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Panasonic will stop selling plasma TVs by March 2014, says Reuters

Panasonic may have developed its final plasma TV panel, but the company said it planned to continue sales into 2014 at least, noting its “responsibility” to customers. The reality may be towards the shorter end of that timeframe, however, as Reuters reports that Panasonic will exit the plasma market in its current financial year — which ends in March 2014.

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Replica of ‘Dead Space’ Plasma Cutter wreaks havoc with laser beams


Laser aficionado Patrick Priebe has created a scarily realistic working replica of the Plasma Cutter featured in the game Dead Space. According to Gizmag, Priebe spent about 200 hours building the weapon, which shoots a total of five laser beams — three green lasers for aiming, and two blue, 1,500 milliwatt beams for burning. As demonstrated in the video below, the weapon can shift between horizontal and vertical orientations, and even ejects energy packs after every round. It doesn’t seem capable of inflicting too much damage, though it can certainly slice through wood or plastic.

Priebe hasn’t released any instructions on how to build your own Plasma Cutter, but he is accepting orders through his website.

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Interview: Aiko Telgen: We talk to the designer about his glowing plasma Ion Two lamp at Milan Design Week

Interview: Aiko Telgen

Almost completely hidden in a small, dark booth inside Zona Tortona’s Temporary Museum of New Design, German designer Aiko Telgen presented Ion Lamps, one of our favorite finds at…

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Panasonic has developed its ‘last plasma panel,’ but television sales to continue for now


Panasonic’s latest television, the ZT60, is the best plasma the company has ever made. It will also be the last plasma panel to come out of the company’s research and development department, which means Panasonic will never make a higher-quality plasma television.

Rumors that Panasonic would end plasma research and development first surfaced in December, and a report from Nikkei last month said the company had closed down R&D with plans to pull out of plasma altogether as early as 2014. Panasonic Display Vice President, Kiyoshi Okamoto, confirmed to The Verge today at an event in New York that development has ceased, and said that the ZT60 uses “the last plasma panel” from research and development. Okamoto was quick to note, however,…

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