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New Ink and Tea Portraits by Carne Griffiths (+ Process Shots)

EPSON scanner imageThese new ink and tea portraits are by Carne Griffiths, the collection was on show at the London Art Fair 2015 and are currently on show at Inkd Gallery. He creates his works using fountain pens and various blends of tea and alcohol on watercolor paper. If you want to see some older works by Carne check out his Beautiful Female Portraits Painted with …
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Artist Draws Negative Portraits that look Amazing when Inverted!

inverted portraitImgur user Chetmayor submitted this collection of images that show the incredible talent of his friend from college (unfortunately yet to be named). His friend sketches negative portraits that look amazing when you digitally invert them. You would assume that before starting anything, the artist would invert the image and simply copy draw. Whilst he has done this in […]
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Human Like Dog Portraits by Ralph Hargarten

dog portraitsThe artist behind these dog portraits is Ralph Hargarten, a professional photographer based in Hamburg, Germany who focuses his work on all different genres of photography, from landscape to portraits. Ralph explains this project as "Most dogs have human names, so why not shoot them like humans. In my pictures I tried to catch different expressions as […]
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Incredibly Detailed Embroidery Portraits by Cayce Zavaglia

embroidery portraitsCayce Zavaglia started her career as a painter but switched to creating these incredibly detailed embroidery portraits 12 years ago. Her works are all hand sewn using cotton, silk thread and crewel embroidery wool. I am truly blown away by the attention to detail in each piece, at a quick glance they look like paintings. Over the years, I […]
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Creating digital portraits with algorithms

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Mike Brondbjerg is creative director at Brondbjerg Design and Development. He explains how he uses Processing.js, algorithmic trickery and some SVG to create amazing digital portraits of American Presidents. 

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Geometric Portraits by Allison Kunath: Re-imagining the human form through geometrical patterns and shapes

Geometric Portraits by Allison Kunath

by Chérmelle D. Edwards Allison Kunath, a Los Angeles-based visual artist and fashion designer, has developed a distinct style over the past few years, creating geometric portraits of people—such as…

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Creepy hairy digital portraits by Can Pekdemir

Turkish artist Can Pekdemir has created a series of truly creepy creatures portraits. The digital artworks, that look like photos of sculptures, look very organic and straight out of a David Lynch movie. Artist’s website:

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Richard Prince: “New Portraits” : The multi-disciplined artist bends the rules of portraiture for his new Instagram-based show at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery

Richard Prince:

by Charlotte Anderson It’s undeniably weird and yet somehow unsurprising to see Richard Prince’s Instagram feed plastered on gallery walls. On view at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery, Prince’s latest exhibit,…

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Mirrored images turned into wise trees portraits


If you are a forest lover like I am, these pictures will probably put a smile on your face. If you are afraid of taking walks in the forest, they will certainly creep you out.

This series is a project by Italian photographer Elido Turco, who creates tree creatures by mirroring images of tree bark. The results are surprising.







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Link About It: This Week’s Picks : Tomas Maier’s desk, posterior portraits and a museum for worthless but sentimental objects in this week’s look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Tuchus Acceptance Last week Vogue caught onto the (not exactly new) butt phenomenon and declared we are currently living in the “official era of the big booty.” Yet between all the Photoshopping, implants and photos of Kim Kardashian’s enviable tuchus, it’s easy…

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