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CH for Combatant Gentlemen: Holiday Picks: Two ready to go outfits, whether you’re looking to dress up or chill out for the holidays

CH for Combatant Gentlemen: Holiday Picks

For the last two years Combatant Gentlemen has sought to help men dress better. They’re one of the few American menswear companies that own every element of their production from design to delivery. And their various apparel items, which range from……

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Modern Farmer’s Vibrant Muck Boot: Fully insulated waterproof boots ready for hard work outdoors or a casual walk in the rain

Modern Farmer's Vibrant Muck Boot

The Original Muck Boot Company has been making durable, weather-proof boots since 1999, supplying farmers, gardeners and hunters with an effective footing outdoors. It only makes sense then that they would partner with CH favorite Continue Reading…

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Homemade Pies from Jam Jar Bakery: Binge-worthy bites baked in single-serving jars, ready to eat

Homemade Pies from Jam Jar Bakery

Baking pies right in mason jars isn’t a new concept, but you’d be hard pressed to find those as well as executed (both inside and out) as the offerings from NYC’s Jam Jar Bakery. Created by…

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Tattoo Color-In Postcards: Megamunden’s designs in pint-sized form, ready to be personalized and dropped in the post

Tattoo Color-In Postcards

Hardworking artist Ollie Munden (aka Megamunden) follows up his wildly successful and fun Tattoo Coloring Book with a set of color-in postcards, so now those who enjoy embellishing Munden’s…

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Three Versatile Quick-Drying Shorts: Out of the water and onto the streets, these shorts are ready for any summertime adventure

Three Versatile Quick-Drying Shorts

The best days of summer are the ones when spontaneity takes over: a brunch in the city might turn into a bike ride to the beach or a pickup game of football. No matter where the day takes you, being well-equipped for whatever comes your way is essential. With these…

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The GameFace shows why Android isn’t ready to power a VR headset

Since day one, Oculus has promised that its prototype virtual reality headset would one day support Android tablets and phones, but the company has never explained precisely how such a system might work. Now, we have some idea: GameFace Labs is showing off a prototype of an Android-based VR headset here at GDC 2014.

Unfortunately, the GameFace Mark IV prototype is pretty terrible in its current state. Though it uses a crisp 1080p screen like the latest Oculus Rift — and the exact same lens design as the original Oculus developer kit for a fairly wide field of view  — it’s downright uncomfortable to wear, laggy to use, and repeatedly lost track of where I was looking in virtual worlds. It genuinely made me sick. And yet, wearing…

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20 Detailed UI Concept Sketches + Ready Designs For Your Inspiration

A sketch is a skeleton of an idea that was came to be originally as a thought. While we used to do it by hand, and on paper, creating different mock-ups and sketches these days can be done digitally via various applications. While lots of designers and artists go with the times and do their sketches on computers, a big number of creatives still prefer drawing by hand.

It’s great following a sketch from conception to fruition, and it is so inspirational to see how an ordinary drawing on a piece of paper can turn into a stunning design, be it for mobile or desktop.

We have put together 20 great examples of user interface sketches and ready designs to inspire you to take a step back and try out your ideas on paper and see where that takes you. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to go back to the old ways for future UI projects. Let’s see where that takes you, shall we?

Swipe to Login by Eddie Lobanovskiy, ALEX BENDER

Sketch & Mockup by Bady

Ordify Wireframe by Maik Fahldieck

Tweet This by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Radio App – Player by Román Jusdado

iOS Billing App with Timer by Mihnea Zamfir

UI Sketches by Jasmine Calderon

Moment Icon Design by Jackie Tran Anh

UI sketching by Neal Corbett

Player Buttons UI by Luke Etheridge

Ticket App Homescreen by Petr Knoll

Client Feedback Generator by Mike DelGuidice

Info by Nicholas Swanson

Sales Goals + Landing Page by Nicholas Swanson

UI Sketch by Etch

Sketch to Digital Wireframe by Konrad Group

Dashboard PS by Eric Guess

Process of Tasks by Ryan Smith

Motlee UI Sketches by Stephen Corby

NLS Mobile Sketches by Luis M Ruiz

Are you ready for OFFF Barcelona 2014?

Read more about Are you ready for OFFF Barcelona 2014? at

vimeo: 84451337 Thanks to a stellar roster of speakers – including Craig and Karl, ManvsMachine, Pomme Chan, Erik Spiekermann, Kate Moross, Seb Lester – plus a few surprises up Héctor Ayuso’s sleeve, OFFF Barcelona 2014 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Julia Sagar grills the festival founder on what he’s got planned for the three-day design fiesta in May…

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Are we ready for some Jelly?

jelly - design work life 1

In the immortal words from the poet of our generation, Beyonce, “I don’t think you ready for this jelly.” Turns out, 13 years later perhaps Mrs. Jay Z was wrong—seems like we might be ready for some sort of jelly after all.

For the record, Jack Dorsey beat us to this logical conclusion, but how many times are we going to be able to link to a Destiny’s Child video? And in fact what we’re talking about this week is the new app Jelly—a new search engine for humans created by Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter and also creator of Blogger.

The idea behind the name according to the company is the jellyfish “because it has a loose network of nerves that act as a ‘brain’ similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other.” And if that plus the pedigree isn’t enough, learning that the Jelly office is themed after Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic could seal the deal, at least for us.

Put simply, Jelly is “a new way to search with pictures and people from your social networks.” Basically you ask a visual question—perhaps as simple as “what is this” and your friends and their friends help answer it. The idea is that this human powered app makes searching for answers a much more personal, and dare they say it, fun adventure.

jelly - design work life 2

In its first week the app featured over 100,000 questions and about 25,000 answers, including some pretty funny made-for-social questions and answers about spiders and saving a life. Because of this buzz, entrepreneur pedigree and high profile investors it didn’t take brands very long before jumping in, as Nando’s, Travelocity, General Electric, and Lowes started experimenting with the new platform.

Its power as a brand-building tool lies in it being completely driven by users, and brands will have to remain useful and helpful if they want to play here. Jelly uses people’s core characteristic of wanting to tell people what they know, and the key will be for brands to solve problems for other people.

At its core, the app is as dead simple as it gets. A great example of the kind of lean user interface design and MVP sprint to market that you’d expect. The experience is so utilitarian, that you’re not trying to do a bunch of things—but simply asking and answering questions with people you know. As Jon Steinberg of Buzzfeed noted at CNBC, “It’s almost like an Instagram of Questions or the baby that photo-sharing app Instagram and question-and-answer app Quora would have.”

What’s most interesting for designers is the interface’s decidedly un-feed nature. Unlike Twitter, or other second-generation social platforms, this isn’t a scan and consume app.  It simply focuses you on the task at hand, using social networks to power your Q&A’s. An additional thing that’s unique about the experience is that rather than generating likes there is a tally of simple, and nicely designed thank you messages you get and collect.

Will we be talking about Jelly once the buzz dies down? I guess we’ll have to ask the app.

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Are you Ready for The Tech Boom?

The technological revolution is upon us, and it’s taking no prisoners. Users who spend time on the web are bombarded with new innovations, developments, software and hardware at a blistering…

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