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Apple iPhone 5S ad uses the Pixies to promote a new tagline: ‘you’re more powerful than you think’

An Apple advertisement airing on major networks tonight uses an alternative-rock classic to promote a new tagline for the iPhone 5S. A crowdsourced version of the Pixies’ “Gigantic” plays in the ad, which unveils a new tagline: “You’re more powerful than you think.” The ad itself shows off the iPhone’s content creation features — music is a major part of the commercial, but gaming, photography, videography, and even a language translation app are also highlighted. You can watch the commercial below.

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ListenUp: The Weeknd preview, Pixies’ surprise EP, the “Rappin Duke” and more in the songs we tweeted this week


Pixies: Indie Cindy Perhaps a nod to the years during their reign, the video for Pixies’ “Indie Cindy”—a preview track from their surprising forthcoming EP—is bound by a VHS aesthetic. While the legendary Boston-based band is…

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