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Penguins love eating fish but probably can’t taste them

You’d think that penguins would love the meaty taste of fish, but it turns out that they may not be able to taste their food much at all. A new genetic study out of the University of Michigan finds that penguins appear to have long ago lost the ability to taste sweet and bitter flavors, as well as the savory, meaty flavor known as umami. Together, sweet, bitter, and umami make up three of the five basic tastes. The other two, sour and salty, may still be present in penguins. The findings are being published today in Current Biology.

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10 Random Facts About Valentine’s Day You Probably Didn’t Know

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and the obligatory exchange of roses, chocolates, dinner and date rituals will begin come mid-February. Meanwhile I get thrown a challenge to write about 10 interesting things I didn’t know about Valentine’s Day.

The bad news is I can’t write about the usual stuff like how Valentine’s day got its name or what the color or number of roses in a bouquet symbolizes. The good news is I get to extend the scope to cover love, February 14th, traditions, weird facts and quirky deviations. Whether you’re 1/2 of a couple or if you’re living up the single life, there’s actually quite a bit about love that most of us don’t know.

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Here are 10 nuggets of info about the Day Of Love you can share with your better half over candlelit dinner.

1. The Phrase "Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve" Came From A Real Event

The saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve" is a common expression used to indicate the feeling of love. We’ve heard this so many times before but do you know its origins? There are plenty of different stories but my favorite is the one that takes places during the Middle Ages.

(Image Source: Fabrics And Frames Furniture)

There was a Roman festival held anually in honor of Juno, the queen of Roman gods and goddesses. Men would draw names to determine who would be their potential sweetheart. These men would then wear the name on his sleeve for the remainder of the festival. This makes it quite similar to being a lady’s champion during a jousting match.

2. Chocolates Is Synonymous With Valentine’s Day Gifts Because Of Cadbury

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. It’s an image that many of us are used to seeing but just where did this tradition come from?

(Image Source: Valentines Images)

Richard Cadbury from the Cadbury chocolates family is responsible for the earliest box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. In 1868, he gave chocolates to his beloved in a heart-shaped box. He apparently also made the boxes more unique by using his own paintings to decorate the box lid.

3. The Longest Marriage on Record Spans 8.5 Decades

If you have come across more breakups and divorces than everlasting love and successful marriages, this might cheer you up. The official world record for the longest marriage for a living couple belongs to Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, who were married for a total of 86 years and 290 days, before Mr. Fisher passed away. Talk about a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

(Image Source: Pozitivnap)

However, there is a couple in the UK who have been married for 88 years, it’s just that the marriage betwen the 108-year-old and his 101-year-old wife wasn’t officially noted. But who’s keeping score?

4. Pets Can Be Your Valentine Too

There are very few things that we can say that we really love in this world. For most of us, pets aren’t just pets, they are family. So, it’s really not surprising to find out that come Valentine’s day 2015, pet owners in the US will be spending $ 703 million on their gifts for their pets.

If you think that is a lot to spend on a pet, it’s only a fraction of what couples will be spending on each other — USD18.9 bilion’s worth — for Valentine’s Day.

5. There Is Such A Thing As A Record-Breaking Kissing Event (And There Is More Than One)

Here’s a little interesting fact: kissing increases a person’s pulse to at least 110 beats per minute (bpm). Well, people in the Philippines came together to get their hearts pumping by locking lips at a particular event called Lovapalooza.

(Image Source: China Daily)

More than 5300 couples came together in a mass kissing record attempt back in 2004. This was to beat the previous Guiness World Record of 4445 couples held by Chile. Unfortunately, this record was beaten by a similar attempt in Hungary where 5,875 couples kissed at the Elisabeth Bridge in Budapest in 2005. Not to be outdone, 6124 couples locked lips in Pasay to reclaim the record back for the Phillipines in 2007.

6. Vengeance From The Jilted Got This Valentine’s Day Custom Banned

In France, there used to be a Valentine’s Day custom called “The Drawing For Love”.

Single people of various age groups would enter into houses that were opposite each other and call out through the windows till they paired up. If a male wasn’t happy with his partner, then he could leave her and pair up with someone else.

The women who were left single would build a large bonfire and conduct ceremonial burning of the pictures of men who left them high and dry — cursing was included. Of course, it’s easy for feelings to spiral out of control (whether good or bad) and when things got out of hand (as expected), the custom was eventually banned by the French government.

7. The Chinese Has An Alternative Valentine’s Day Inspired By Lost Love

It is better to have love and lost than never to have love at all. The Qixi Festival is a celebration of love that is based on the love story between a weaver girl and a cowherd. The weaver girl was actually a celestial being; the cowherd, mere mortal. They fell deeply in love and had two children together before they were forced to part, separated by a river until the end of days.

(Image Source: Wikimedia)

Magpies took pity on the two and form a bridge for them every year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, reuniting the two and their children for a brief but special moment. Today, the festival is also known as the Magpie Festival as well as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It inspired similar celebrations in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

8. South Koreans (Sort Of) Celebrate Romantic Holidays Every Month

In South Korea, the 14th of every month marks a romantic holiday of some sort. That’s 12 presents to prepare. Here’s a quick list of what’s celebrated every month in order: Candle Day, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Black Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Silver Day, Green Day (seriousy), Music Day, Wine Day, Movie Day, and Hug Day.

Black Day, celebrate on April 14th is the one aimed primarily at single folks. Singles will come together and eat Jajangmyeon, a noodle served with a black bean sauce (like this one below).

(Image Source: Wikimedia)

They also dress in black, wear black accessories as well as black nail polish. It isn’t all gloomy though; think of it as an annual support group where people eat and talk about their singlehood… until they pair up and become a couple.

9. Singles Get Their Own Day In China

If you didn’t know, Valentine’s day is also Singles Awareness Day. But we’re going to talk about China’s single’s day instead. Celebrated on Nov 11, Singles Day (aka Bachelors Day) is more famously known for online shopping, than it is for moping around because you don’t have a partner to buy you roses.

Nope, rather than wallow in self-pity, singles (and even those who are part of a duo) sit behind a computer and shop til they drop with China’s version of "Black Friday" sales.

(Image Source: Miui)

Scratch that, it’s way bigger than any Black Friday sale you know of. In 2012, China spent $ 3 billion on Single’s Day; by 2013, that rose to $ 5.75 billion. In 2014, China spent $ 9 billion on online shopping bargains — all within 24 hours. Who needs love when you can shop from the comforts of home instead?

10. You Can Help End Gender Violence Via The Other V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to show the people around you that you care for them but how about this year, you show the world you care? V-Day is an activist movement that helps raise awareness to end violence against women and girls. It started out as a benefit back in 1998, in New York, inspired by the work of Eve Ensler, the playwright and activist behind The Vagina Monologues.

Since 2012, V-Day had been organizing major campaigns all over the world to help put a stop to gender violence, particularly on February 14th. This year it is no different. You can join or contribute to their efforts, and find out more by checking out their page: 1 Billion Rising Revolution.

10 Linux Desktop Environments You Probably Don’t Know

Unlike Windows and Mac OS, Linux offers a variety of desktop environments for its users. Each desktop environment (interface) has its own appearance, style and features and a user can install any one of these desktop environments on the basis of his/her requirements. Some of these desktop environments are also suited for machines with low hardware configurations.

If you’re not sure which Linux desktop environment is the most suitable for you then don’t worry, we’ve put together 10 Linux desktop environments along with their features to assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

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1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is based on Gnome library files and designed for Linux Mint. It is an easy to use powerful desktop environment which is flexible and combines the traditional layout with advanced features.

Cinnamon consists of 3 main things: a single panel located at bottom, a clock and system tray and various other things located on the right, and the application menu on the left side of the screen. You can also customize the application menu by adding applications of your choice. To ensure that this runs smoothly, your machine should have a powerful graphics card and updated drivers. [Get it here]

2. GNOME 3.x

A few years back, GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) was the most popular and widely used Linux desktop environment. The transition of GNOME to GNOME 2.x series brought simplicity and ease of use that attracted a large number of Linux users to move to the GNOME 2.x series.

GNOME 3.x was introduced to provide easy access to all of your data by integrating it with online accounts. Some other important features offered by GNOME 3.x are Activities Overview, side-by-side windows to view several documents, and an easy way to deal with notifications comfortably. [Get it here]

3. KDE

KDE (K Desktop Environment) is one of most popular Linux Desktop environments and also a contender for GNOME. It resembles the Windows Desktop so if you want to experience a desktop similar to Windows OS, this is the option for you. While KDE comes with a visually intriguing GUI and a bunch of powerful features, the combo makes it a resource-hungry desktop environment.

This means you may not be able to run it smoothly on older desktop/laptop computers with low hardware configurations. [Get it here]


Despite its popularity with earlier versions, the simplistic design of GNOME 3 didn’t sit too well with many GNOME users. The Linux community decided to continue development of GNOME 2 and designers came up with MATE. MATE offers a GNOME 2 environment with new features and improvements to assure users of an improved computing experience. [Get it here]


LXDE (Lighweight X11 Desktop Environment) is a fast-performing desktop environment. It’s designed for cloud systems that usually have low hardware configurations (less CPU power and less RAM) and older desktop/laptop systems.

Although it is a lightweight desktop environment, it still has a simple and attractive user interface. It also provides multi-language support and on top of that it supports standard keyboard shortcuts and allows tabbed file browsing among other things. [Get it here]

6. Xfce

Fact: the abbreviation for Xfce doesn’t really stand for anything. It’s a traditional desktop environment which is very lightweight but in terms of functions, it is similar to GNOME 2. Xfce has its own lightweight programs as well as some GNOME programs to provide a balance in between performance and functions. [Get it here]

7. Unity

Currently, Unity is the native desktop environment for Ubuntu, replacing GNOME. It comes with an application dock which can be scrolled if the number of applications exceeds the screen view area. You can also search a particular file or application by typing its name in the searchbar. Unity works smoothly on a system with good hardware configuration. [Get it here]

8. Openbox

Openbox is a desktop environment which is lighter than LXDE and Xfce due to its minimalistic design and appearance. It is a highly configurable desktop environment and has a completely bare desktop which makes the loading process really fast. Right clicking anywhere on the desktop to open the application menu.

You can also combine the functionality of GNOME or KDE with the speed of Openbox to make your desktop faster and cleaner. Openbox is ideal for Linux users with low power systems. [Get it here]

9. Razor – Qt

Razor – qt is a fairly easy and lightweight desktop environment for Linux users. It bears similarities with KDE but it is designed to offer simplicity with speed. It comes with minimal built-in applications; you can install the applications you need yourself (find the list of third-party apps youc an get on Razor-qt here. It should work smoothly with older systems with low hardware configurations. [Get it here]

10. Xmonad

Xmonad is actually a tiling window manager which means instead of overlapping windows on your desktop, it will automatically arrange them in a non-overlapping order, leaving behind an organized desktop. It does not come with too much of a decorated user interface but that makes it a fast, user-friendly and stable desktop environment. [Get it here]

This is the first Kodak phone, and it’s probably not for you

Legacy camera brands the likes of Polaroid and Rolleiflex have tried pivoting to stay relevant in the digital age, and you can now add another company to that list. The Kodak IM5 — let’s be real, everyone will call it the Kodak Phone — is made by Bullitt, a company that specializes in ruggedized phones that are typically licensed to companies like Cat. We just tried the IM5 on the Pepcom floor, and despite my hopes that Kodak would bring some photographic know-how to it, it’s pretty clear that it’s not for me.

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5 YouTube Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Chances are most of us are quite familiar with YouTube. YouTube is the largest video channel on the Internet with more than 1 billion users visiting each month after all. We can enjoy a variety of videos on YouTube like comedy, pranks, interviews, tutorials, and live events.

I bet you have been enjoying countless of hours in YouTube. So, here we’ve put together 5 handy tricks to make YouTube more enjoyable for you.

1. Disabling Video Annotation

Annotation is a clickable box that overlays on top of YouTube videos. It aims to improve user engagement by displaying extra information or links related to the videos. It is useful for the video uploader, but can also be quite annoying for the users. Do you want to hide these annotations?

You can disable annotations to all YouTube videos via the YouTube settings. Click your profile picture then click the gear icon (YouTube Setting). On the left sidebar, select Playback and uncheck the Annotations and Interactivity option. Easy as that.

Unchecking this option will also hide the channel promotion and interactive card on the video you are watching.

2. Force Buffering Of The Entire Video

YouTube actually buffers only 30 seconds of the total video length when the video is paused. When your Internet connection isn’t quite fast enough to load the video this causes a lag. To avoid this, you can force YouTube to buffer the entire video before you can play it through,

SmartVideo for YouTube is a tool that can help with this and is available as a Firefox Add-on and Chrome Extension. After you’ve installed it and opened a YouTube video, you will see an additional option at the bottom of the video, click Global Preferences, and tick the box for Smart Buffer, as shown in the image below.

3. Disable Autoplay

YouTube will immediately start playing a video you’ve just opened which can sometimes be annoying. To disable autoplay video on YouTube, you can use the YouTube Control Center Add-on in Firefox or Stop Autoplay extension for Chrome.

It has a handful of options to control a YouTube video. Install this Add-on, and find Autoplays video when the player loads. Keep this option unchecked to disable Autoplay. Another option is the Stop Autoplay extension which does the same thing. You need to install it on Chrome, then activate it via the chrome://extensions/ page.

4. Watching YouTube In Slow-motion

Sometimes you’re watching a video in YouTube and it’s moving so fast that you can’t see the tiny details that you could’ve missed. Perhaps you want to play the video at a slower pace.

YouTube actually has HTML5 Player for its videos that you can request in Click Request the HTML 5 Player. Now open a video, you will find the option with speed adjustment. Do keep in mind though that you’ll need a browser that fully supports HTML5 video.

5. Download A YouTube Video’s Subtitle

There are many videos on YouTube that come in a language that you’re probably not familiar with. YouTube actually lets the video author add subtitles to help their viewers understand what is being said. However, if you’re downloading a particular video, the subtitles won’t come with it.

Use KeepSub to download the subtitles embedded in the video. Just copy the video url on the form, press the button and KeepSub will retrieve the subtitles for downloading. In addition, KeepSub also offers the translated subtitles using Google Translate.

5 things design clients really want (but probably won’t tell you)

Read more about 5 things design clients really want (but probably won’t tell you) at

You can maximise the word-of-mouth publicity that money can’t buy if you keep your existing design clients happy. But how exactly? The thing is this: clients typically won’t tell you what they want. At least not out loud. They might hint at it or suggest it. But it’s often up to you to read their minds. For example, clients want…

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18 Blatant Product Placements In Movies & TV You Probably Missed

There is advertising everywhere. Commercials on TV, billboards across the highway, page long newspaper ads, the dreaded pop-ups of the Internet. Everywhere you turn you just can’t get away from the stuff. Whatever medium you can think of, chances are it’s covered with Verizon ads selling you its high-speed Internet service (Can I have my money now?).

Not even the world of escapism is safe from corporate advertising. Advertisers are quick to use a new medium to push their wares and this is no exception when it comes to TV and movies. In fact, in the process of writing this article, I have become more aware of how rife they are with product placement. Some inconspicuous, many blatant. In this list, we have for you just 18 examples of obvious and shameless product placement in movies and TV.

Little Nicky

Adam Sandler loves to integrate product placement into his movies. In Little Nicky, we see the titular character being introduced to Popeye’s Chicken for the first time by his friend/talking bulldog, Mr. Beefy, where Nicky declares it as “f***ing awesome!”. A one off shout out is maybe acceptable but it became worst when later on in the movie it becomes an integral tool to defeat a demon horde, with said demon’s also declaring it as “the shiznit”, putting Popeye’s Chicken in the same pedestal of good as butterflies and fluffy things.

The Wizard

Probably the number one contender for biggest media attention seeker in the 80′s has to be Nintendo. When it comes to promoting their products, there’s no line the Big N wouldn’t cross. Their crowning achievement has to be The Wizard, a 90 minute commercial for Nintendo masquerading as a movie. It goes beyond simple product placement, with plot and narrative taking a back seat to the parade of games on show, including the yet unreleased at the time Super Mario Bros. 3. Take a look at this scene that is obviously a commercial for The Power Glove. Oh yeah, it’s bad.


Think Toy Story or Wreck-It Ralph, but with food mascots instead. However, unlike the two, the mascots are horribly underused, with all of them appearing as simple background characters with no dialogue and little involvement in the plot. Just take a look at the poster below, where the mascots for real life brands, which do nothing in the movie, are prominently displayed while the main characters are in the background. It all feels like a cheap tack on just to promote the product. In the end though, the movie was so horrible that the brand executives probably wished they never got involved in the first place.


The Island

Director Michael Bay is notorious for a lot of product placements in his movies, probably in the same tier with Adam Sandler. In his movie, The Island, there are around 30 product placements, prominently among them are the XBox logo during the game scene and a Calvin Klein ad that leading actress Scarlett Johansson just happens to be in at the time.

Michael Bay’s Transformers

If shilling for products in one movie isn’t enough, why not do it to an entire series? Granted, the whole concept of Transformers is to sell toys but Michael Bay managed to shoehorn in a few more products to showcase within the series. And when I mean ‘a few’, I mean more than 50 of them. The obvious is using GM cars for all the Autobots. Then we have a transforming XBox 360, a Mountain Dew vending machine, a Nokia cellphone and that’s just the first movie! Watch the series for them and you may even turn it into a drinking game. (Warning: we are not responsible for the alcohol poisoning resulting from watching a Michael Bay movie)

Mac And Me

Think E.T. but with a heavy dose of McDonald’s advertising. In fact, just like The Wizard, the whole movie felt like a giant, hour long commercial for the restaurant. Just take a look at the name, Mac and Me, where Mac is obviously referring to the Big Mac. Then there’s the five minute dance scene taking place in a McDonald’s birthday party complete with Ronald McDonald. Rotten Tomato called it “…a thinly-veiled feature length commercial for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola” while film critic Leonard Maltin described it as “more like a TV commercial than a movie”. Check out the dance scene below.

You’ve Got Mail

‘You’ve Got Mail’ is the popular (and trademarked) slogan for AOL back when it was the Internet for most Americans. So why don’t we feature that prominently as the title of a movie staring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? The movie of the same name is based on a 40 year old play but instead of snail mail, we have email, with the AOL jingle playing every time ‘you’ve got mail’.

Code Geass

Apparently, empires may rise and fall in alternate timelines but Pizza Hut is eternal. When not blowing stuff up with their mechs and weird eye powers to overthrow the British Empire, the cast frequently eat Pizza Hut pizza, with the logo prominently displayed for all to see. Also, one of the main character’s prized possession is a plush of Cheese-kun, the mascot of Pizza Hut in Japan. Pizza Hut paid a lot of money to be featured in the anime and now fans can’t think of toppling the established order without thinking what topping to have with their order.

Code Geass Cheese Kun

I, Robot

I, Robot takes place a few decades into the future but in one 15 second scene, Will Smith’s character will start wearing a pair of “Converse All-Stars Vintage 2004″, an obvious attempt to sell the sneakers. He even calls it “a thing of beauty” and another character comments that they are “nice shoes”.

Days Of Our Lives

Did you know the reason they are called soap operas is because they were funded by soap manufacturers? While the name has stuck around, soap operas today parade more than just soap. Take a look at the very long running ‘Days Of Our Lives’, which sometimes doesn’t even bother to seemlessly incorporate their product placement into the story. This Gawker article features some of the more hilarious ones. Below is an example and personal favorite, as you can’t tell if it’s from the show or an actual commercial.


Evolution puts Heads & Shoulders shampoo front and center with the main cast using it as the MacGuffin to defeat the creatures that threaten them. They even manage to squeeze in a bit where some of the characters talk about the virtues of using Heads & Shoulders, on how it can keep your hair shiny and flake free. It’s played for laughs at the end where the main characters actually appear in a Heads & Shoulders commercial.


Everyone loves E.T. (unless you had an Atari 2600). And if E.T. liked something, chances are you’ll probably like it too. In the movie, one of the more prominent food items that E.T. enjoys is Reese’s Pieces. While director Steven Spielberg wasn’t paid to use the product, the movie was a boon for Hershey’s as their profits went up by 65%. Funny enough, Spielberg originally wanted to use M&M’s but Mars declined, thinking the movie will not do well.

The Internship

While Google technically didn’t make any money from the movie that is arguably a 2 hour commercial about Google, it did lend its support in the production, with even a cameo appearance by Sergey Brin himself. The result is that the audience probably felt that they should have been paid to watch the commercial. Sure, Google may have gotten some perks with their brand name being so predominantly displayed. However, the movie, by most accounts, stunk.

Man Of Steel

Because nothing says Truth, Justice and The American Way more than product placement. In fact, it made $ 160 million even before it’s release. It did this by featuring a hundred different products in the movie. Some of them are subtle. Others, not so much.

Hawaii Five-0

They literally put a 50 second plug for Subway in the middle of an episode. It wasn’t even subtle, it really was a commercial that is playing out in the show. If you were to cut it out and place it in a normal timeslot for commercials, you would probably think that it was an actual commercial. Just take a look at the video below.

Back To The Future II

Whether back to the future or here in the past, product placement will always be with us and stay the same. While the first Back To The Future movie was fairly subtle in its product placement, the second one takes it up a notch, marketing the brands more directly to the camera. Let’s see, we have Pepsi out of a pneumatic tube, self laced Nikes, a Mattel hoverboard (still waiting on that one), Pizza Hut, etc.

James Bond

As a superspy, James Bond deserves the best and he gets the best, which is defined as who pays the most money for the next movie. Product placement has been in the James Bond movie since Dr. No and many people who grew up with the 50 year old franchise can probably name some of 007′s favorite brands. Aston Martin, his Walther PPK, Rolex and Omega watches, you name it. So it’s no surprise that the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, managed to rake in 1/3 of its budget ($ 45 million) from Heineken alone. Here’s a video and article that shows the history of product placement in 007′s long career.

James Bond Heineken

Jack And Jill

This movie takes Adam Sandler’s pandering to product placement to its logical conclusion, with the man himself playing an advertising executive. The center of the story is Sandler’s character trying to get Al Pacino to shoot a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts. Spoiler alert: he succeeded and there’s actually a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial at the end, though it was played for laughs. However, throughout the movie you can still see several brands featured in the movie, par for the course in a Sandler movie. To end this list, here is Pacino rapping and break dancing in said commercial. God help you all.

Dyson’s secret device is probably a robot vacuum cleaner

British appliance company Dyson has teased its latest product with a cryptic YouTube video. It’s not yet clear what the device — codenamed project N223 — will do, but it seems fairly likely that it’s going to be a Roomba-esque robotic vacuum cleaner. The video shows a lab from a panoramic robot’s-eye view as scientists tinker with its parts and smaller bots buzz past at floor level.

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20 Things About Jeff Bezos You Probably Didn’t Know

You most likely know of or have heard of Jeff Bezos. After all, he’s the man behind, the largest e-retailer in the world. When you get right to it, he is the man who has revolutionized the way we shop today. He basically paved the way for online shopping and created a trend for other entrepreneurs to follow.

With his net worth currently at $ 28.8 billion, this places him at No. 21 on Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list. But even a wealthy man like Jeff Bezos had to start somewhere right? In this article, we take a quick glimpse at his life so far. From his childhood to the causes he holds dear, here are 20 interesting things that you probably didn’t know about Jeff Bezos.

The man who raised him wasn’t his biological father

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensenlit was born on 12 January, 1964 to Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Ted Jorgensen. They got divorced after only being married for a year. His mother later on married another man, Miguel “Mike” Bezos, who adopted Jeff legally at the age of 4.


Image Source:


Just a boy who adored his grandfather

Jeff Bezos’ maternal grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise worked as Regional Director at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. He played a big role in Jeff’s life and was the one who got him interested in computers.


Image Source:


Jeff was simply fueled by his curiosity

Jeff has a passion for fixing things and figuring out how things work. He was always one step ahead of others, as evident by his desire to be be a “space entrepreneur” from a young age.


Image Source:


Inventing and creating has always been his passion

He was always inventing something: a solar cooker, hovercraft, a robot, lasers and an electric alarm; the alarm worked as a security system to keep his siblings out of his room.



Became his high school valedictorian and proved himself to be intelligent

Jeff Bezos was considered an intelligent student as he was his high school’s valedictorian.

He studied physics at Princeton University but later changed his degree for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering instead.


Image Source:


How he learnt that kindness doesn’t come easily

In his 2010 Princeton University commencement speech, Jeff Bezos talked about how he made his grandmother cry by telling her off about her smoking.

His grandfather then told him, “Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.”


Image Source:


Jeff switched jobs

He was first employed with Fitel, a startup telecom company which lasted for 2 years.

After quitting a stable job at Bankers Trust, he went to work with D.E. Shaw, an investment management firm on Wall Street.



Fell in love with a colleague

Mackenzie (Tuttle) Bezos was his colleague at D.E. Shaw. They got married in 1993 and after a year, they moved to Seattle to start


Image Source:

They adopted a daughter together from China

Jeff and MacKenzie have three sons including one daughter. Their daughter is adopted from China.


Image Source:


Quit his stable job to start

Jeff Bezos quit his position as a senior vice president at D.E. Shaw to start

He rented a house and worked from his garage with his first employee, Shel Kaphan.


Image Source:


Before, the company had several names

Before he settled on, the company was also known as Cadabra or was named after the South American river. And the logo bears an arrow from A to Z, indicating that customers can buy anything from A to Z on the site.


Image Source: Amazon Media Room

Jeff is a believer of small teams

Jeff Bezos believes in the “Two Pizza Rule”: if a team cannot be fed with two pizzas, it’s too large. To him, independent thought should prevail over groupthink.


Image Source:

The man is still frugal to this day

His frugality showed early on when he founded from his garage, as he turned a wooden door into a table.

Up to this day, the tables in the Amazon office use the same door-desk model.


Image Source:

Generous when it comes to a good cause

When one of his employees, Jennifer Cast asked for donation of about $ 100,000 for a same-sex marriage cause in Washington, Jeff and his wife donated $ 2.5 million instead.


Image Source:

Jeff will take out the competition if he needs to

He is a highly competitive man who would not give up hounding competitors with cutthroat discounts just to put them out of business.

His competitior, Quidsi, responsible for, was acquired after Bezos made relentless attacks with heavy discounts and offers to match


Image Source:

Not one to tolerate incompetency

Not a fan of complacency, Jeff Bezos also does not tolerate with incompetency in his company.

Some direct insults he used against his employees were, “Are you lazy or just incompetent?” or “ We need to apply some human intelligence to this problem.


Image Source:


Was almost involved in a fatal accident

In 2003, Jeff Bezos had a helicopter accident that gave him minor head lacerations.

During the accident, instead of the life flashing before his life bit, he thought that it would be a silly way to die. He has now sworn off helicopters.


Image Source:

Bought himself a newspaper company

Jeff Bezos made headlines in 2013 when he bought the Washington Post for $ 250 million.

He wrote in the Post about his intention to keep things the same there but mentioned that future changes were inevitable.


Image Source:

The explorer in him is keen on space travel

Ever since he was a child, he was immensely interested in aerospace. In 2000, he started a space company, Blue Origin, LCC with the vision to bring down the cost of space travel so everyone can go into the space.


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The next step? Amazon Prime Air

His latest project, “Amazon Prime Air” uses drones to deliver their products and services to customers. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not yet approved the project as the rules and regulations does not allow the use of drones for commercial purposes. Despite that, Jeff Bezos is hopeful to make it a reality within the next few years.


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The Extraordinarily Useful WordPress Hacks You Probably Haven’t Used as Yet

Now, as “everyday” as WordPress may have become – for the fact that every second or third website you come across is powered by WordPress – there are always the frequent “how the heck did they do this!” moments when you are scrolling around the WordPress realm.

The Extraordinarily Useful WordPress Hacks You Probably Haven’t Used as Yet

Despite WordPress being so remarkably pursued by the web development community, it has never ceased to wear some incredible tricks and surprises up its sleeve. While there is a whole ensemble of plugins that never fail to take a WordPress website’s functionality beyond defaults and succeed in letting webmasters shape their website in exactly the same way they want to, it is the WordPress Hacks that well and truly give the webmasters a customization capability of the likes of which can’t be accomplished by any plugins whatsoever.

The WordPress hacks are establishing a strong foothold and gaining a lot of ground as the non-programming webmasters are seeking the help of some web developers to inject few features in their website that would really help them enhance its functionality and take it beyond its peers. We, however, are making your job easier by tossing at you few code snippets you would need (and want) to get your website rolling in just the direction you want it to.

The following list is about such hacks that you can implement on your website for it to boast of exceptional custom capabilities and flaunt features that seem pretty improbable otherwise.

1. Enabling Shortcodes in Widgets

Widgets never cease to give our website that edge we are always vying for. They form an indispensable part of just about every WordPress website, and thus, a way to enhance their appearance or their features is always welcome, and that’s exactly what the shortcodes are meant to do. Use a filter for the same:

add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode' );
2. Making the Top Navigation More Visible

The menu on the top navigation bar of your website is probably ignorable, simply for its position. And this is why you need to move it and this is where moving it will help:

#top-nav {float: right;}
3. Move the Navigation menu to the Center (Code courtesy: GitHub)

There is every possibility that you may have decided to realign your logo to place it at the center of the header, so, you would need to move the navigation menu to the center so that it doesn’t look out of the place. And this is how you do it:

#navigation {
     position: relative;
 #main-nav {
     clear: left;
     float: left;
     list-style: none;
     margin: 0;
     padding: 0;
     position: relative;
     left: 50%;
     text-align: center;
 .nav li {
     display: block;
     float: left;
     list-style: none;
     margin: 0;
     padding: 0;
     position: relative;
     right: 50%;
 .nav li.hover, .nav li.hover {
     position: relative;
.nav li ul li {
     left: 0;
4. Delay Publishing Your Post on the RSS Feeds

It’s not rare to make mistakes while writing a post, but when the posts are already sent to RSS, the minor mistakes can prove to be costly enough. And this is when delaying the process comes to the rescue.

Now, you can make sure that the posts don’t go to the RSS feed as soon as you publish them on your blog. All you need to do is to add this piece of code to the functions.php file in your website’s backend:

function publish_later_on_feed($  where) {
global $  wpdb;
if ( is_feed() ) {
$  time_now = gmdate('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$  time_delay = '15'; // integer
$  where = " AND TIMESTAMPDIFF($  device, $  wpdb->posts.post_date_gmt, '$  time_now') > $  time_delay ";
return $  where;
add_filter('posts_where', 'publish_later_on_feed');
5. Don’t Want the Circular Avatars Anymore? Make Them Squarish

The theme you have chosen for your WordPress website may be automatically modifying the avatar images to present them in a circular form. But many webmaster would rather prefer their avatars to be displayed in a square form. For the same, this code by GitHub works exceptionally well:

#post-author .profile-image img, #comments .avatar img {
border-radius: 0; 
-moz-border-radius: 0; 
-webkit-border-radius: 0;
6. Let Your RSS Feed Contain the Post’s Featured Image

Using pictures in your posts always gives it an extra push among your audience and coaxes them to read and further share it among their circles. And when you are able to use the featured image of the post in your RSS Feeds, you further enhance the reach of the post by making it visually catchier:

add_filter('the_content_feed', 'rss_post_thumbnail');
function rss_post_thumbnail($  content) {
global $  post;
if( has_post_thumbnail($  post->ID) )
$  content = '<p>' . get_the_post_thumbnail($  post->ID, 'thumbnail') . '</p>' . $  content;
return $  content;
7. Remove the Title of a Particular Page

While there are tools that facilitate removing titles from all the pages of the site, at times, you only want to remove them from particular pages. And here is the code you need for that – just replace “abcd” with the page id number for any post:

.page-id-xxxx .title {
display: none;
8. Don’t Want HTML in Comments? Go Ahead and Disable it

HTML in the comment section can lead to a truckload of spam, which eventually might have serious repercussions on your website. And this is why disabling the HTML in comment section is so critically important to keep your website free of spam. To do so, add this piece of code in the functions.php file:

//As soon as someone comments
function plc_comment_post( $  incoming_comment ) {
    // convert everything in a comment to display literally
    $  incoming_comment['comment_content'] = htmlspecialchars($  incoming_comment['comment_content']);
    // the one exception is single quotes, which cannot be #039; because WordPress marks it as spam
    $  incoming_comment['comment_content'] = str_replace( "'", '&apos;', $  incoming_comment['comment_content'] );
    return( $  incoming_comment );
// This will occur before a comment is displayed
function plc_comment_display( $  comment_to_display ) {
    // Put the single quotes back in
    $  comment_to_display = str_replace( '&apos;', "'", $  comment_to_display );
    return $  comment_to_display;
add_filter( 'preprocess_comment', 'plc_comment_post', '', 1 );
add_filter( 'comment_text', 'plc_comment_display', '', 1 );
add_filter( 'comment_text_rss', 'plc_comment_display', '', 1 );
add_filter( 'comment_excerpt', 'plc_comment_display', '', 1 );
// This stops WordPress from trying to automatically make hyperlinks on text:
remove_filter( 'comment_text', 'make_clickable', 9 );
9. When a User Searches for a Certain Post on your site, Just take them directly to the Complete Post

You may not have deemed it all too necessary, but if the users who search for particular posts are taken directly to the full post instead of a thumbnail view of it with excerpt, they’d appreciate that. It doesn’t force them to continue navigating and thus improves the user-experience considerably well.

add_action('template_redirect', 'redirect_single_post');
function redirect_single_post() {
    if (is_search()) {
        global $  wp_query;
        if ($  wp_query->post_count == 1 && $  wp_query->max_num_pages == 1) {
            wp_redirect( get_permalink( $  wp_query->posts['0']->ID ) );
10. Display the Most Accurate and Current Copyright Date

Copyright is an indispensable part of any website that contains a lot of useful information that the webmaster doesn’t want to be copied by the other randomizers on the web. This is why displaying copyright information accurately and in sync with the current year is important. The following piece of code makes it possible for you to constantly update the copyright information automatically:

function comicpress_copyright() {
global $  wpdb;
$  copyright_dates = $  wpdb->get_results("
YEAR(min(post_date_gmt)) AS firstdate,
YEAR(max(post_date_gmt)) AS lastdate
$  wpdb->posts
post_status = 'publish'
$  output = '';
if($  copyright_dates) {
$  copyright = "© " . $  copyright_dates[0]->firstdate;
if($  copyright_dates[0]->firstdate != $  copyright_dates[0]->lastdate) {
$  copyright .= '-' . $  copyright_dates[0]->lastdate;
$  output = $  copyright;
return $  output;
11. Redirect Users After they Log in

Once any user is logged into your site, he or she can be easily redirected to another URL of your choice. All you need is this code snippet in the functions.php file:

<?php function redirect_user_on_role() { //retrieve current user info global $  current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); //If login user role is Subscriber if ($  current_user->user_level == 0)
wp_redirect( home_url() ); exit;
//If login user role is Contributor
else if ($  current_user->user_level > 1)
wp_redirect( home_url() ); exit;
//If login user role is Editor
else if ($  current_user->user_level >8)
wp_redirect( home_url() ); exit;
// For other roles
$  redirect_to = '';
return $  redirect_to;

12. Let the Header Display Some Personalized Widgets

The header of your website is a great advertising area where you can display really noticeable ads. However, one common thing that is observed is that the site admins don’t enjoy a lot of control over how they wish to display elements on the header and this leads to the lack of flexibility.

What admin want is the customization capability to let them add whatever they want to the right of the logo, and the following lines of code lets them do exactly that:

if (function_exists('register_sidebar')) {
 'name' => 'Header Widget',
 'id' => 'header-widget',
 'description' => 'This is a widgetized area in the right side of the header.',
 'before_widget' => '<div id="%1$  s" div class="widget">',
 'after_widget' => '</div>',
 'before_title' => '<h3>',
 'after_title' => '</h3>'
add_action( 'woo_header_inside', 'custom_canvas_header' );
function custom_canvas_header () {
<div id="header-widget">
<?php if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('header-widget')) : else : ?>
<?php endif; ?>
13. Give Dashboard a Personalized Logo

Many webmasters are vying to have a more personalized logo for their dashboard in the WordPress backend. The following code serves the purpose, even when it is the client that has come to you with this kind of a request:

add_action('admin_head', 'custom_logo');
function custom_logo() {
echo '
<style type="text/css"><!--
#header-logo { background-image: url('.get_bloginfo('template_directory').'/images/custom-logo.gif) !important; }
14. Set the Editor You Want to as Default

You may not be all too keen on using the Visual Editor, and instead, it is the HTML Editor that has caught your fancy. Well, either way, you have the freedom to choose what editor you wish to set as the default one:

# Visual Editor as default
add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "tinymce";') );

# HTML Editor as default
add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );
15. Cast Away the Primary or Top Navigation
Canvas, in particular, has two navigation bars. One navigation bar is located above the header and it is thereby called the Top Navigation Bar. Then, you have the Primary Navigation that is located below the header. Now, whether you wish to use both or just one is entirely your prerogative, on our end, we can show you how to remove them:
Primary Navigation can be gotten rid of by this code:
add_action( 'init', 'remove_canvas_main_navigation', 10 );
function remove_canvas_main_navigation () {
    // Remove main nav from the woo_header_after hook
    remove_action( 'woo_header_after','woo_nav', 10 );
And to remove the Top Navigation, you will need this:
add_action( 'init', 'remove_canvas_top_navigation', 10 );
function remove_canvas_top_navigation () {
    // Remove top nav from the woo_top hook
    remove_action( 'woo_top', 'woo_top_navigation', 10 );


So, these are some of the most incredibly effective WordPress hacks that command all your attention. When having free rein over your website’s functionality is on the agenda, the above WordPress hacks serve the purpose in a manner most seamless and surgical.

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