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Unseen Photo Fair 2014: Obscuring The Human Form: Provocative images commanding a closer look, culled from Amsterdam’s expertly curated annual showcase

Unseen Photo Fair 2014: Obscuring The Human Form

Now in its third year, Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair is a veritable artistic force. Housed in a former gasworks, the impressive selection shows that while the world may be drowning in images, when expertly curated, it’s still an enlightening medium that teach, surprise…

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Geometric, Provocative Attire at NYFW S/S15 : Five designers keeping things structured, sexy and a little NSFW

Geometric, Provocative Attire at NYFW S/S15

Each fashion week, certain through-lines manifest across disparate designers. Whether it’s ready-to-wear or haute couture, wildly imaginative brands touch upon the times—and similarities in mood manifest. This season, a refreshing array of lines incorporated highly geometric, even architectural, styles and patterning—and they all happen to be sexy. There’s an…

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Art or Sound at Fondazione Prada: Curated by Germano Celant, a provocative exhibition exploring the transcendental nature of instrumental expression

Art or Sound at Fondazione Prada

Ca’ Corner della Regina is a majestic Venetian palazzo overlooking Canal Grande, built between 1723 and 1728 by Domenico Rossi. At the end of 2010 Fondazione Prada began a restoration process on the historic building while…

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Character artist’s provocative portfolio stands out in style

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Looking at Rebeca Puebla’s online portfolio one of the first things that caught my attention is the ability to convey great technical skills with an original aesthetic and sense of storytelling.

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Provocative Pop Art Sculptures by Jonathan Paul


Jonathan Paul, aka Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) is well renowned as pop sculptor working across a wide variety of different media and a combination of styles including street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art. He is a contemporary artist that creates controversial sculptures exploring contemporary desires and obsessions with sex, gender, drugs, commerce, media and fame.

Jonathan says, “Ideas win today in our society. […] I ingest, then digest. Art is really just a mirror of ourselves.”

Jonathan was born in 1975 in Salinas, California. He graduated from the nationally acclaimed Parson’s School of Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Transporting controversial, satirical messages, His vibrantly colorful, entertaining and impeccably produced art exposes society’s inability to control itself and examines the commercial promise of fulfillment and happiness that ends in dependency.

His art works are completely different from traditional artisan methods and aims to avoid the conventional, stereotypical standards of good taste in art through his contemporary commerce and marketing methods.

Let’s have a look at his art in the given pictures:








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Kalen Hollomon for Capsule SS15 : The NYC-based mixed media artist creates provocative collages with vintage adverts

Kalen Hollomon for Capsule SS15

Each season, fashion and lifestyle tradeshow Capsule commissions a single artist to create an exclusive body of work to be featured on invites, signage and printed newsletters distributed during stops in New York, Paris, Berlin and…

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Provocative festival poster takes the fight to social media

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First rule of Fight Club quotes: don’t talk about Fight Club quotes

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Cool Hunting Video: Fire Island Opera: Reviving the classic artform in a provocative and accessible manner with open air contemporary peformance

Cool Hunting Video: Fire Island Opera

After ferrying over to the beach community of Fire Island last summer, we attended the inaugural Fire Island Opera Festival. With the image of the grandeur of traditional opera burned into our minds, we were…

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Politically Provocative Paintings by Matthew Quick

Australian based artist Matthew Quick created these art to make a point. In this series of work the painter dresses up iconic statuary in politically provocative. Those great statues have fallen victim to the clutter, both physical and idealogical, of the 21st century.  One of the painting features George Washington with surveillance cameras attached all over…

Provocative playing cards designed for Occupy Wall St

’52 Shades of Greed’, designed for Protest group Occupy Wall St, deals with the thorny subject of the banking crisis head on.

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