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How to relax when your brain won’t stop buzzing

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Creative professionals are many things, but mostly we’re misunderstood. The creative process is a magnificent thing to witness. But, if you don’t know what it looks like, it’s easy to mistake it for something it’s not. For example, that blank stare you see on someone’s face could actually be a new creative idea forming right before your eyes. To some, it may just appear as if they’re carelessly blowing off their work responsibility. In reality, however, that blank stare could be helping them tap into the very thing that breathes life into their work.

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Stressful tea bag designs relax in hot water

The relaxing properties of camomile tea are beautifully captured in these ingenious tea bags created by the Malaysian advertising branch of M&C Saatchi. Each sachet features an image composed of edible ink made from tea that transforms when placed in hot water. The initial designs are representative of stress: thunderclouds, flames, and angry speech bubbles. The symbols that appear after the ink has dissolved are calmer in nature. Hawks become doves, volcanoes turn into tranquil mountains, raging fires quiet into candle flames, and so on. While delightful, these tea bags were produced for a creative campaign organized by a Malaysian tea company called BOH and are not widely available for purchase.

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China to relax web censorship in the name of economic growth

China’s recent history has been marked by two key features: rampant economic growth and tight governmental control on the spread of information. Now, it seems, both are starting to wane, as economic expansion is slowing down and even the government’s zealous grip on the internet is beginning to loosen. A report from the South China Morning Post today cites sources within the Chinese government who say that the country’s ban on a number of globally popular social and news services will be lifted within the special Shanghai free trade zone.

Twitter, Facebook and The New York Times are explicitly named as websites that will be accessible within the area, but the phrasing of the report suggests there’ll be other politically sensitive…

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