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Boyhood wins best dramatic picture at the Golden Globes

Boyhood has won the Golden Globe for best dramatic motion picture of the year at tonight’s awards ceremony in Beverly Hills. The movie’s director, Richard Linklater, also scooped the Golden Globe for best director for his work on the movie, which stars Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as the parents of a young boy and follows his growth from six-year-old to college freshman. Linklater filmed the movie across a 12-year period starting in 2002, eschewing CGI effects to age his actors, preferring instead to wait for star Ellar Coltrane to grow up naturally.

Boyhood beat out competition from Foxcatcher, Selma, The Imitation Game, and Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything for the award. Earlier in the night, The Grand Budapest…

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LG bets on webOS and a quantum-dot picture to help its new 4K TVs stand out

Last year, the most notable thing about LG’s TVs was the software running on them: webOS. LG had just picked up the corpse of the former mobile operating system and repurposed it for the living room. The resulting user interface was a step above what other TV manufacturers had on offer at CES 2014. It was refreshing and fast, with clear traces of the software that many former Palm users still miss today. As for the TVs themselves, they were okay — but didn’t do much to stand out from a crowded field including Sony, Samsung, and Vizio. Now LG’s back with a 2015 lineup that’s all about 4K and, if you believe the company, improvements to picture quality.

Prepare for another 4K TV rush

LG has already rolled out a few 4K TV models this year…

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The internet fixes Barbie’s ‘I Can Be a Computer Engineer’ picture book

I Can Be a Computer Engineer, you could have been so right. You could have stoked the flames of technologically minded ambition in starry-eyed little girls, helped nurse entire generations of bad-ass hacker dames. Instead, you became a nest of twee images and sexist drivel. If you had shins, I’d kick them.

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Art battles abound in the Bigger Picture

Read more about Art battles abound in the Bigger Picture at

Artist SiMitchell is one of the four artists that’ll be battling next week London’s first live drawing battle Bigger Picture commences on Thursday 6 November at Shoreditch club Cargo.

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Google is collecting medical data to paint a picture of perfect human health

Google has started to collect medical data from volunteers as part of an ambitious project designed to build a database of records that show what a healthy human being should be. The project, developed by Google’s experimental Google X wing and called Baseline Study, sees the company first harvesting anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people. According to The Wall Street Journal, Baseline Study will soon draw information from thousands more in a bid to create a picture of a person in perfect health.

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How To Use Picture Element To Achieve Responsive Image

Responsive Design may be here to stay but there are many issues that need to be addressed when it comes to making images responsive. Although responsive images automatically resize itself upon the viewport size (which is technically easy), one problem users face is that the image vocal point will become barely visible when the image becomes too small.

The ideal consensus among web developers is that the actual dimension should be responsive too. The browser should be able to load smaller or larger images in accordance to the viewport size. That way we can direct and deliver the best image proportion rather than the shrunken image (as shown).

This is where the HTML5 picture element comes in. The picture allows us to provide multiple image sources and control the delivery through Media Queries. Though there isn’t any browser that implement this element yet, we can use a polyfill called Picturefill to do this. Let’s see how it’s done, shall we?

Getting Started

Picturefill is a JavaScript library developed by Filament Group. It allows us to use the picture element now. To get started, download the script in the Github repository and put the picturefill.js or picturefill.min.js. Picurefill is a standalone JavaScript library which does not require any other library to work. You can simply add it in the head tag.

 <script src="js/picturefill.js"></script> 

The Image

I have prepared an image in three different dimensions, as follows. The image has been cropped to preserve focus on the person in the image. The plan here is that we will show the smallest size in small screens and the larger image in large screens.

Using Picture Element

Picturefill can work in two ways: we can embed srcset in the img tag or use the picture element. Here we will opt for the picture element as it is more manageable, easier to undestand, and more readable.

Similar to video and audio elements, picture wraps mulitple source elements pointing to the image source, as follows.

 <picture> <source srcset="img/person-xsmall.jpg" media="(max-width: 480px)"> <source srcset="img/person-small.jpg" media="(max-width: 640px)"> <source srcset="img/person-med.jpg"> <img srcset="img/person-med.jpg" alt=""> </picture> 

The source element, as you can see from the above code snippet, is set with media attribute. In this attribute we specify the viewport breakpoint on which the image should be presented. You can see the effect immediately.

Check out our demo page, and resize the viewport size, you should find the image shown within the specified viewport width.

Picturefill for WordPress

If you are using WordPress, you can use a plugin called Picturefill.WP which allows you to implement the picture element in WordPress, without the hassle. Simply upload and embed your image as usual, and this plugin will take care of the rest.

Final Thought

The picture element is a great addition in HTML5. We have more control over the image size and dimension that the browser should present. And with picturefill we can use this new element right now even though no browsers have implemented it yet. Picturefill works in a wide range of browsers including in IE (albeit with a few caveats).

Lastly, see the demo and download the source code below.

Xiong Liang: The writer and illustrator channels the spirit of traditional Chinese watercolors into picture books for children

Xiong Liang

Xiong Liang is an illustrator from China’s Zhejiang province (south of Shanghai) and is now one of the most established picture book artists of the capital. Yet he never really…

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’12 Years a Slave’ named best picture, ‘Gravity’ wins seven Oscars including best director

Gravity won big tonight at the Oscars, as Alfonso Cuarón’s space drama took home seven awards including best director — but it was 12 Years a Slave that won the highest honor of the evening. Going into the Oscars, the two films that seemed to be in the strongest position were Gravity and Steve McQueen’s drama, with 10 and nine nominations each, respectively. But the Matthew McConaughey drama Dallas Buyers Club was the film that got off to the quick start, with Jared Leto taking home the award for best supporting actor while the film also snagged best make-up.

Gravity first made a statement in the technical categories, picking up awards for best visual effects, best sound editing, and best sound mixing. The roll continued as Gravity…

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Interview: Ruben Nusz: Examining color, dimension and the bigger picture with the Minneapolis-based artist’s new show

Interview: Ruben Nusz

by Mason Riddle “Severed Hues”—currently on view at Minneappolis’ Weinstein Gallery—has prompted a lot of people to reconsider color, abstraction and illusionistic space. To create his modestly scaled paintings, …

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Picture Cook: A whimsical, illustration-only cookbook aims to remove the intimidation of cooking for novice chefs

Picture Cook

Today’s standard format for cookbooks is a recipe for ultimate intimidation: a mathematical formula accompanied by beautiful, close-up photographs of the prepared meal taken on a DSLR camera. With such detailed requirements and high expectations, novice cooks might bemoan their shameful results and…

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