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36 High Quality Scans of Vintage Postcards with Handwriting and Stamps

postcard4I found this beautiful collection of vintage postcards at a sale this time last year and being a font designer and a general lover of typography I had to grab them. The quality of handwriting on these postcards is simply beautiful and appears as if they were written effortlessly, definitely a resource that I think you […]
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BlinkScan Scans & Removes Backgrounds Of Multiple Images (So You Don’t Have To)

Most scanners in the market today are expensive, slow and do not produce images in true color. BlinkScan is going to change all that. BlinkScan is a revolutionary device that can take high-resolution image scans of multiple objects without the background in mere seconds.

Every object that is scanned with the device is also automatically aligned and extracted into its own image file, thereby saving you lots of time in photo editing, and in cropping out the background images. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How BlinkScan Works

BlinkScan is a tabletop device that works a bit differently from a conventional scanner. For one thing, it is noticeably faster. It has a monochrome sensor and lights that blink Red, Green and Blue. The sensor will capture a total of 3 images (one of each color) and then combine the 3 into a high-resolution true "full color" image.

BlinkScan Color

Designers would also love the fact that BlinkScan churns out digital images without any background. While most of the time we may need to spend some time cropping out the background, BlinkScan does it for you, with high accuracy.

BlinkScan Scan

Another time-saving feature that BlinkScan offers is multiple object scanning. Just place all your items within the frame, and hit the button. BlinkScan has a scan area of 216mm x 297mm, the regular A4 paper size. Images are scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Best of all, BlinkScan can recognize each individual object from that one scan, and save them into separate image files, when they are transferred to your computer.

BlinkScan Images

These individual images are also automatically de-skewed (aligned appropriately, if scanned at a crooked angle), saving you some precious time. And all of this happens at a single press of a button. The scan takes about 3 seconds, and you can get your high-res, true-color photos on your computer in the blink of an eye.


The BlinkScan technology is simple and brilliant and it comes with a basic software that allows for simple photo editing such as rotate, contrast, brightness and hue. It is still a running Kickstarter project, as of this writing, but the early bird prices of $ 599 have been taken up. You can still purchase one for $ 799 with an estimated delivery date being sometime in July 2014.

Fantasy Illustrations and Sketchbook Scans by Jack Holliday

These awesome fantasy illustrations and sketchbook scans are by Jack Holliday, a freelance illustrator living and working in Birmingham. Jack has recently graduated with a First Class Honors degree in Illustration and won a Vaughan Oliver Award for his body of work! (Well Done Jack!) I work almost exclusively digitally, employing traditional techniques and academic skills to be able […]

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Spyware, Viruses, and Other Risks Detected with Norton 360 Scans

Threats can appear in numerous locations, even when you are least expecting them. That is perhaps the single most important reason why you need quality security software running on your computer – to…

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219 Watercolor and Ink Photoshop Brushes (Plus PNG’s and Original Scans)

Here is the first premium resource that we have created for our new website Photoshop Hut. This particular resource was created entirely by hand and is probably the only ink and watercolor resource you will ever need, also, it will only cost you $ 20, check out below at what you get included in the purchase : […]

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