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Link About It: Fashion Santa

Fashion Santa

UK-based design studio Joint London has given old Saint Nick a high-fashion makeover in their “Designer Santa” Christmas cards. Instead of donning the traditional red and white, Santa jumps straight into 2014 street style by dressing in the latest……

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Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa on the Amalfi Coast: A former convent converted into a lavish 20-room resort, this Italian sanctuary is blessed with heavenly views

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa on the Amalfi Coast

by Kelly Phillips Badal

Vacationing in a former convent may sound a bit austere—that is, until you experience Monastero Santa Rosa on Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast. This monastery-turned-hotel offers all the peaceful seclusion the sisters enjoyed……

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Knight Mills + Goodhood Limited Edition Floor Runner: Sourced and crafted in Santa Fe, each rug takes over 25 hours to weave on America’s only Jacquard loom

Knight Mills + Goodhood Limited Edition Floor Runner

In 2007, Goodhood opened its doors on a back street in Shoreditch, promising Londoners a curious collection of clothing and home goods. Last September, founders Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart expanded their inventory and moved shop a block away to a……

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Terroir Life Wines: The Santa Barbara purveyors bring together an international community of winemakers to cultivate connections between regions

Terroir Life Wines

by Janine Stankus To oenophiles, the term “terroir” refers to wind, rain, soil, sun, diurnal shifts—all the elements that imbue wine with its distinct character. It’s the “biography of wine,” notes Ali Banks, Terroir Life co-founder, but one which misses an essential element:…

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Nick Frost plays Santa Claus in this year’s ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special

Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor has just wrapped up, but don’t worry: there’s more Doctor Who where that came from. BBC has just released its trailer for the annual Christmas special, and it looks like the very funny Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) will be making an appearance. He’ll be playing none other than Santa Claus himself, which is pretty much perfect if you ask us. While you wait for the Christmas special, you can catch up on the latest season with our recaps and analysis of each episode.

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Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant, Santa Barbara: Tips from two of California’s most knowledgeable sommeliers on summertime pairings

Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant, Santa Barbara

At Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, local winemakers regularly interact with sommeliers and enthusiasts. The locale’s friendly atmosphere is the upshot of the…

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Conventional Wisdom: International Santa Celebration: Beards, boots, sleighs and plenty of cheer at the annual gathering, explored by photographer Arthur Drooker

Conventional Wisdom: International Santa Celebration

For over a year now, photographer Arthur Drooker has traveled the US, stepping into the wondrous world of conventions and meeting their passionate, engaged attendees. Drooker invited CH along, to peer inside every stop through…

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Word of Mouth: Santa Barbara: Wine tasting, farmers markets and local secrets in our guide to this city by the sea

Word of Mouth: Santa Barbara

In the Southern California city of Santa Barbara, exploring the picturesque mountains, surf beaches and harbor only tells part of the story. The town boasts a world-class museum, lush botanical gardens and a historic mission; plus its close proximity to fruitful farmlands and ideal climate for vineyards has made the…

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5 things we hope Santa puts under our tree just by looking at their websites

5 things we want from Santa - Design Work Life -Cover

The fact that a simple, often one page, website can create completely irrational consumerism in a human is awesome, isn’t it? That web design can help sell a product is amazingly powerful. That it can absolutely crush a Kickstarter campaign or make you go from a Tweet to using your credit card is like when you figured out Inception.

So, since tomorrow is Christmas and according to Love Actually “at Christmas you tell the truth”, here’s 5 examples of simple landing pages that had us at first sight. These are the things we want Jolly Old St. Nick to bring down our chimneys.


Pencil - 5 Things we want from Santa - Design Work Life

So the new Pencil, by Fifty Three, to use with their Paper app, is the next generation of stylus. Yes a stylus. That thing we never really expected to ever want after we ditched our Palm Pilot in the 90s. But here we are, again. Only one of us is an Art Director by trade, but somehow after seeing the product page for this, we both ordered it, instantly. Go figure that the copywriter’s came first. The power of the site’s type, it’s inspiring messages, combined with the technology is a must have. Also, the tube packaging you get is dope.

Nest Protect

NestProtect - 5 things we want Design Work Life

Any product that leads with bold statements like, “Safety shouldn’t be annoying” and “love your smoke alarm” was seeking to do the impossible. Make smoke alarms sexy, and a must have item. How can you turn down a beautiful $ 129 piece of mind? The simple page, and clear messaging, combined with feature highlights turns the ordinary item into a must have.

Goldee Light

Goldee - 5 things we want from Santa - Design Work Life

Similar to the Nest Protect, is Goldee, a smarter than your average light bulb, light controller. Using a Kickstarter style campaign to make your lighting better, Goldee looks like Apple and Nest had a baby to create the future of light switches. The website guides you through the gestures, features, and basically how your life will be infinitely better through a beautiful, you have to buy it, light switch you didn’t really need before. That’s the power of design and a website meeting, and then blowing away your expectations with an end-to-end experience.

Square Cash

SquareCash - 5 things we want from Santa - Design Work Life

Anyone who already fell in love with Square to handle payments was already aware of their utility meets smart design approach. Cash, the email payment service is as simple as that. Send an email, and send money. It doesn’t get any easier – and the webpage experience does just that – it’s so simple that most of the page is probably under 50 words of copy and uses huge blocks of flat colour, and integrated video to tell the story of making your money free to send anywhere.


5 Things we Want from Santa - Design Work Life

We like this one, a lot. Smirl’s simple and first real world Facebook like counter for small business is a lesson in communication discipline. Here’s a product website that helps sell a simple, and almost useless product. But we still had to have it anyway. The combination of beautiful product images, video, and novelty of the real world flipping counter combined with a limited edition run of 500 units that as Smirl notes, “shorten the link between the digital and physical worlds.” The cityscape of all Facebook pages that have supported it is a nice interactive touch too.

Bonus Stocking Stuffer: Timbre

Timbre - 5 Things we want from Santa - Design Work Life

If these ridiculous desktop speakers were to show up under our trees, we wouldn’t hate that either.

Design Work Life

Bill Gates is Santa for one lucky Reddit user

Bill Gates is no stranger to Reddit, but he’s swapping 80-inch Windows 8 displays and meme pictures this time for a role as secret Santa. 24-year-old Reddit user “NY1227,” identified only as Rachel, participated in this year’s Reddit annual online gift exchange and was left shocked by her unlikely secret Santa. Thousands of Redditors participate every year, but Rachel was lucky enough to receive a gift from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Rachel excitedly recounts her realization that a stuffed cow and National Geographic book were sent by Gates, and the Microsoft chairman even included a photo as evidence. Gates donated to the Heifner International charity on behalf of Rachel, and the stuffed cow symbolizes part of the charity’s…

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