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.klatz Smartwatch and Handset: A stylish wrist accessory rethinking the form and functions of wearable tech

.klatz Smartwatch and Handset

While fashion often takes a backseat to function, or vice versa, in wearable tech, Ukraine’s .klatz is hoping to change that with their smartwatch and handset. They’ve revisited the bracelet form, but unlike Nike’s FuelBand,…

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Driving the Design of the 2016 Audi TT : Rethinking an icon has both challenges and opportunities

Driving the Design of the 2016 Audi TT

by James Willard When the first generation Audi TT was unveiled in 1995, it was a sensation for the car-maker, its customers and the industry as a whole. Not only did the design of the car…

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Design Weekend São Paulo: MADE Pop-Up: A design collective’s clever transgression of function and materials provoke the rethinking of everyday objects

Design Weekend São Paulo: MADE Pop-Up

by Jorge Grimberg Part of many different events comprising Brazil’s second-annual Design Weekend São Paulo, the MADE (Mercado+Arte+Design) pop-up featured an exhibition curated by investment banker-turned-collector Waldick Jatobá. Within…

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Compass Cultura : An ad-free publication rethinking travel journalism with thought-provoking, long-form stories

Compass Cultura

Miles away from Lonely Planet, NatGeo and Fodor’s, you’ll find Compass Cultura, a new digital approach to travel journalism. The ad-free, subscription-based project aims to elevate the genre by celebrating creative, thought-provoking writing above all else….

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TURNCOAT: Rethinking with The Modern Wine Experience by Proof Wine Collective

The folks over at Proof Wine Collective (previously posted here) have embarked on a brand new endeavor: Turncoat, a new combination wine bar, restaurant, event and gallery space, in their words a “DIY Winetopia,” that will be located on Central Coast of California.

To support this new venture, they’ve set up a Kickstarter project, with the goal of raising $ 25,000. They’re offering some fun rewards for backers, including the two prints below.

Wine PangeaA beautifully detailed map highlighting the world’s paramount wine regions.


Presidential Drugs of ChoiceA print detailing every drug/vice done by each President.

As of today this project  only has six days to reach their fundraising goal, so head on over to Kickstarter and show them some support.

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Re-thinking car design in the age of self-driving vehicles

Google self driving autonomous car stock 1024

As self-driving cars inch closer to real-world use, car makers have the opportunity to incorporate new design factors that aren’t constrained by the requirements of manual control. Brad Templeton, software architect and board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has identified a number of attributes that can be unique to the new mode of transportation, from single-passenger cars and redesigned windshields to vehicles that re-fuel themselves between trips. Check out Templeton’s website to read his full vision for the purpose-built robotic car fleets of the future.

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