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9 Free Online Tools To Create Professional Resumes

Creating professional looking and effective resume is the first step to get your dreamed job. If your resume is impressive enough, chances are there that your potential employer will call you for an interview. In this round up, we are showcasing 9 free online tools to create professional resumes. After all, your resume is the first thing that connects you with a recruiter, and therefore it should be impressive enough to create a powerful impact.

Below find 9 free online tools and use them to create your resume you can wow your recruiters with. These tools will be very useful for the freshly graduated candidates who do not know where to start from. So, without any further ado here we are presenting the complete list of 9 free online tools to create professional resumes. We hope that you will like this collection.


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How To Write A Resume

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20 Minimalistic & Professional Business Card Designs

Even in this day and age, business cards are important. They can serve many purposes: Reminders, a way to leave notes, portfolio showcases, a way to offer discounts – the possibilities are endless. Following in the footsteps of Nancy Young’s great article about business card designs, I thought I’d show you the results of my search while preparing my own business card.

Here, I’ve put together a selection of 20 minimal business cards. Whether they focus on graphics or typography, these business cards will hopefully give you an idea of what you want to achieve with your own business cards.

Squared Eye By Able Design

Visual Jams By James Graves

Letterpress Business Card By Brad O’Sullivan

Seiichi O’s Personal Busines Card By Heterobrain

Design & Direction By Adam Vella

Michael James By Joey Rabbitt

Miner & Miner By Mike Kasperski

Mid Century Modern Business Cards By Seabornpress

Brown Kraft Business Cards From Rock Design

SOE By Therese Ottem

Monkey Square By Muhammad Ali Effendy

Pop Grub By Hype & Slippers

Hot Popsicle By Rachel Kalagher

Self Promotion By Ross Sweetmore

Sifter Logo & Letterpress Business Cards By Graham Smith

Troupe By Flag&Mountains

Personal Identity By Paolo Pettigiani

Personal Business Card by Solveiga Pakštaitė

Wellness Reform School By Maria Larios

Triad By Macrochromatic

Malle W. Trousseau’s Oyster Kit: Shuck shells like a professional with the celebrated French company’s stylish equipment

Malle W. Trousseau's Oyster Kit

Anyone who’s played the role of an oyster shucker can understand the difficulties these little saltwater delicacies can inflict on even the most burly of hands. This holiday season, Malle W. Trousseau is set to release a must-have for any oyster……

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5 Reasons Why Every Graphic Designer Should Also Be A Professional Photographer (And How to Get Started If You’re Not)

Many web and graphic designers enjoy photography as a hobby, and some even offer both design and photography services to clients. If you haven’t yet taken much interest in photography or attempted to…

Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.

Vandelay Design

5 Reasons Why Every Graphic Designer Should Also Be A Professional Photographer (And How to Get Started If You’re Not)

Many web and graphic designers enjoy photography as a hobby, and some even offer both design and photography services to clients. If you haven’t yet taken much interest in photography or attempted to…

Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.

Vandelay Design

Song of the Car: Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione: An exhilarating, high-speed lap with a professional driver invokes an equally thrilling song by Flying Lotus

Song of the Car: Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione

When Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (architect of the Futurist movement) wrote, “We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed,” he may have imagined a place where Italian super cars produced feverish, delirious speeds,…

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9 Secrets to Design a Professional Website

Business-Social-MediaYour website is the emissary of your business and builds your brand image among the web users. A good website can help you outshine your competitors and boost the profitability of your business within a short time span.

When web users visit a website, they pay most importance to the look and feel of the site. If the site does not look professional, they will hardly waste any time there. So, what is the secret to develop a professional looking website design? Here are some great suggestions for you.

1. First impressions matter the most

Web users hardly spend 20-30 seconds to judge the value of a site and they give most importance to the home page. Therefore, design the home page very carefully. Your site should impress the visitors as soon as they land.

2. Decrease load time

Visitors don’t like slow loading websites. If your site takes too much time to load, users will leave and may never come back. Therefore, optimize the page loading time by using optimized images and keep each webpage size minimal, so that the browser can render it quickly.

3. Simple navigation

Website navigation is like railways tracks. One path should lead to another and each destination should be properly highlighted. Let’s assume that you are building an e-commerce website and you will sell various types of products. In that case, you should create categories and sub-categories to help visitors find the products faster.

4. Maintain colour combination

Selection of colours is very important because not only it affects readability, but also helps you showcase the personality of your brand. For instance, different shades of pink colour can be used in a cosmetics company’s website that targets mainly female customers. On the contrary, a fast food company can use red and yellow colours as these help increase hunger.

5. Maintain browser compatibility

These days people access website from various devices such as PC, tablet and smartphone. These devices feature different types of mobile and web browsers. Therefore, you must check the compatibility of your site on those browsers. If someone tries to open your site from a mobile browser and the site does not respond, your brand reputation will get affected.

6. Use suitable fonts

Always use web safe fonts that can be rendered by browsers without any issue. Don’t use fancy fonts in your corporate website because users may not take your site seriously if the text seems funny to them. You should use standard sans serif fonts that suit the brand persona of your business to impress the visitors.

7. Professional graphics is a must

Images of your products and employees are some of the things that visitors will check closely to evaluate the quality of your business. Therefore, always use high resolution, web friendly graphics and photos in your site. Even if someone does not read the website content, images should give him an idea of your business visually.

8. Do not use Flash

If you think Flash animation looks great, then think twice. Flash is an old technology and can affect the ranking of your site on SERP. Mobile operating systems stopped supporting Flash and it is a known fact that search engines can’t read Flash content. If animation is a must for your website design, implement HTML5 to create a professional website.

9. Make it distinct

The overall look of your website should be completely different from the competitors sites. Never copy any other company’s design and try to establish your uniqueness with the help of web design.

It takes creativity and intelligent marketing ideas to develop a unique and professional website. Follow the ideas shared above and you will be able to create an eye-catching website for your company.

Author bio: Jonathan Patterson is a veteran website designer. He mainly works as a freelancer and writes blog posts on web and graphic design. Click here to read his other articles.

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3 professional tools to create your own typeface

As a graphic designer, creating and publishing fonts has always been something I wanted to do. While I was studying, I would often take a day to make a handwritten font, but I never found the time and courage to create a really good font, one that takes more time and dedication. If you do find that courage, here are the tools you could use to publish your font.

1. Glyphs

Glyphs is known as the font editor for everyone. It helps you to modify existing fonts, sculpt your letterforms hassle free and moreover, it also helps you to create a brand new font. It has a capability to turn your design into an enjoyable process via its integrated interface for drawing, spacing and kerning.

Adding new functions to Glyphs is easy as the whole system is well documented. It is scriptable using Python. If you want to create some amazing new web fonts then here is the good tutorial for you.


2. Fontlab

FontLab is a powerful tool to create robust, commercial-quality fonts that works on both OS X and Windows. You can fine-tune everything from OpenType features (advanced typographical features like small capitals) to manual TrueType hinting (for superb rendering on screen) with this tool. Workflow can be automated with Python scripting. For more details, click here.


3. Robofont

RoboFont is highly scalable tool which is entirely in Python. It allows you to customize its interface and structure so that you can create a brand new font of your choice. It gives you control over your workflow down to the smallest details. It can also be run from the command line. For more detail on robofont, click here.


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6 LinkedIn Alternatives To Grow Your Professional Network

Whether you’re a well educated person with adequate job experience or a fresh graduate with no experience at all, you may need a little bit more help in projecting yourself to the right people. Social networking has become such an integral part of our daily lives and it’s really important for all professionals to reap the benefits. There are many professional social networking sites available where you can not only create your resume and project your professional skills but which can also help you get connected.

Nowadays, even senior professionals post job vacancies through these professional social networks rather than in newspapers (as it saves cost and time) and if you’re within their professional social circle, you’ll get the upper hand. You can even approach them personally through their contact details. Most of us are aware of LinkedIn as one of the more popular professional social networking sites but there are actually a lot more out there. Here are 6 other options of professional networks for you to choose from and maybe try out for yourself.

1. BranchOut

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have heard of BranchOut. BranchOut deems itself the world’s leading professional network with more than 800 million searchable profiles. The great thing is there is no membership fee for joining. It allows the users to create a professional profile that includes their education and work experience. Although it is a Facebook application, personal information such as photo albums and status updates won’t be included with your profile.

There are 3 types of enterprise products for job seekers as well as recruiters offered by BranchOut. There’s ‘Career Connect’ which allows the publishing of job posts on a company’s Facebook page and Job Postings’, which is a tool that lets companies publish job openings on their Facebook fan pages and allows job seekers to apply for these job positions. Finally, there’s the ‘Recruiter Connect’ feature enables the recruiters and HR managers to search through the database of BranchOut. [Visit site here]

2. Opprtunity is a very good substitute for LinkedIn. It is the first service to use scientific methodology to match professionals together based on a real possibility of engaging in business. Its matching algorithm looks at a variety of data points including location, industry types, skill sets etc. in order to bring people together.

It’s basically designed to assist professionals who are looking for sales leads, job candidates, job opportunities and much more. It is actually a tool that connects you to the people of value who you do not already know. You can use your existing LinkedIn profile, so try to keep it updated. [Visit site here]

3. Zerply

Zerply is a very new kind of social network for the Entertainment Industry. Zerply was started by two friends in a tiny apartment just south of Stockholm. Today, it is a multi-national team which operates from several countries. It connects the entertainment production companies to top-quality creative talents and the tools to assess candidates within a few minutes.

Designers, animators, illustrators and other creative mavens can build a comprehensive portfolio to show their work and look for more opportunities with ease. In order to join, you must be invited by a current member or you can apply by showing your work to the Zerply team. [Visit site here]

4. Twylah

Twylah rides on the power of Twitter and it is a solid option if you are looking to increase your presence on Twitter through brand pages. It allows users to create Twitter brand pages, which can highlight your presence beyond the popular microblogging site. By using Twylah, you can determine your true brand identity and how your brand pages are doing with your audience.

Another important feature of Twylah is that it allows page optimization to boost up the visibility to produce traffic from the search engines. Twylah also gives its users the ability to run a page on his/her own domain. This basically gives you another choice for a website while promoting your brand pages via the Twitter account as well. [Visit site here]

5. Meetup

Meetup is a another reasonable alternative to LinkedIn. It’s not just about making connections online but in the real world too. The site gives you opportunities to interact and chat with like-minded professionals who have the same interests as you. The main feature of Meetup are events. You can see upcoming events and attend the ones you think are suitable to meet up with other people like yourselves in a real life setting.

One can attend Meetups by joining groups or can even conduct Meetups by starting his/her own Meetup group and inviting people to join it. Currently, Meetup consists of 15.92 mllion members from 196 countries and on average 315,827 Meetups are held monthly. [Visit site here]

6. NetParty

NetParty is basically a social network for young professionals from around the globe. Currently, there are around 200,000 members who have joined NetParty and it is growing on a daily basis. If LinkedIn is a bit too formal and boring for you, it is the perfect place for you to expand your professional network while having fun.

The company has many branches throughout North America and Europe and basically sets up high-end parties for its members, so that young professionals can meet each other in a more relaxed setting. One can simply join NetParty by signing up at their website. Other sorts of information that you can expect to see on the website is a list of upcoming events, tickets and help about transportation or other directions. [Visit site here]


This is the best time to utilize the power of professional social networking to connect yourself with the right people, so that your professional career can grow more swiftly. LinkedIn is a pretty decent professional networking tool but there are other options out there too. And when you put yourself out there in more than one way, it leads to a higher possibility of making the connection with people that you want.

Purpose-Built Bags From Bravo Co.: A group of professional photographers and skateboarders create their ideal bag brand

Purpose-Built Bags From Bravo Co.

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