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Pinterest is reportedly adding a ‘buy’ button

Pinterest is planning to introduce a “buy” button that would let users purchase some items from inside the online scrapbooking service, Recode reports. The button will apparently allow users to order and pay for goods pinned to Pinterest boards without leaving the company’s app or website, a feature that could turn Pinterest into an online shopping powerhouse. Recode’s sources say the feature could launch in three to six months, but also noted that it may take a little longer, or roll out first in a limited trial.

Transactions would reportedly be handled by payments company Stripe, a San Francisco-based startup that has similar deals in place with both Twitter and Facebook. Both social networking giants beat Pinterest to the punch —…

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Pinterest Marketing Tips. Key Takeaways from Successful Social Media Campaigns

Using Pinterest for business marketing is the right way of building brand awareness. Grow client base with 15 great Pinterest marketing tips.

The best 10 typography boards on Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks where users can organize and share images around the web. With so much of fantastic imagery collections, Pinterest can actually be a source of inspiration for many designers. Today we are introducing you 10 such typography boards on Pinterest which is very appealing and best to […]

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Pinterest brings rounded corners back in style

“The Pinterest app has a sleek new look and feel, and is faster than ever,” according to the release notes for Pinterest 4.0 on iOS. What it should say is “The Pinterest app now has rounded corners like Mac OS X did before 2007,” or “The Pinterest app now makes your iPhone look like it’s running webOS.”

While the Android version has been similarly rounded for a while, the effect isn’t as pronounced on that platform because of the ever-present status bar at the top. On iOS, the clipped corners make it look as if the screen itself is round, harkening back to the days of CRT monitors.

Well-timed update to match the smooth, rounded iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Ill-advised design decision that plunges Pinterest back into the mid-00’s? You be the…

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12 Tips for Designers Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic and Exposure to Your Website

There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get involved, gain exposure for your work, and even send traffic back to your website or blog. Probably the most difficult part is…

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How to Implement Rich Social Snippets for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)…

Social media are important for every business. Here you will find how to optimize your sharable content and increase your number of followers with social snippets.

10 Handy Pinterest Tools For Business

Social media management tools are heaven-sent, especially when you are managing multiple social media accounts and platforms. The same goes for Pinterest. If you are using Pinterest for your business, you not only have to deal with posting to the image-based site but also juggle cross-posting to other social media, engaging with followers, and tracking your posts to name among other things.


But with the help of Pinterest tools, these tasks can be simplified. In fact, there are specific tools that cater for specific functions such as those that help you generate content or even track how many times people pin from your website. To that end, we have gathered here 10 tools to help you get started on making the most of Pinterest for your business.

LoveList App

This iOS app makes it easier to post your products on Pinterest. All you have to do is scan your product’s barcode with the app and it allows you to pin a picture of it on Pinterest. You can even use it to create a wishlist dedicated board for your followers.



Want an easy way of coming up with content for your Pinterest? Pinstamatic is the answer. Besides photos, you can also generate screenshots, audio, quotes, announcements, and maps into pins. Click on the top icons at Pinstamatic site to choose the content that you want to generate.



Previously known as Pinfluencer, Piqora provides analytics for both your website and Pinterest. It not only tracks your pins and board’s reach, Piqora also helps manage promotions and contests on Pinterest. Additionally, Piqora will track your Instagram and Tumblr as well, especially when you cross post your content on those platforms.



ViralTag not only offers analysis and the easy scheduling of pins. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and analysis from other platforms. As it partners with HootSuite, ViralTag even lets its Pro users schedule pins from the HootSuite dashboard.



Pinvolve makes cross posting across various social media a breeze. It primarily post your pins onto your Facebook page and lets you share content from Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram content from your Facebook page.


Pinterest’s Goodies

Pinterest calls them Goodies. Actually, they are the Pinterest apps for both iOS and Android. Which are helpful when you are pinning on the go. Included among its Goodies is the Pin It bookmarklet, which lets you pin things you see around the web just by clicking it.



This handy website takes a screenshot of a website when you enter the URL at its home page. Snapito renders the screenshot into a full-sized PNG file but you can choose to save your image in GIF or JPEG. It even has bookmarklet that will pin the screenshot you’ve taken to your Pinterest.


Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest has its own tools too. Although they are very basic, they are still useful. There’s a total of 5 widgets you can download for your site. Access them all from this link.

  • Pin It Button allows people to pin stuff from your website.
  • Follow Button invites people to follow you on Pinterest from your domain.
  • Pin Widget lets you embed the pin of your choice on your website.
  • Profile Widget displays 30 of your latest pins on your site.
  • Board Widget displays 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.



ViralWoot, previously known as Pinwoot, helps you gain more followers for your Pinterest. It does this by referring your account to users in exchange for "Seeds". "Seeds" are sort of like ViralWoot’s currency which you can earn by following and repinning others. You then give out "Seeds" to followers for repinning a certain content from you.



PinAlerts is an interesting tool that tells you if someone has pinned something from your website and who that someone is. The service informs you of this through email as Pinterest only tells you what others have repinned from your account. This can help in engaging with other pinners as you get to thank them personally and follow them.


Did we miss out on any tools? Let us know in the comments below.

12 Tips for Designers Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic and Exposure to Your Website

There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get involved, gain exposure for your work, and even send traffic back to your website or blog. Probably the most difficult part is…

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5 ways Pinterest can help you as a designer

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