geraint is much too young and small to go trick-and-treating. Ryan didn’t want his son to miss out on the celebrations though so he thought up a costume that would allow Geraint to go out trick-or-treating, in style. Lo behold, the Sunder mech costume Ryan built for his son. Check out the video to see it in action.

(Image source: Imgur)

(Image source: Imgur)


There are plenty of other dads who like to build cool things for their kid, like the dad who constructed a roller coaster in the backyard for his kid.


Or the dad who made a spaceship simulator in his son’s bedroom.


And here’s one who built the ultimate treehouse.

(Image source: Daily News)

The Dads Who Don’t Mind Dressing Up

Mark Wilson’s son has cancer and the doctors gave him only one more year to live. So for his son’s 5th birthday party, he dressed up as none other than Spiderman, Jayden’s favorite superhero and swung by to wish him a happy birthday. As you can tell from Jayden’s face, it was totally worth it.


(Image source: Hope For Jayden)

Other dads play dress up in different forms, like the one who came home from the war in time for his son’s birthday and came in dressed up as Captain America.


This dad helped his 5 daughters release their inner Elsa (and his too). Awww!

(Image source: Cosmopolitan)

This dad gets mad props for dressing up as "Princess Leia" to accompany his daughter, "Han Solo" for Halloween.

(Image source: The Huffington Post)

The Dad Who Cooks For His Kids

When your dad is a professional illustrator, he might turn your food into works of art, which is what Nathan Shields does… with pancakes! Talk about delicious designs.

(Image source: Saipancakes)

(Image source: Saipancakes)

Other cool dads like this one make lunches for their kid, then doodles on the sandwich bags.

(Image source: David Laferriere)

And there is no stopping this dad who turned food into cartoon characters to get his kids to eat their veggies.

(Image source: Funky Lunch)

This is one lunchbox made with love.

(Image source: Lunchbox Dad)

The Rest Of The Cool dad Gang

Some dads are not good with making food or building costumes, or even dancing but every dad has their own way of showing their kid how much they love them. There’s:

… this dad who embarrassed – sorry, waved goodbye to his son as he boards the school bus, in various costumes for 170 days. Because nothing says "I love you" more than embarrassing your kid by giving him a memorable send-off.

(Image source: The Blaze)

… and the dad who wore skirts and dresses with his 5-year-old son in public because his son prefers them. Way to show solidarity for your son and his choices, sir.


(Image source and story: The Daily Beast)

… and this dad who wrote 826 lunch notes for his 14-year-old daughter to last her till high school, in case he doesn’t (from kidney cancer).


(Image source and story: LA Times)

… and the dad who hacked Donkey Kong for his 30-year-old daughter, so she could play as the damsel-in-distress, Pauline — only this time, Pauline gets to save Mario instead.

(Image source and story: Mashable)

… and this is the dad who spent 13 years making and personalizing this graduation present for his daughter. Ever since she graduated kindergarten, her father had reached out to her teachers, coaches and principals to pen something about her in her most favorite book in the world, Dr Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go. He finally handed it to her on her high school graduation day.

(Image source and story: Imgur)

You know what would be a good idea, right about now? Giving dad a call.

20 Things Organized In Neat And Creative Manner [PICS]

There’s a hashtag on Instagram called #ThingsOrganizedNeatly. Under the hashtag, you’ll find a plethora of images that users took of things arranged neatly, almost obssessive compulsively even.


If you hadn’t known about the hashtag, you might have come across a Tumblr blog that collects all these pictures. Chances are if that’s not the case then you may have seen the photos circulating the World Wide Web. But if you’ve somehow just never came across any of the images, you’ll now get to see these 20 pictures showcasing various things organized neatly.

Medieval armour. Who needs a proper museum type display when you do this? Definitely more interesting. (Image source: The Telegraph)


Bottle caps. A simple yet creative way to keep tabs on all the bottle caps. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Tomatoes. Photographer Emily Blincoe arranges them beautifully by gradient. (Image source: Emily Blincoe)


Cereal. Some people have too much time on their hands. Or maybe they’re just a bit loopy. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


After beachcombing. Trash has never looked so fascinating (or colorful). (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Flowers. Ursus Wehrli likes to take things apart and rearrange them like this bouquet of flowers. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Burger. Or more accurately, a deconstructed burger arranged in a grid by Pete Forester. (Image source: Pete Forester)


Toys. This is too cute to not include in this list. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Clothes. Phil Cohen knows how to keep things classy and stylish with his arrangement. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Tools of trade. Architect Patrick Bradley knows that he’s a valuable tool as well. (Image source: Patrick Bradley)


Eggs. Photographer Sam Kaplan decided to change things up in this arrangement. (Image source: Sam Kaplan)


Camera. It’s interesting to see the various parts of an old vintage camera laid out neatly. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Classic video games. Consoles and cartridges for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. (Image source: Jim Golden)


Pastels. Okay, so they are not supremely organized but close enough. And still pretty. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Chillies. This massive collection showcases Tabasco chilli peppers from Dan Bigelow’s garden. (Image source: Dan Bigelow)


Things to take for a vacation. Or a day out at the beach. I like that it’s color coordinated. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Rocks. Emily Blincoe features her aunt with her rock collection arranged around her. (Image source: Emily Blincoe)


Art supplies. What would I give to have all these art supplies that Olivia Serrill photographed. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Band. Brazilian rock band Johnny Flirt were photographed with their instruments and equipment. (Image source: Matheus Pena)


Display wall. This exhibition wall resides in the Museum für Naturekunde in Berlin, Germany. (Image source: Museum für Naturekunde)


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20 Beautiful Lake Houses You Would Love To Own [PICS]

A house reflects a lot of things about you. Floating homes are great examples of houses that are not only able to combine form and functionality but in most cases, they consider the surrounding environment as well and how to fully use it. Of course, there’s also just something soothing about being surrounded by water. It gives one a sense of serenity.

We’ve put together a collection of 20 gorgeous examples of these structures for you to gaze upon. From simple and rustic to unique egg shaped spaces, these houses are more than just a space, they’re an indicator of one’s lifestyle.

Muskoka Boathouse. Located in Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada, this house takes a rustic material like wood and uses it a modern and contemporary way. It comes with all the facilities you would expect like a bedroom, bathroom and living space but also comes with a stunning roof terrace.

muskoka boathouse

Lake Union Floating Home. This floating home at Lake Union, Seattle, makes full use of its location. Not only does it provide stunning panoramic views, the house is designed in such a way that it allows for maximum functionality.

lake union floating home

Lake Rotsee Refuge. If you think that this lakehouse looks like a piece of art, you’re right as it is a combination of a sculpture and a functional building. This three storey high building is located in Rotsee, Lucerne.

lake rotsee refuge

Lake House. This lakehouse concept by Djordje Stevanovic from Serbia is beautiful not only for the details involved in the exterior but also for its simplicity. The unique combination of materials makes this lake house sophisticated yet comfortable.

lake house behance

Lake House by Hutchison & Maul Architecture. Located on Lake Washington, this lakeside guest house wonderfully incorporates elements of nature into its design. The materials such as copper and timber lends an industrial feel to this contemporary design.

lake house hutchison and maul

Hardanger Retreat. This retreat is a simple 15 sq meter room made of glass and wood. Designed by two young Norwegian architects, it is a sustainable getaway that allows one to reconnect with nature once again.

hardanger retreat

Croft Residence. This lake house located on the south coast of Victoria, Australia is uniquely crescent-shape. Looking as if it emerged from the land itself, it offers panaromic views of the surrounding rural landscape.

croft residence

Haus Am See. This dream home in Carinthia, Austria is surrounded by a maze of greenery. Designed by Spado Architects, this contemporary piece offers guests a look at the picturesque lake below.

haus am see

Glass Cube House. The glass house sits on the water’s edge at Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. This completely modern design brings the house to life by letting nature do the necessary work.

glass cube house

Floating House. MOS architects designed this floating home on Lake Huron. Steel pontoons may keep this house afloat but it is the minimal design of exterior of the house that grabs your attention.

floating house

Lake Joseph Boathouse. Situated on Lake Joseph, this house is a great place to get away from your troubles and gain some peace and quiet. The colors and design of the house makes it a comfortable setting.

lake joseph boathouse

House on Lake Okoboji. In West Lake Okoboji, Iowa, this house not only looks lovely but also acts as a 3D set of blinders. Privacy from surrounding neighbours and easy accessibility to the surroundings make this an ideal set up.

house on lake okoboji

Boat House at Millstatter Lake. Built where the soil and water intersect, this house embodies the character of both elements. Its modern design is complemented by the surrounding natural landscape and detail.

boats house millstatter lake

Cliff House. This $ 43 million multi-level lake house in Lake Tahoe took 4 years to be constructed. With 5 floors, 6 level glass stairwell and a glass elevator, this gigantic glass house is truly a sight to behold.

the lake house

Lakeside Studio. Located in California, this house effortlessly combines a flexible living space, art studio and gallery. With the natural landscape for inspiration, residents are given the freedom and comfort of exploring as they wish.

lakeside studio

Aqua Float Home. Inspired by sailboats, the house is made of glass and steel by German architects Steeltec37. This nautical home comes with a rooftop deck and various spaces for guests to wander through.

aqua floathome

Glass House. Located at Round Top, Texas, this three storey cube is on sale for $ 5.3 million. This lavish one bedroom retreat comes with multiple rooms for storing vehicles and entertaining among other things.

glass house floating on a lake

Exbury Egg. This unique looking egg located on River Beaulieu is an energy efficient and self-sustaining work space. Its shape means that it is affected by the weather around it.

exbury egg

Floating House by Dymitr Malcew. This gorgeous floating house is designed with the concept of freedom and nature in mind. The open glass and use of natural light allows one to seamlessly connect with their surroundings.

Floating House by Dymitr Malcew

Crown House. A lake house that indeed looks like a crown, this beautiful concept blends well with its surrounding environment. It is a prime example of a lakehouse with a bit of a modern twist.

Crown House

Lifelike Origami Artwork In The Wild [PICS]

We have previously featured a collection of splendid artwork by Won Park, a brilliant origami artist who specializes in turning dollar bills into lifelike creations. This time around, we have found an origami artist that goes by the username of FoldedWilderness who likes to make lifelike origami animals and photograph them in their natural surroundings.

lively origami animal
(Image Source: FoldedWilderness)

In this post, we have selected 12 origami animals to showcase what FoldedWilderness can do. Even without the facial details, the creator can depend solely on the color of the paper and the mere shape of his or her origami skills to create some pretty awesome paper-folding masterpieces.

A Donkey’s Journey. Folded from a single sheet of paper, this donkey is ready to take the first step in its journey – well, it would if it could move.

a donkey's journey

Autumn Blue Jay. The secret to producing all the gorgeous colors on these origami animals is that the artist painted them with acrylics beforehand.

autumn blue jay

Flower Child Fox. Foxes are usually way larger but come on, look at that? What can you complain about?

flower child fox

Jack Russel Terrier. A dramatic result of precise origami combined with professional photography skills.

jack russel terrier

A Landscape More Beautiful. The majestic stallion watches over the forest.

a landscape more beautiful

Playing the Fox. Good things come in pairs, they say. That’s definitely true when it comes to origami animals.

playing the fox

Singing Cardinal. A lot of skill and effort has been put in to produce this prodigious piece.

singing cardinal

Spring Arisen. An origami rabbit blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

spring arisen

The Howling Wolf. They say good photos would leave an impression on you, but the best photos would tell you stories. This definitely belongs to the latter.

the howling wolf

‘Tis the Season! Yes, even origami animals enjoy the season of giving!

tis the season

Where the Antelope Play. Believe it or not, this is the first origami animal that FoldedWilderness ever made using hand-painted paper.

where the entelope play

A Wild Chocobo Appears. This one is for all the fans of Final Fantasy’s Chocobo!

a wild chocobo appears

15 Examples Of Obssessively Organized Photography [PICS]

Most people have their own preference when it comes to organizing things they own, but if you spend too much time and feel particularly happy doing it, is it because you are obsessed with organization? Today, we are showcasing 15 photos that showcase an obsession with organizing items from food to tools among others.

ocdness photo
(Image Source: David Sievers Photography)

They are categorized into 3 "levels of difficulty" because we like to organize stuff too. Anyways, do you like things organized like what you see below or do you prefer to let the subject of your photography come naturally? Tell us in the comments.


Breakfast. Now this breakfast is so organized, you can even count each piece of food before you take a bite. (Image Source: Ethan Herrington)


Meal. A yummy arrangement of the delicious kind. (Image Source: David Sievers Photography)


Supermarket. That is one highly organized food stacker this supermarket has. (Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)


Pencase. Tools of the trade, question is, what trade is the owner in? (Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)


A Man And His Tools. This is what a serious photographer works with. (Image Source: Urban Influence)

a man and his tools


Poppin Supply Closet. Should have known that color-coded stationery is a sight to behold.(Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)

poppin supply closet

Pasta. Mama mia! That’s a lotta pasta! (Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)


Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut. A crunchy collection but organized nonetheless. (Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)

crunchy chocolate hazelnut

No.2 Ticonderoga Pencil. Be glad you don’t have to separate your pencil shavings like this before you throw them out. (Image Source: Life Deconstructed)

no.2 ticonderoga pencil


90 Shades of Toast. 90 pieces of toast isn’t the kicker. The kicker is the fact that you can organize them by how burnt they are. Salute to the makers! (Image Source: Things Organized Neatly)

90 shades of toast

Kung Fu Show. This is what it looks like when 10,000 students attend one kung fu class. It was to mark China’s annual Cultural Heritage Day, and this is just mind-blowing. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

kung fu show

Torpedo Typewriter. It was a torpedo typewriter, but now it is some fine art. (Image Source: TINNEDDESIRES)

torpedo typewriter

VHS Tapes. A total of 375 VHS tapes were disassembled to form a sculpture that fills the corner of Midtown Atlanta’s Viewpoint building. Amazing! (Image Source: Voyeur Designs)

375 vhs tapes

Volkswagen Golf Mk2. You know how we like to check out gadgets disassembled? Well, this one is a whole car disassembled! (Image Source: Hans Hansen)

volkswagen golf mk2

Raccorama. Nothing much to see here? Think about how the artist did it. (Image Source: Pascal Broccolichi)


50 Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Tree Decorations [PICS]

Christmas is but a few days away! And everyone is getting prepared for celebrate this event by blessing, passing gifts, sending wishes to warm-up the feeling of holidays. It is the time of year when your loved ones come together to celebrate the event and exchange Christmas gifts and good wishes with each other.

50 Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Tree Decorations [PICS]

It’s never too late to hang your stockings, keep milk and cookies and wait for Santa to drop in at your home with lots of gifts and Christmas cheer. If you’re heading out to get the ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree then why not try something different and spruce up your Christmas tree with some spicy and unique ornaments, we’re here to help. Designers usually like to add a little personality into the mix.

Below We’ve compiled a list of somewhat different, out of the ordinary, simply geeky and mostly nerdy Christmas ornaments to help you with some ideas. So this Christmas, try and let your geeky sensibilities shine with following ornaments that celebrate nerd culture.

Geeky and Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

Periodic Table Nerdy Chemistry Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


LEGO (R) Christmas Ball Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Despicable Me 2 Evil Minion Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Old School Gadget ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


White Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Breaking Bad Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Cthulhu Holiday Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Computer Keyboard Key Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Power Ideology Christmas Tree Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


221B Baker Street Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Snowbot Simon Robot Jet-Pack Wearing Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Death Star ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Kickass Hitgirl Painted Holiday Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Mining Ore-naments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Wreath Circuit Board Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Neuron Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


“Star Wars” Holiday Ornament Set

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


DIY Death Star Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Google Twitter pinterest Facebook Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Darth Vader Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Robot Angel RED REX Rustic Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Avengers Super Hero Holiday Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Classic Video Game Controller Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Piranha Plant Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Lantern Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Social ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Mustache Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Nerd Scrabble Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Millennium Falcon Star Wars Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Steampunk Miniature Nutcracker Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


R2D2 Our 1st Christmas figure Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


TIE Fighter ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


All Terrain Scout Transprt – Star Wars Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Math Geek Upcycled Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


8 Bit Pixel Art Christmas Baubles

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Science Christmas Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


The 39 Thorn Ultimate Disintegrator Retro Ray Gun Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Pi Christmas Tree Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments



Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Firefly Serenity Mirrored Christmas Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Harry Potter Figurine / Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Nerd PARKER Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Hand paint Jack Skellington Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Ho, Ho, Ho, Soldered Glass Periodic Table ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Baby Carlos Ornament

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments


Grenade Decoration

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Find Something Missing?

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that we missed some other geeky and nerdy Christmas decorations. Feel free to share it with us.

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Clever & Funny Puns Art By Nabhan Abdullatif [PICS]

Nabhan Abdullatif possesses the ability to draw people towards his artwork, because he has the best puns on Earth and best of all, he carries out his puns with his illustrations. In this post, we will feature 12 of his illustrated puns that will put a smile on your face.

design with pun
(Image Source: Nabhan Abdullatif)

Name your favorite or your own version in the comments section below!

A Cup of Tea. Sir, this is the cup of tea you ordered. This tea is our special-Tea.

a cup of tea

Chocolate. Oh Choco, you so late! Again!


Ice Skating. Want to go skating with ice?

ice skating

Jam Session. Just strawberry, orange and lemon jamming (ah-ha!)

jam session

Joystick. Such a joyful…. er… stick.


Just In Case. Just in case you don’t know, this is "just in case"… now how should I explain this?

just in case

Mood Swings. Oops, looks like someone’s mood is in full swing today.

mood swings

Smartphone. They’re called smartphones for a reason, you know.


Sweet Dreams. A sweet has sweet dreams about some sweets? Well that’s sweet.

sweet dreams

Take Off. If that plane doesn’t take off soon, it’s going to take off too much!

take off

Under The Sea. Oh, wow. The little mermaid deserves better than this.

under the sea

You Can Count On Me. For really complicated math problems, you know who to call.

you can count on me

Wanted to have more pun-tastic fun in your head? Just head over to Nathan’s DeviantArt gallery for more!