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30 CSS Puns That Prove Designers Have a Great Sense of Humor

The job of a web designer can be a real pain and frustrating one, but it is also a close-knit community with a healthy sense of humor. Take for instance CSS puns like this:

In fact, you probably get this universal truth even if you aren’t a designer! You can find more from this Reddit thread but for your reading pleasure, I’ve pulled 30 hilarious puns which cover jokes from daily life, movies, political subjects and more.

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A monumental moment in history

#greatwall #madeinchina

The secret organization that is said to rule the world

How the Monarchy works

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This is why people joke about what the opposite of congress is

No wonder they don’t wear shoes

Countries with no border

countries with something like a border

Too Soon?

He wanted to pass so he did something about it

Error 404 for Planes And Ships

Here Are The 10 Coding Initiatives That Prove Girls Can Code Too

One of the biggest conversations that is rife in cyberspace is about the ratio of women in tech. The issue wasn’t that there aren’t great women in tech but that there aren’t enough of them. And as the diversity reports from each tech giant show, the inbalance needs some rectifying. Google decided to lead the way by establishing Made With Code to teach girls coding but their endeavor isn’t the only one.

These 10 initiatives aim to break down the stereotype that women are not interested in coding and computer science. And they do this by reaching out to girls and inculcating in them a love for coding. Many of these initiatives started small and localized but have since expanded across the nation and gaining a global presence.

Made With Code

We’ll start by highlighting Google’s initiative which was launched in June 19, 2014. Made With Code is a community-based site filled with fun projects to encourage girls to learn coding. The site also hosts additional resources for parents and teachers, and a notice board for events. There is also a Mentors, and Makers sections: both highlight stories of women who code for a living. [Visit site]


Girls Who Code

Reshma Saujani founded Girls Who Code, which can be considered America’s national coding initiative for girls, back in 2012. Still going strong, the non-profit organization conducts summer camps and helps start computer science clubs to train high school girls to code. The camps are backed by tech giants and their participants get to meet key people in the tech industry. [Visit site]


Hackbright Academy

The Hackbright Academy markets itself as a software development program exclusively for women. Founded by Christian Fernandez and David J. Phillips, Hackbright Academy organizes proper coding courses throughout the year. There is no age limit for enrolment, and participants are between the ages of 20 and 40. Classes are conducted hands on, with a qualified instructor from the tech industry. [Visit site]


Black Girls Code

Like most of the initiatives, Black Girls Code not only wants to bridge the gender gap in tech but also the wage gap. Founder Kimberly Bryant launched the initiative in April of 2011, introducing coding to girls aged 7-17 through workshops and after-school programs. Black Girls Code also organizes workshops on robotics, and throw hackathons which is inclusive of hosting talks from women already working in tech. [Visit site here]


Rails Girls

Rails Girls which was started in Helsinki, Finland in November 2010, holds events all over the world, to equip girls and women with tools and technical knowledge. Being a non-profit that caters to the international community, their site hosts materials for organizing workshops, and also guides in various languages. It also carries events listings and there is a blog that details its activities. [Visit site here]


Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It is a non-profit that provides coding classes for women founded by Sara Chipps and Vanessa Hurst back in 2010. Classes are made to be affordable and are available at many cities across America. In fact, each city has its own chapter, which organizes hackathons and tech-related events on top of classes. [Visit site here]


Vidcode, a Kickstarter project, is a web app that helps girls to learn code through applying effects to video. Creators Alexandra Diracles and Melissa Halfon came up with the concept after discovering that girls like to pair up programming with their hobbies. The app they created teaches code by displaying the code when the effects are applied on the video, and explaining the code in simple language on a sidebar. [Visit site here]


Ladies Learning Code

This coding initiative started as a seminar in Toronto in July 2011. Founded by Heather Payne, it soon expanded to the whole of Canada, providing workshops suitable for beginners. The workshop was such a hit among participants — normally in their 20s — that the organization decided to hold additional programs for girls aged 6-16 and kids in general. [Visit site here]


Code First: Girls

For ladies living in the UK, this is for you. Code First: Girls aims to help young women currently attending university as they would be entering the workforce after their studies. They also offer courses for graduates but it’s only limited to the general London area at the moment. Other events that they organize include hackathons and tech career talks. [Visit site here]


Girls Teaching Girls To Code

Now this deserves special mention for the way it conducts events. Girls Teaching Girls To Code is a program where female students from Standford’s Computer Science Department teach computer science to high school girls. Not only do they help pass on the love for coding to their younger peers, these university students serve as mentors to the younger girls. Sisterhood for the win. [Visit site here]


90 seconds of Skeletor insults prove he’s the meanest boss in the universe

You’ve got to assume that Eternia, the planet that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe call home, has very weak workers’ unions. Why else would the minions of Skeletor put up with a constant barrage of abuse and insults from their boss every time a carefully constructed plan to capture the good guys fails? Luckily, should StinkorKobra Khan, or Tri-Klops ever drum up a lawsuit against the nefarious Skeletor for his terrible treatment of subordinates, there’s video evidence to support their claims — DreamWorks TV has put together a 90-second video showing Skeletor’s harshest zings and baddest burns.

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Snapchat asks new users to prove they’re not robotic spammers

Following Snapchat’s recent username leak and increases in “Snap spam,” the company today rolled out an interesting security measure to ensure that new users aren’t spambots. Upon signing up for the first time, Snapchat now displays a unique challenge-response test that asks you to “find the ghost” in various pictures. If you pick the photos with ghosts, you pass, but if you pick other photos (as a robot might), the app won’t allow you to sign up.

Today’s new security measures (alongside recent changes to its API that limit user requests) should go a long way towards curtailing future spam and hacks. The test amounts to a sophisticated CAPTCHA, but one not so easily foiled by machines. Until now, Snapchat only required that you type…

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Why Good Website Design is So Important: The Stats and Figures to Prove It [Infographic]

A lot of thought and hard work goes into building a successful website. Today’s users demand fast load times, valuable content, professional aesthetics, and HTML5′s interactivity.

Why Good Website Design is So Important: The Stats and Figures to Prove It [Infographic]

If you haven’t kept up with the latest trends in website design, you’ve probably seen your traffic dwindle. You may have even seen negative growth. That’s unacceptable in a world where most small to medium sized businesses rely on the Internet for selling products and communicating with their customers.

When it comes to building traffic and keeping visitors on your page, load time plays a primary role. The faster your site loads, the faster traffic will grow. Faster load times also mean lower bounce rates. If it takes more than a few seconds for a page to load, visitors bounce off your site and move on.

Of course, good website design isn’t all about the backend. You need a site that functions properly, but you also need designs that look appealing.

As good website design has become more important, it has also become more complicated. In the 1990s, a bright business owner could figure out how to make a simple website that would keep customers happy. It didn’t require much.

A lot has changed since then. The idea that a business owner could run a company and manage a useful website at the same time is absurd. That’s why so many companies have turned to professionals to help them meet their performance goals.

It turns out that hiring those experts makes sense. The numbers show just how important good design.

instantShift - Why Good Website Design is So Important

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5 lesser known apps that prove very useful

When working on your routine design jobs, it’s easy to stay stuck with the same apps and not try new ones.

1. Print what you like

Unfortunately, most websites still aren’t print friendly and make you waste precious ink every time you print a web page. Print what you like helps you clean up pages before you print them. All you have to do is to enter a URL in their form, clean up your page, and you are good to go!


2. CV Maker

Don’t bother fighting with Word or InDesign to create your CV, just sign up for CV Maker and create a beautiful CV in minutes.


3. Backupify

Frequently backup is probably the most overlooked advice in the world, and it gets even worst with online apps. Backupify helps you keep your online data safe from hackers, deletion and other problems.


4. PDF Unlock

Find your way around password protected and restricted PDF files with PDF Unlock.


5. FontFonter

Preview any font on any website, perfect to test typography when redesigning your site.


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Stunning QR Codes that Prove Usability Does Not Equal Boring

The QR code has seen a massive surge in popularity as marketers use these marks to drive consumers from print ads to an online landing page. In fact, an article by PrintPlace tells a story of an entrepreneur mom who printed flyers for her advertising business and only received 1 sign up. When she then added a QR code to her flyer design, she had 200 people enroll and 50 new clients! Many more companies are having similar success with QR codes, which is why it is so important for designers to be able to offer this service to clients, especially if you can get creative with your design.

The drawback in the past has been that QR codes are plain, even an eyesore to the design of a project. Today, though, plenty of designers are proving that QR codes do not have to be boring. The challenge is balancing the design goals with recognition by consumers. If you do too much with the design, it becomes difficult to tell that you’re even looking at a QR Code. And if consumers don’t recognize the design, they’re simply not going to scan it.

The following designs show just how creative you can get with a QR Code. The majority of the codes included below actually work when scanned. The other, non-functional ones in this collection are just for an added inspirational kick.

Lisa Frank Inspired






Help Japan Now



Ghost Busters


Penquin Graffiti



School Of Rock








Photo Manipulated


The Wine Sisterhood





Jet Blue

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