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Kenu Highline iPhone Case: An elastic safety leash and phone case, perfect for snapping pics in precarious places

Kenu Highline iPhone Case

Whether you’re dangling off a glacier, ice axe in hand; knee-deep in a river while fishing; riding the chairlift; chances are you’ll want to snap a few photos. You’ll also want to keep your phone from plummeting into an abyss, a body of water or……

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Cool Hunting

Spacecraft just began precarious 7-hour comet landing

This morning at 4AM Eastern time, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta orbiter jettisoned a washing-machine-sized probe, which began its fall towards the comet Rosetta is monitoring. The 250-pound probe, called Philae, will fall for seven hours; if everything goes to plan, it will land on a patch of the 2.5-mile-long comet.

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