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10 WordPress SMM Plugins to Improve Your Social Reach

These 10 WordPress SMM plugins will help you get your business to the next level. Feel free to try them out.

Modern furniture makers collide as Herman Miller buys Design Within Reach

Office furniture giant Herman Miller is acquiring the modern design retailer Design Within Reach. The pairing puts together two of the bigger names in modern-styled furniture: Herman Miller, which dates back to 1905, and Design Within Reach, which was founded just a decade and a half ago, in 1998. While Herman Miller is known in particular for its office chairs, Design Within Reach’s fame doesn’t come from any one category in particular. Instead, it sells a wide variety of home furnishings, some made in-house and others from famous designers (though, despite its name, its prices are not strictly within reach).

Herman Miller will pay an estimated $ 154 million in cash for an 84 percent ownership in Design Within Reach, with the deal…

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Making Content Adjustable for Any Mobile Device – Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Would you like to learn how to create content that immediately adjusts to any device it is viewed on? Read this book, follow its simple guides and be sure that your essential information will be delivered to the end user.

‘House of Cards’ producers reach compromise to keep the show in Maryland

House of Cards will stay in Maryland, after all — at least for season three. Governor Martin O’Malley announced yesterday that a deal was struck between the state and the show’s producers to provide $ 11.5 million in tax credits to keep filming in the state. The production company, Media Rights Capital, was seeking $ 15 million this year after receiving $ 26 million in credits over the past two years of filming. In a statement, the governor said “Spoiler alert: we’re going to keep the 3700 jobs and more than 100 million dollars of economic activity and investment that House Of Cards generates right here in Maryland.”

Filming for season three was set to begin in early spring, but it was delayed over the negotiations. State legislators had…

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Jamaican bobsled team raising money on PayPal to reach Sochi Olympics

Jamaica has a bobsled team, and it’s getting ready to return to the Winter Olympics. Jamaica’s team qualified for the winter games for the first time in over a decade this weekend, but it’s going to take quite a bit more than skill to get them over to Sochi for the 2014 Games. “In truth, we still don’t really know at the moment if we’d even have enough funds or sponsorship to fly to Sochi itself for the Games itself,” Winston Watts, the driving force behind the team’s resurgence, tells The Telegraph.

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Website Designing to Reach Out to the Millennial Generation

Have you heard of the Millennial generation? Those are sons and daughters of Generation X. If you’re a designer, you need to know that there special design tricks you need to apply to reach out to the Millennial Generation. Check them out.
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Grow Your Subscribers List to Maximize Reach and Profit

Grow Your Subscribers List to Maximize Reach and ProfitYour newsletter is a powerful tool that you can utilize to market your products and services, advertise new changes, and remind your customers to buy through incentives and offers, but in order to do anything useful with it, you need subscribers. Unfortunately for many of us, getting subscribers isn’t as easy as putting up an email form. If you build it, they will not come. Instead, you have to take the long way around to market, offer, and sell your newsletter as much as you would any other facet of your business.

Opt-In Forms

The first rule of getting email subscribers is that you have to make it easy to sign up. Put your opt-in forms near the top on the sidebar of your website, and make sure you have a page for signing up as well. No one wants to opt-into something if they don’t know what it is about, or if they can’t find the sign up button. Second, you have to make it as easy as possible to sign up. Most people want to put in their email address and be done with it, so make sure your sign up process is as simple as possible. In fact, some studies show that potential subscribers can give up if they have to fill in more than one page of information. You can ask for more information in a confirmation email if you like, but make sure it’s optional.

Your opt-in form is essentially the most important part of gaining an email list because it is your pitch to the reader. While you can utilize a second page about your newsletter, most will make the decision on the one or two sentence description right around your opt in form. If you can’t make it interesting then consider hiring someone that can.

Remember to Use Social

If you have a strong social platform then you should definitely utilize it to gain more email subscribers. While fans and followers can be valuable, none have the same potential as the subscriber, mainly because they are more likely to see each post. Remember to disclose exactly what your fans will be getting by subscribing in order to ensure that they are interested and relevant. If someone signs up only to get deals and discounts, they won’t be very happy if you start promoting new products as well.

Offer Incentives to Subscribers

One option that is almost always a sure seller is to offer subscriber only incentives with your newsletter. Many shops and businesses offer a 10% of $ 5 rebate to initial subscribers, and many more choose to offer subscriber only sales and deals. Signup incentives, such as a free e-book or consultation are also popular, although less likely to keep your subscribers sticking around after they get the incentive.

Offer Value

If you do nothing else, make sure that you offer your readers something of value in each post. While this might not sound important for ‘gaining subscribers’ it is very important for keeping them. Consider hiring a professional company like to offer valuable and professional content and ensure that your hard earned subscribers don’t leave after the first email they receive.

Keep Your Newsletter Interesting

The more interesting your newsletter is, the more it stands out from the crowd, and the more you are likely to gain subscribers. Interesting content leads to shares, referrals, and retained readers, so it benefits you in more ways than you might think. After all you never know when a tip, a fact, or a joke takes your email from ‘a good read’ to ‘worth sending to friends’.

Invite Readers to Share

Did you know that you can increase shares by putting a forward this email button at the bottom of your post? If your newsletter is full of helpful and relevant content or sales and deals, then many people will want to share with their friends and family. Your job is to make it easy for them so that they remember they want to.

While it may be tempting to go online and purchase an email list, these ‘subscribers’ are neither interested nor welcoming of your newsletter, and it’s against the law. If you want your newsletter to be read, then you have to earn your subscribers one at a time. While it sounds more difficult, it’s worth the effort because you will make sales and gain traffic from an interested readership. Building a list of subscribers can take time, but all of these tips can help you get the email list you deserve as quickly as possible.

About the Author

George Torres works for where he’s been professionally marketing for the last few years. Email promotion is his passion and it’s what he does best. Contact his twitter or email for more info.

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CBS and Time Warner Cable reach deal, will end blackout by 6PM ET

CBS channels have been missing from Time Warner Cable for a full month now, but the companies have finally solidified a deal that will allow them to return. In a press release, the companies report that they’ve reached a retransmission agreement, and CBS programming will return to all affected Time Warner Cable networks by 6PM Eastern.


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Reach Out Peoples with Poster Designs

poster designYou may have seen visually striking designs painted /pasted every where attracting attention of passer-by, making people taken some action. Posters, in the form of placards and posted bills, have been used since earliest times, primarily for advertising and announcements. However, the great revolution in posters was the development of printing techniques that allowed for cheap mass production and poster printing, including notably the technique lithography chromolithography which allowed for mass editions of posters illustrated in vibrant colors to be printed.

poster design

Poster can be printed in many ways. Though most of them are mass produced with help of printers, machines they can also be hand produced in limited editions. Here given below are some ways in which they can be produced:

Silk-Screen Process

Silk screen process is time consuming as each print is hand made. Chemical is added to screen during emulsion & after the chemical dries, transparent design is put on the screen and exposed to UV lights causing burning of image on screen. After cleaning of screen ink is pressed with help of squeeze & the posters are hung to dry out.


It uses the CMYK color scheme. The computer software corrects the colors and determines which inks will be used in printing Modern press has one to five color combination while some special prepress allows more colors.

The press is loaded with blank papers and each sheet is run through .The operator runs series of tests to verify image quality & alignments. This process is also known as proofing. Finally the posters are created through printer. The final step after printing is drying of poster by using heated cylinders.
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Reach Ruin: Recycled glass shards and plaster casts recreate a post-apocalyptic landscape in Daniel Arsham’s solo show

Reach Ruin

Working with crushed glass, recycled ceramics, molded sand and the resin for which he is most known, multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham expanded upon his preferred material to create “Reach Ruin,” a beautifully resonating solo exhibition currently showing at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum. His ghost-like resin and fiberglass figures…

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