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Link About It: This Week’s Picks: The smell of rain, Tesla’s ‘Insane Mode,’ cannabis beer and more in our weekly look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Beer for Cannabis Connoisseurs
A new beer by Colorado-based brewery Oskar Blues keeps cannabis-inclined drinkers in mind. The new brew—dubbed “Pinner” (referring to the term used for small joints)—features a heavy, hoppy aroma that likens itself……

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How to paint a person in the rain

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Desaturated colours, wet surfaces and visible rain drops create a convincing rain storm There are three important factors to keep in mind while painting a character caught in a rain storm: the atmosphere in the image, the effect of water on a body, and how the water drops create an opaque halo around the subject.

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MYR Studio’s “Rain Series” Accessories: Crafted from Tärnsjö skins, Johanna Landis’ handbags are at the forefront of contemporary Swedish leather goods

MYR Studio's

Most people would rather stay inside on a gloomy gray day; Swedish designer Johanna Landin, on the other hand, found her brilliant idea in the middle of a drizzle. Observing the patterns that rain makes as it falls on concrete, Landin discovered……

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d’emploi Holiday 2014 Collection: The Brooklyn-based outfitter introduces new luggage pieces and a waxed cotton rain hat

d'emploi Holiday 2014 Collection

As we’ve seen in the past, waxed cotton is the material of choice for Brooklyn’s d’emploi. Thankfully, that preference continues in their …

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Stay Dry Head-to-Toe with Didriksons Rain Set: The Swedish heritage brand’s highly packable kit features taped seams and breathability

Stay Dry Head-to-Toe with Didriksons Rain Set

If spending some time in the outdoors is in your travel plans, rain gear is essential. Without overwhelming your pack, the Rain Set (available in multiple colors for men, women…

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Modern Farmer’s Vibrant Muck Boot: Fully insulated waterproof boots ready for hard work outdoors or a casual walk in the rain

Modern Farmer's Vibrant Muck Boot

The Original Muck Boot Company has been making durable, weather-proof boots since 1999, supplying farmers, gardeners and hunters with an effective footing outdoors. It only makes sense then that they would partner with CH favorite Continue Reading…

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Guns & Rain Brings African Art to the World: Our interview with the equity-minded founder of the new commerce and development platform

Guns & Rain Brings African Art to the World

Creativity exists throughout the world. Global centers like Paris, London and New York have long served as geographic and cultural gatekeepers for the fine art world, but the internet is gaining momentum on democratizing the international scope of contemporary art. In Africa, the…

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Don’t Make Them Walk Home in the Rain! Free Theme for Taxi Company

Looking for a free theme for taxicab website? HTML5 freebie with a built-in booking form is what you need to set up a site without extra efforts.

Design Inspiration: Rain Anderson

Monolith is a mobile theme for WordPress, targeting expressive and color-loving bloggers and professionals.

This design was featured on Monday 30th of December 2013. It’s designed by Rain Anderson, and falls under the category of Blog.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Danaë by Vadim Zakharov: Installation at the Russian Pavilion makes it “rain” coins for the 2013 Venice Biennale

Danaë by Vadim Zakharov

Greek mythology is the inspiration for the Russian Pavilion at this year’s 55th Venice Art Biennale, which is seen in “Danaë”—a provocative installation conceived by conceptual artist …

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