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40 High Quality Yet Free Website Templates PSDs

Here is another fresh collection of some free and high quality website templates in PSD format. Creating a website design from scratch is very time consuming and tough job. In this case, if you can find some high quality and free website templates that you can edit according to your needs and preferences. This will help you save your time and efforts.

So, without any further ado, here we are presenting 40 extremely high quality free PSD website templates for you. Feel free to download as many as you want. Do let us know what you think about this collection via comment section below. Enjoy!

Ket – Single Page PSD Web Template

Molly – Free PSD Creative Single Webpage Template

Retro Portfolio PSD Template

DSGN – Free .PSD Template

Smak – PSD One Page Web Template

Modern Login/Register template

Mentum – PSD Single Page Template

UniqueGraph – Free PSD Template

Bicycle flat PSD template

Astro – Multipage Hosting Template

Artica – PSD One Page Web Template

Pakhi E-commerce template (free PSD)

Corporate Landing Page PSD

ST Metanic – Free PSD Template

One page portfolio template

Redesign of the Vk PSD

One Page PSD Template

Online store template

Spacebox – Modern & Creative PSD Theme

Free Template PSD

Maguwohost – FREE Hosting Template

Westeros Custom Clothing PSD Template

Flat Landing Page PSD

TRIGONUM free psd template

Single Page PSD Template

One single page PSD template

Resto Restaurant Home Page – Freebie

Medium Like Free PSD Website Template

Black & White PSD Template

GYMSports Free PSD Template

Free Health Template PSD

Creative Time Responsive Template [PSD]

Dreams – Free One Page Web Template

CLYDE – Free Restaurant PSD

InkTattoo – Free .Psd One Page Template

Free Restaurant Website Template

Hellow Free PSD Website Template

Free Psd – Office Landing Page

Kids Corner free PSD Template

Free Badges PSDs & Vector Sets For Your Future Projects

Badges can be quite handy for a designer as it can be incorporated into various items such as banners, landing pages and other things. It can even be used as your watermark. Instead of spending a lot of time creating your own badges, there are actually plenty of badges already available for your use.

In this showcase, I’ve collected over 20 free badges designs in PSD and AI files. All of them are fully customizable to meet your design project needs. Whether you’re looking for something with a more vintage feel or maybe something a bit more simple, browse through and have a look for yourself.

Free Retro Badges by Imagearea

Vintage Labels/Insignias by Raul Taciu

Design club label design by Freepik

Flat Badges V.01 (Ai, Eps) by blugraphic

Branding Bundle from Cruzine Design

8 Simple Badge Templates from Cruzine Design

5 Photo Neat Retro Badges (PSD) by blugraphic

Badge Templates (Psd) by blugraphic

Free Vintage Effects & Templates Toolkit by Hortensiu Milstein

4 Free Ornamental Headers v.2 by Cruzine Design

Premium Quality Badges (Vector / Psd) by blugraphic

3 Vector Badge Templates by inu mocca

Hand Drawn Badges By Callie

4 Retro Sign Templates by Cruzine Design

Premium Vintage Label by eightonesix

Free badge collection by Scredeck

Vintage Badge by eightonesix

Free vintage typography label art by Freepik

Retro label design art by Freepik

Vector stickers collection by Freepik

Brand New PSDs: Rock Show Posters and Mobile UI Kits

This week we have been all about new PSDs in the Shop – new UI kits, poster templates, and more. Rock Show Poster PSD Sometimes designing logos and business cards everyday can get a little bit…

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45 Free Design Resources: HTML5, CSS, UI Kits And PSDs

In this compilation, you will discover around 4 exceptional and very useful HTML5, CSS, UI Kits and PSD resources that will in the long run help you keep your creativity alive. These resources will come in handy in particular when you need to develop certain design that requires these resources. Following is the list of some of the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates and UI kits.

Without any further ado, here we are presenting the complete list. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Enjoy!

Free HTM5/CSS Templates


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template

( Demo | Download )

Free Restaurant Website Template

( Demo | Download )

Escape Velocity

( Demo | Download )

Free Website Template for Car Business

( Demo | Download )

Cafe – Free Template

( Demo | Download )

TXT A Responsive Site Template

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Free UI Kits

Free UI Kit [PSD]

( Download )

Flat Ui Kit Coded Rebound

( Download )

Clean UI Kit

( Download )

Flat UI kit (psd)

( Download )

UI Kit for Marvel App

( Download )

Minimal UI Kit

( Download )

Ui Kit

( Download )

Free Musicapp Ui Kit

( Download )

Pizza UI Kit

( Download )

Light UI/UX Kit

( Download )

Food App Kit iOS 7

( Download )

About us & Metrics

( Download )

Flat UI Kit

( Download )

Flat UI Kit

( Download )

Transparent UI kit

( Download )

Free PSD’s Files

Free Moto 360 Mockup

( Download )

Team Conversation Icon

( Download )

50 FREE Icons

( Download )

Cellphone payment (PSD)

( Download )

Collection icon design with signals

( Download )

Flat Devices

( Download )

Flat Icons

( Download )

Round World Flags

( Download )

Heart shape button and icon (PSD)

( Download )

Map Pointer Icon (PSD)

( Download )

Plush UI Toggles PSD

( Download )

Identity Theft icon

( Download )

Packing box, shipping icon (PSD)

( Download )

Transparent iPhone Mockup + PSD

( Download )

Menu Unwrap Menu

( Download )

Wooden Sign Template (PSD)

( Download )


( Download )

Email Newsletter

( Download )

Expand menu button

( Download )

Medical Icon Pack

( Download )

New PSDs: UI Kits and Web Elements

New in the Shop this week are all kinds of bright and bold PSDs to help you up your design level. Web Elements PSD Pack Brand spankin’ new to the site today is this Web Elements PSD Pack! With…

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Brand New! Career Resource PSDs

Starting a new career? Trying to jump start your business? Maybe you just need sure fire designs to use for your client work. New to the Shop this week are all kinds of career resources to help you make that buck. Identity and Brand Mockup PSD Kit With so many platforms to grow your business […]

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20 Clean & Modern Free Web Layout PSDs

Are you looking for some top-notch free web layout PSDs? Then you have come to the right place. What we have for you is 20 clean PSD templates that resonate with professionalism and have all been designed with the latest web trends. They are all free (a couple requiring a tweet), all fully-layered, and all are desperate to be downloaded!

Here you go…

Web PSD Templates

Gridzilla (Includes 5 separate page templates)

Gridzilla Includes 5 page modern clean web template psd free

Download Gridzilla →

Simple Blog Template

Simple Blog Template modern clean web template psd free

Download Simple Blog →

Variety Template

Variety modern clean web template psd free

Download Variety →

Intent Creative (Includes 4 separate page templates)

Intent Creative Includes 4 separate page modern clean web template psd free

Download Intent Creative →

Bloom E-Commerce Concept

Bloom E-Commerce Concept modern clean web template psd free

Download Bloom →

Sports Website

Sports Website modern clean web template psd free

Download Sports Website →

Bootstrap-Based Template

Bootstrap-Based modern clean web template psd free

Download Bootstrap-Based Template →

Pinball Responsive Blog (Includes both desktop & mobile versions)

Pinball Responsive Blog Includes both desktop & mobile versions modern clean web template psd free

Download Pinball →

Travel Template

Travel modern clean web template psd free

Download Travel →

Météo (Includes both desktop & mobile versions)

Météo Includes both desktop mobile  modern clean web template psd free

Download Météo →

Seven Oaks (Includes 4 separate page templates)

Seven Oaks Includes 4 separate page modern clean web template psd free

Download Seven Oaks →

LookShop Ecommerce Template (Includes both desktop & mobile versions)

LookShop Ecommerce Includes both desktop mobile versions modern clean web template psd free

Download LookShop Ecommerce →

SKOKOV (Includes 8 separate page templates)

SKOKOV Includes 8 modern clean web template psd free

Download SKOKOV →

Orion Single Page Template

Orion Single Page Templatmodern clean web template psd free

Download Orion →

Macankumbang Single Page Template

Macankumbang Single Page modern clean web template psd free

Download Macankumbang →

Dexter's "The Lab" Template

Dexters The Lab modern clean web template psd free

Download Dexter's "The Lab" →

Portfolio Archive

Portfolio Archive modern clean web template psd free

Download Portfolio Archive →

Modus Versus (Includes 12 separate page templates)

Modus Versus modern clean web template psd free

Download Modus Versus →

Extraordinary (Includes 2 separate page templates)

Extraordinary modern clean web template psd free

Download Extraordinary →

Web App PSD Templates

Trip Journal App (Includes 2 versions: Star Wars & Europe)

Trip Journal App mobile modern clean web template psd free

Download Trip Journal App →

Book App Mockup

Book App Mockup mobile modern clean web template psd free

Download Book App →

Jelo Mail App

Jelo Mail App mobile modern clean web template psd free

Download Jelo Mail →

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14 Fresh And Free PSDs Of Website Templates

In this collection, we are showcasing 14 fresh and amazing PSD files of website templates. Designing the website theme is very tough and hectic job and it takes lots of time too. This is the reason that designers always prefer PSD files because PSD files are ready-made, save time and effort. Website visitors appreciate and like those websites which are easy to use and have nice and appealing website theme.

Web designers always welcome the PSD collections with warm and open hands because PSD files are the great help for them and make their work easier for them. Web designers will definitely get help from this collection. So, this is another PSD collection for the designers. Check out these PSD website templates and download your best pick without paying any money. Do let us know what do you think about this collection. I Hope you like this collection and please do share your valuable suggestions and comments with us via our comment section below.

Free Hotel Web Template


Free Hosting Web Design Free PSD

Award The Inspired clean PSD website

Dublin iPad & iPhone Apps

Free Flat Design PSD Template

LaunchPad Free Website Layout



Paradise Hotel Redesigned

Website Template for Community Website

Metronom Theme


Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers

40+ Most Useful, Free And Detailed PSDs With Open Layers

In this collection, we are showcasing 40+ free, outstanding and detailed PSDs with open layers which are actually better than Photoshop tutorials. Yes you heard right; if you do not believe it then have a look at this amazing collection. If you use these free and detailed PSDs with open layers you will find that they are more effective and useful as compared to step-by-step tutorials. In this collection you guys see so many open layers like to dissect a camera, a fire extinguisher, a sports shoe and so many.

So come, and grab this wonderful and amazing chance and start browsing through this fresh collection. And one more thing please do not forget to give us your precious suggestions or comments via our comment section below. You can also download these PSDs open layer without paying any cost.

Dribbble Wallet PSD & Process

Fire Extinguisher PSD

The Dribbble Shoes

Nokia Touch Screen Smartphone

Award Badge

Beautiful iPad Mockup Template

Stopwatch icon

Blackberry Mobile Vectory

Dribbble Cooper blue

To-Do List Icon

Leica MP



Marker pen highlighter

Fabric Ribbons

Coffee Cups PSD Graphic

Video projector icon

Wall clock template

First-Aid medical kit icon (PSD)

MacBook Pro Retina Psd Mockup

Minimal Chalkboard

Leather UI Elements

Blueprint Notice

Game Icon

Economic Lamp Free PSD Graphic

Hand and Dumbbell

Internet Speed

Sign Up Form PSD Template

Big Paper Clip

Drawing Tools Icon

Computer mouse icon

Payment Receipt

Mailbox Icon

Cardboard Box

Daylight Saving Time

Stapler Icon – Office Tool PSD

SSD Icon

Music Folder Icon Free PSD Design

Vector Back to school Background


Usb Disk

Checklist with stopwatch

Files Archive Box

Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers

Creative Progress Bars: 50+ Examples And PSDs

Progress bars show a user the current progress through mutliple-step processes, as well as download statuses; creative progress bars do the same, while alleviating the pain of waiting. Dull and time-consuming procedures bore users, who swipe, click and tap through content as fast as the breaths they take. Getting the right progress bar design could help increase conversion rates.

In this post are inspiring examples of awesome progress bar designs. Further down you can even find free progress bar psds to download for your use. As you can see from examples of these excellent progress indicators, they not only inform users of the progression of steps and the status of the download, but can take a life of their own.

Hopefully these examples will inspire you to create your own progress tracker that will successfully guide your users through all necessary steps of loading.

1 2 3 Done by Eric Pastwa

Welcome Steps by Luke Beard

Checkout page for Madein33 by David Cadusseau

Steps by Nadine Haardt

Getting Started Wizard by Missy Titus

Progress Bar Icons by Joshua Sortino

Enter Card Details by James

Fire Flame, Flame, Fire Flame Loader! by Mike DelGuidice

Remake of first shot by Kamil Khadeyev

Glass UI by Ryan Putnam

Loading Bar by Andrea Cau

Loading by Evgeny Skidanov

Progress Bar by Bojan Janjanin

Bee progress bar by Andrew Ckor

Progress Bar by Jan Losert

Progress Bar by Nina Geometrieva

iOS Splash Screen by Kerem Suer

Pro-grass Bar by dom

Animated CSS Progress Bar by Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Progress bar by Denis Perepelenko

Yellow Uploading by Voyover

Space progress bar by Mladen Zivanovic

Loader Fly by Lumen Bigott

Brick UI by Ryan Putnam

Toxic progress bar 3D by Alex Patrascu

Thanks by Mathieu Oftadeh

Rusty progress bar by Voyover

Just loader by Balazs Szarka

Progress Bar by Béla Lajos

Loading by Bryan Sleiter

Progress Bar by Peter Gajdos

Progress bar by Jekaterina

Progress Bar by Roman Bulah

Amount of water by Romina Kavcic

Loading by Andre Felipe Ribeiro

Progress Wheel by Thuy Gia Nguyen

Round Loading by Sanja Veljanoska

Circular progress bar by Marcus Forsberg

Progression thing by Alberto Jeldez

Free Progress Bar PSD

There is no a certain technique for creating a perfect progress tracker, but your main task is to make it unusual. Also, it should fit properly the other elements of your interface.

Here are 20 great free progress bar designs below available for download.

Progress Bar Freebie by Greg Dlubacz

Dark UI – PSD Download by Jeff Broderick

Color Changing Download Progress Bar by Vin Thomas

Circular Progress Bar by Asif Aleem

Progress Bar by wpnature

Loading Rebound by George Leonardo

Mario Progress bar by Badhon Ebrahim

Round Progress Meter by Marco Moreno

Progress bar + retina ready by Jakub Spitzer

Progress Bar by Niels De Craecker

Progress by Corey Haggard

Step Badge by Takamasa Matsumoto

Status Bar by Kevin Eichhorn

Progress Bar by Jeff Broderick

Upload to Cloud by idraki

Sweet Little Progress Bar

Energetic Yellow Progress Bar by Deepak Jose

Progress bar free psd file