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The Last Spruce Tannery: Sweden’s Böle: Purveyors to the royal court and champions of doing things the old way for the right reasons

The Last Spruce Tannery: Sweden's Böle

Despite a recent resurgence in craftsmanship, some of the old methods are simply dying out. Tanning leather is among the oldest crafts, with the first evidence of the profession dating back several thousand years. Today, the traditional European method of using tree bark—specifically…

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Riding Royal Enfield’s Continental GT Café Racer: Taking the Indian motorcycle maker’s 535cc bike on a Californian tour

Riding Royal Enfield's Continental GT Café Racer

To most, the late ’60s and ’70s were the glory days of motorcycle design. America made muscle and the Japanese took over the industry with attractive, simple, reliable machines of all engine sizes. While Triumph’s Bonneville and Honda’s new CB1100 offer something…

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Father of computer science Alan Turing issued royal pardon 59 years after his death

British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing was convicted of “gross indecency” in 1952, before being sentenced to chemical castration. Now, 59 years after his death from cyanide poisoning in an apparent suicide attempt, he has been issued a posthumous pardon by Queen Elizabeth. Turing — who was instrumental in cracking the Nazi Enigma code during World War II and designed ACE, one of the world’s first stored-program computers — received the conviction for his homosexuality, and underwent a series of injections that left him impotent and growing breasts.

The pardon was granted under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy after a request from Chris Grayling, the British government’s Justice Minister, and comes after a lengthy…

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Royal Caballito: The new Madrid-based label produces locally and features minimal yet playful prints to survive the winter

Royal Caballito

Though born and raised in Madrid, Diana Saldaña is very much an international figure. As an art historian who specializes in self-portrait photography, she’s worked at PHOTOEspaña Festival in Madrid, Magnum Photos in Paris and LA’s Getty…

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Happy Birthday Dear Academie: The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and its renowned Fashion Department celebrate their 350th and 50th anniversaries in a major joint project

Happy Birthday Dear Academie

London, Paris, Milan and New York are usually the first cities that come to mind as the breeding grounds of art and culture. Yet it’s in Antwerp, Belgium (with a population of around 500,000), where the ); return…

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Royal Studio: Indiesciplinas Poster Series

Portugal based Royal Studio was tasked with the challenge of creating a collection of posters to promote a series of concerts showcasing indie music of all genres. The resulting series, Indiesciplinas, employs experimental design techniques alongside a few constraints to keep the series cohesive. This design style is incredibly far out of my typical comfort zone, but I love it. I’m especially impressed with the energy they’ve been able to create; and even without knowing the music, these definitely look like concerts I’d like to attend. Get a closer look at more of the details right here.













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Royal Bandit Create Deliciously Quirky Titles For Reasons To Be Creative

I am just back from Reasons To Be Creative, John Davey a.k.a. Johnny Belmont’s spiffy conference in incredibly sunny Brighton. Before I return to The FontFeed’s regular publishing I would like to share the delightfully upbeat opening titles for this year’s event. The humorous and deliciously quirky sequence combines a mix of situations and techniques to introduce the speakers featured at the conference. It was created by the madly talented French Canadians Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel who joined forces as Royal Bandit. The music score that fits their wondrous visuals to a tee was composed and performed by their friends Like Elliot Did, a Casio folk duo, also from Montréal. Enjoy…

Opening Titles – 2013 – Royal Bandit from Reasons to be Creative on Vimeo.

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Midsummer Night’s Dreaming: The Royal Shakespeare Company and Google Creative Lab recompose the celebrated play in an experimental online stage

Midsummer Night's Dreaming

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), in a bid to explore how the Bard of Avon can take center-stage in today’s digitally interactive world, has collaborated with Google Creative Lab to produce a three-day, real-time performance of…

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Max Hazan’s 1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500: The former airplane and boat builder’s artistic take on custom motorcycle design

Max Hazan's 1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

With a background in building airplanes, boats and even custom furniture, Max Hazan has an endless list of references to pull inspiration and ideas from. Through this varied experience Hazan has found motorcycles to be his…

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The James Royal Palm Hotel: Local inspiration fuels the revival of a Miami icon

The James Royal Palm Hotel

“Design is always a collaborative process,” says Lauren Rottet, the founder of Rottet Studio and head designer of the freshly minted The James Royal Palm Hotel. The subject of a recent $ 42 million renovation, The James’ latest property has tapped into Miami’s local and extended community of hospitality, design,…

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