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Link About It: Passengers React to Tesla’s Insane Mode

Passengers React to Tesla's Insane Mode

An owner of a new Tesla P85D shocked some of his family and friends by giving them a taste of the all-wheel-drive electric vehicle’s “insane mode.” Using a dashboard-mounted camera, the driver caught the screams, squeals and swearing of his passengers……

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Drugs React with Negative Film and the Outcomes are Amazing

HeroinWe're all quite aware that drugs have played their part in the Art world time and time again, but not quite in the way that they do in the artwork of Sarah Schoenfeld. Sarah squeezed drops of various legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto negative film which had already been exposed. Each drop altered the coating of […]
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Designers react to Creative Cloud 2014

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It’s been a tumultous 24 hours in the world of design, with Adobe launching new versions of 14 of its most popular tools, making its first foray into hardware, and launching new mobile apps on top of that, all under the catch-all heading Creative Cloud 2014.

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Behance bought by Adobe: designers react

In a move that’s set to divide creative opinion, Adobe has bought Behance – the portfolio service for designers.

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