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This drone ambulance concept has the potential to save more lives

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At first sight, redesigning the ambulance is a tremendous task. It has been around for so long, and even though it has some limits, it is still quite efficient. In the cities, the traffic can slow the ambulances down a lot, to the point that they might arrive too late. Outside of the cities, the […]

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Generate New York: save a massive 25%

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Generate New York is the conference for web designers presented by net magazine and Creative Bloq. Have you got your ticket yet? We’ve got a stunning speaker list (see below), and if you need further convincing, why not check out our ’11 reasons’ post.

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Save Victorian London from a werewolf infestation in The Order: 1886

The world is grey, and the streets are cramped. Dark, dingy clouds hang above buildings, gothic spires splitting through the mist. It’s a place you recognize at a glance: Victorian London. It’s the same gloomy city you’ve seen in countless movies and read about in plenty of novels. Oh, except this time it’s filled with werewolves and crazy electrical weapons.

This is the world of The Order: 1886, an upcoming PlayStation 4 game from California studio Ready at Dawn, which also happens to be the console’s first big exclusive in 2015. It’s an alternate history take on London, one where airships fill the skies and a group of warriors rises up to fight off the threat of half-human, half-wolf monsters. The setting is well-trod ground in…

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New Year, New You – Save Up to 50% Off Your Purchase

Don’t lose your chance to save this year! Last promo of the year 2014, save up to 50% on your cart.

Save the date for Generate London 2015

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Save the date – net magazine and Creative Bloq would like to invite you to a very special event on 17-18 September 2015, held at the glittering Grand Connaught Rooms (near Covent Garden, London).

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Plastic fish are coming to save salmon

Hydroelectric energy sources might be friendlier to the environment at large than coal or gas fired plants can be, but the huge dams needed for the generation of electricity from water sources can cause problems for fish forced to swim through their turbines. In a bid to find out the kind of struggles fish that live near hydroelectric power plants face, scientists have designed “sensor fish” — plastic tubes filled with technology that can measure the stresses and strains put on salmon swimming through dam machinery.

The new sensor fish, built by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and detailed in the American Institute of Physics’ Review of Scientific Instruments, have already been field-tested in two Washington state dams….

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Off Spirit Halloween Discount [Save 50% On Any Purchase]

Be prepared for an amazing cut-price. Today we’d like to introduce Halloween discount for web templates. We’ve reduced all prices by 50%, don’t lose your chance to save some money.

Mercedes built a self-driving truck that could save thousands of lives every year

Mercedes-Benz believes it’s built a self-driving semi-truck that could eventually help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year. The Future Truck 2025 can’t navigate city streets autonomously like Google’s fleet of cars, but is perfectly capable of holding its own on the open road — and that’s where sleep-deprived truck drivers most often pose a threat to people driving smaller passenger vehicles. Using a combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors, and the latest blind-spot technology (Mercedes refers to the system as “Highway Pilot”), the Future Truck 2025 analyzes the road to get a sense of surrounding traffic and terrain. The “highway” part of that is critical; a driver is still required to get…

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Save the date with these type-tastic wedding invites

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Designer Gavin Strange brought his creative flair to the table for his wedding invites

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Elon Musk believes colonizing Mars will save humanity

You’d be excused for thinking Elon Musk is crazy. Even with his unlikely successes in rethinking electric vehicles and commercial spaceflight, the man’s steadfast beliefs in the face of incredible challenges can make him seem like a blind visionary. If you’re of that mindset, Musk’s latest interview — published as part of an excellent feature story on Aeon this week — will do little to change your mind.

In it, Musk says that he’s fighting to colonize Mars not for aspirational purposes or advances in R&D that could be used here on earth, but because he feels he must do all he can to keep the flame of humanity alive. “I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness, to make sure it continues into the future,” he says, adding…

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