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The Rough Guide To Retail: Rough Trade’s Stephen Godfroy talks about his new multi-story retail concept in Nottingham

The Rough Guide To Retail

by Ian Sanders

Step inside Rough Trade’s new store in the creative quarter of Nottingham, a city in the English midlands, and it feels unlike any other of the long-established retailer’s outlets. Last year the company opened a vast store in Brooklyn;……

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Peter Marino’s Retail Reality Check

Peter Marino's Retail Reality Check

With all the advancements in e-commerce over the last few years and the slew of new brands opening as online-only, people have been finding it more and more difficult to find a reason to visit a brick-and-mortar store—especially department stores where……

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks: NASA launches Orion, Peter Marino gets real about retail, touchable holograms and more in our weekly look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning
A new material developed by Stanford University’s Dr Aaswath Raman is potentially going to revolutionize the way we keep cool. Made from ultra-thin layers of silicon dioxide, hafnium dioxide and silver (for reflectivity……

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The Elder Statesman’s First Retail Store Opens in LA : The new indoor/outdoor space in West Hollywood carries the vibe of the understated luxury brand

The Elder Statesman's First Retail Store Opens in LA

After seven and a half years in business, picking up the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award along the way, The Elder Statesman has finally opened its first brick and mortar store in its hometown of Los Angeles. Founder Greg Chait—recognizable by……

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Apple Watch not launching until Spring 2015, says retail chief

The much-hyped Apple Watch won’t launch until Spring 2015, according to a transcript of an internal video featuring the company’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, that was leaked to 9to5Mac. The new, slightly more precise timeline is still in line with Apple’s original statement at the Watch announcement of “early next year” starting at US $ 349, but now indicates that the device won’t be coming anytime in the winter months.

In fact, the transcript obtained by 9to5 Mac reveals that Apple’s new wearable won’t be available until sometime after Chinese New Year, which is on Thursday, February 19th, 2015. The transcript is just an excerpt from a longer internal video Ahrendts made to rally retail employees ahead of the 2014 holiday season….

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ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation: The NYC retail space uses motion sensors and LED strips for a mesmerizing night show after business hours

ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation

Fashion label ØDD recognizes the close-knit connectivity between art and style. This awareness infuses founder and designer Judson Harmon’s signature line, as well as the other labels he houses within his Lower East Side…

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Apple and retail partners prepare for launch of Apple Pay

It’s almost time to start paying for things with your iPhone 6 instead of plastic. Last month, Apple said its Apple Pay mobile payments service would launch in October, and new information suggests that the anticipated debut is fast approaching. 9to5Mac reports that Apple is preparing its retail staff ahead of Apple Pay’s arrival with mandatory one-hour training sessions. Leaked training materials reveal some new details on just how Apple Pay will work; Apple Pay is bundled in with the Passbook app — which we already knew — and you’ll be able to store up to 8 credit cards with Apple. You can use any card Apple already has on file for your iTunes account, or scan in new payment methods using the iPhone’s camera.

Since Apple Pay and…

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Scandinavian Design at Austere, Downtown Los Angeles: The new concept retail space brings Sweden’s classic aesthetic to SoCal

Scandinavian Design at Austere, Downtown Los Angeles

It was an old auto showroom sitting empty at 9th Avenue and Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, but as soon as brand consultant Fredrik Calstrom—who originally hails from Sweden and now lives in New York—laid his eyes on it, he quickly knew…

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Key trends in luxury retail design

Luxury retail outlets are extensions of high-end brands, and no expense is spared when it comes to creating innovative architecture and a striking atmosphere. There are a few trends that many luxury retailers are embracing, seen in many new boutiques that have hit global shopping centres over the past couple of years. From an enhanced use of technology to the creation of a lifestyle “experience,” the following are a few of today’s most prevalent design trends in the luxury retail sector.

Using Natural Materials to Create Warmth

A longstanding design trend that shows no sign of going away is the use of warm, natural materials in retail spaces. Hardwood floors, stonework, and water features can bring a space to life and create the feeling of a refuge from ordinary life that sits particularly well with luxury brands. You can see this used in the organic curves and wooden surfaces of the Etxart and Panno boutique in Barcelona.



For luxury brands, less is often more. This is particularly true if a brand is known for its architectural lines and clean design. In this case, the retail space should reflect the brand’s identity with a clean, minimalist design. Hardwood floors, sleek metallic surfaces, and allowing the products to retain the main focus can be a good combination for today’s luxury brands. One example of this is the new Alexander Wang boutique in Tokyo, which features a mix of raw concrete, floating shelving, and stark black and white décor.


In-Store Technology

To compete with the convenience of online commerce, visiting a physical retail space should provide something special for consumers. One way to blur the lines between these two shopping experiences is the use of in-store technology. A good example of this is the Burberry flagship store in London, which features screens that transform into mirrors, the world’s largest retail screen, and hundreds of hidden speakers. The retail staff members conduct transactions with iPads, and clothing is embedded with microchips which show customers how the item looks on the catwalk. Live feeds to catwalk shows and in-store digital displays are becoming more commonplace as part of integrated high-tech design.

Lifestyle Branding

Some of today’s new boutiques serve more as an outlet for design rather than a retail space, to reflect the design aesthetic of the brand. One example of this is the new Intersect by Lexus outlet in Tokyo, billed as a “luxury lifestyle experience centre” rather than a typical automotive showroom. Click here for a detailed description of the concept, in which consumers can get the feeling of what Lexus stands for through non-automotive products. A café and exhibition space round out the experience.


Tactile Surfaces

What better way to create a plush, inviting atmosphere than by using fabric to cover the interior surfaces? Many boutiques have long included ornate sitting areas, with soft carpeting and high quality furniture. Yet shops like Hublot in Istanbul are taking fusion design to a new level. This boutique has lined the walls with silk and the floors with wool, for a luxurious take on fusion design.


Luxury brands that are stuck using the traditional idea of what constitutes a retail venue may get left behind. Today’s consumers expect a unique shopping experience, combining the convenience of digital technology and the grandeur of a luxury lifestyle.

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Retail and Discounts Data Graphic: How to Build Business Sales [Infographic]

Since Coca-Cola invented the revolutionary marketing technique back in 1887, coupons have been a constant mainstay of the business world.

Retail and Discounts Data Graphic: How to Build Business Sales [Infographic]

Coupons provide a clever incentive to buy, a physical reminder of the company that produces them, and a psychological cue to inspire loyalty from customers. Yet, while some types are incredibly apt at bringing in business, not all coupons are effective. In fact, some can even be badly damaging – like the Blockbuster Video campaign for no late-fees, which prompted customers to simply keep the movies they rented.

But as coupon technology has found a firm footing in the digital world, a new generation of vouchers and discount codes are giving companies an invaluable way to reach consumers yet again. In fact, in 2007 only 64% of consumers used a coupon and in 2013 that number jumped to 92%. So amongst this veritable renaissance of coupons, companies must be sure to carefully craft their campaigns for optimal performance and the best way to do so is to analyse the science of psychological incentives.

To help you make the most of your next coupon campaign, do check out the informative data graphic below by to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. Take an in-depth look into the history of coupons, success stories and failures, consumer reaction to variety and learn how to launch a successful coupon campaign.

You can encourage more customers to return, attract a new customer base, promote new products and target marketing all through the use of a coupon offering.

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