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15 great places to sell your design work online

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Whatever kind of design job you have, the time comes when you ask yourself: “why am I working for a boss when I could sell design work I’ve created directly to the public?” There are loads of ways to make money from your talents, and it’s simpler than ever to sell design work online. You no longer have to invest huge amounts of time and money building your own online store: there are many existing ecommerce websites which will allow you to reach a wider market and sell your products.

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How to successfully sell your work online

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The Efficient Ways to Promote and Sell Your Plugin

You’ve spent ten thousand hours (the rule of the success by Malcolm Gladwell) to develop a great plugin. All WordPress standards were followed and were taken into account all feature requests. You’ve made a great work but it’s only the beginning of your road to first achievements.

The Efficient Ways to Promote and Sell Your Plugin

Now the main questionis how to get started to sell you product. I’m sure that you’ve already shared news about it on all your social accounts and get a good feedback from your friends, but it’s not enough to earn profit. Most talented developers face with this problem and there is no right answer, but there are approved ways to set the good strategy. We’ve collected some tested good tips and are ready to share them with you.

Brand Name

Brand Name

The main idea of a brand name is not only about making your target audience to choose you among competitors, it’s most about making them to see your product as the only one that gives a solution to customers’ needs. Promotion is a foundation for your profitable business and the best branding is based on a strong powerful idea. To deliver it to your customers is a really challengeable task as the selling is much easier when clients have an understanding that your product is “the must have” for them.

What are the simplest methods to build your brand name?

Paid Reviews

Paid plugin reviews don’t work anymore, even if you post them on the well-promoted websites. Each of them has a little inscription – “sponsored” under or below the post which scares away potential customers. Even if the reviewer shares his honest thoughts and fair feedback WordPress community won’t undoubtedly believe him. By showcasing all aspects of your plugin the author anyway tries to advertise its cons to make readers buy your tool and moreover all consumers’confidence can escape when they notice the affiliate links. So, this kind of promotion is not the trusted one.

Plugin Reviews

WordPress clients prefer looking through plugin roundups, learning statistics in developers’ researches. And this data is really trustworthy as the developer (to be more specific – his brand name) recommends the product, so he tested it and give customer an approvement. This approvement is unobtrusive and looks more like a friendly advice, so doesn’t evoke a distrust feeling and vice versa “help” you to choose the most appropriate tool for the website.

One great trick that experienced marketing specialists like to use is to promote not the product itself but the importance of its usage and then show the plugin at the most appropriate moment, so users really want it.

Deals Websites

These platforms will not only make a good reputation for your product, but also can help you to earn money.Of course they set prices lower than your plugin costs and you have to split the revenue, but consider this spending as an investment to an advertisement. Usually, the main traffic sources to your website and users from deals websites are completely differ from each other. So, the results can be really surprising and bring you a good rise of sessions in GA. Limited time offers engage customers and make them spread the word about cheap quality products with friends and colleagues. It’s simple and efficient way of branding.

The most popular deals platforms are:

Your own website as a marketplace

Your own website as a marketplace

To put all eggs in one basket is a really disputable question. You concentrate all your efforts on one project. Write posts which link to the site, arrange giveaways and make promotion. You should understand that your website will take all your time, as admin, uploading, tagging, support and etc are now your main job options. Yes, it’s hard work but the result is really worth it – you are independent.

Plugin price

You and only you set the plugin price. That’s the main reason why so many developers choose to sell products on their own website. You can test what price gives you the highest revenue and change it anytime you like. You haven’t split the commission with the reseller. Selling via your website also gives you an opportunity to build some loyalty program with the discounts for permanent consumers.


One more point to the “My own website” team. You can recruit people to sell your product and earn extra money doing nothing special. Resellers will get their commission, you’ll have additional income. Looks like a perfect scheme. Not all marketplaces offer affiliate programs to their customers and partners, so it’s a great advantage of having your own site.

Join the plugin marketplace

Join the plugin marketplace

There are many ponds to fish but really very few have fish. You can earn profit from your product via the marketplace only in case if this sale platform is really well promoted and hundreds of users come there to search for WordPress tools. Nowadays it is CodeCanyon. There are also other marketplaces worth checking but not many, so you have to choose wisely where to place your product:

CodeCanyon is the most popular place to sell your WordPress item. It’s a huge marketplace with an extremely wide choice of different plugins. But! Here is a really big ‘But’. Inspite of its popularity, it won’t promote your product for you, only if it comes to the ‘popular items’ section, users notice it and buy. Otherwise it’s really easy to be lost among more than ten thousand plugins.

Let’s consider if it really be on the first page where the majority of buyers is concentrated. If you are an exclusive author on CodeCanyon, your fee will be 12.5%-37.5% of the product price and will rise depending on the quantity of products you sell. Great! But let’s look at the other side of the coin.

You can’t set prices.

Guys behind Envato look through your code (a good way to receive feedback about your item) and set the price for your plugin based on their thoughts and you have nothing to do with this. There is also needless to say that you are impossible to change their decision.

If you sell as a non-exclusive author your fee will be 55% of the item price, sometimes it can run up to 70%. The more copies you sell the higher percentage you’ll get. Selling non-exclusively also means you can market your product via the personal website. So it’s easy to compare the profit from these two sources.

The decision to be exclusive or non-exclusive author also depends on how you want your product work for you. If you have limited time to spend on your plugin it will be better to place it on the marketplace and remain exclusive.

If your WordPress product brings you the main income it’s better to spread the word about it on many other marketplaces and websites, use the affiliate program and in such a way gain a wider ‘catchment field’.

Bonus tip :) repository is great to test the idea and present your plugin to the WordPress community. Put the basic/lite version that solves only the part of the problem area to the and add the link to the Pro version which is on your site. It will surely bring you a good traffic and tells users about your plugin.


If you are working with WordPress for a living, it’s important to build your reputation, influence and advertise yourself as an expert in your niche (WordPress plugins). All these are possible only by producing great products and selling them. It’s only up to you what source to choose to distribute your plugin. You can use the existing traffic base of the marketplace or you can build your brand awareness and sell via your site. You can even start selling on the marketplace and then take away your item and go for independent sale.

Where do you prefer to sell your WordPress plugins? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments section.

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The Sabah Dealer: A closer look at how Mickey Ashmore came to sell traditional Turkish slippers in NYC

The Sabah Dealer

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FCC might give Netflix what it wants and still allow Comcast to sell fast lanes

report published this afternoon by The New York Times details one of the possible plans the FCC may debut in their attempt to establish new rules around net neutrality and the open internet. It takes a “hybrid” approach, dividing the new regulations between commercial or wholesale internet traffic and retail or residential internet traffic. In a nutshell, this would mean content companies like Netflix will get the price controls they want when it comes to dealing with companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. But those companies will also be allowed to give certain data a fast lane over their networks if it was “justified,” cementing the gutting of net neutrality that occurred when Verizon defeated the FCC in court.

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Florida has turned to a Marvel superhero to sell more orange juice

People are drinking less orange juice every year, and on top of that, citrus crops are being ravaged by foreign bacteria that’s rendering huge sections of crops worthless. All that has led Florida orange growers to completely reimagine their OJ mascot from a goofy looking orange wearing a cape, to a strapping superhero that hangs out with Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers. What could be cooler than that? Maybe an ice cold glass of fresh Florida orange juice, according to Captain Citrus, who is actually a man named John Polk who lives on an orange grove and has something called “solar pods” in his body that allow him to cheat certain death.

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GM plans to sell cars with ‘highly automated driving technology’ in two years’ time

GM has announced details of its first cars to employ automated driving technology. Addressing the Intelligent Transport Society today, CEO Mary Barra said a new Cadillac model equipped with what the company calls Super Cruise, a semi-automatic system that enables hands-free driving on highways whether you’re traveling fast or stuck in traffic, will go on sale in around two years. Barra calls Super Cruise “an advanced, highly automated driving technology” that lets the driver “take a break from the wheel and pedals and let the car do the work.”

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Nest’s Matt Rogers: ‘we don’t sell ads, we sell products’

Nest co-founder, former Apple intern, and Nilay Patel’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nominee, Matt Rogers was on hand at IFA 2014 to deliver one of the opening keynotes for the show. Announcing that the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect fire alarm are coming to the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and France later this month, Rogers also took some time to detail the company’s founding principles. Among them is the belief that Nest is a guest in every customer’s home and it must respect and maintain the trust shown with every purchase.

You don’t have to connect your Nest thermostat to the internet or to any other devices capable of communicating with it if you don’t want to. You’ll get less functionality, but you can effectively…

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Sell Amazon the Easy Way with EasyAzon


Make Money with Amazon the EasyAzon Way!

EasyAzon is a WordPress plugin I started using on the Dividend Ninja back in June 2011. It was developed by Chris Guthrie of Make Money on the Internet. When he couldn’t find a plugin to do what he wanted for selling Amazon on his niche sites, he created his own.

EasyAzon is hands down one of my favourite WordPress plugins, and has paid for itself many times over. By using EasyAzon on the Dividend Ninja, I was able to create Amazon affiliate links with highly relevant content. This included a resources page, links in various posts, as well as book reviews. I also gained the extra benefit of having my RSS subscribers being able to click on these Amazon links right from their email.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is a company that has been around for years, and people trust the name. Almost everyone I know has either ordered books or products from Amazon, and feels safe in doing business with them. When you put links on your site to Amazon, people immediately know they can do business with you and trust they will receive their online order. Amazon is one of the easiest ways to make money on your website, but also one of the most time consuming and most difficult.

The EasyAzon Way!

EasyAzon links in Millionaire Teacher post
Fig 1. EasyAzon links in Millionaire Teacher

The EasyAzon WordPress plugin offers you a much better way to monetize Amazon in your blog! EasyAzon allows you to easily setup Amazon affiliate links, book images, and product info blocks right from your WordPress editor. What used to take 20 to 30 minutes or more of my time, now takes me only a few minutes!

EasyAzon uses an Amazon API Key which allows you to search for products right from your blog while editing posts. For example you can enter a book title or author, and within a few seconds you have list of the most relevant products or books.

EasyAzon lets you create Amazon links with minimum effort. You can create Amazon images or text links, and even your RSS subscribers (Feedburner) can click on these affiliate links. EasyAzon will also determine the country of origin, and redirect your affiliate link to the corresponding affiliate program. Live in Canada, but want to get commissions from users in the United States? EasyAzon does all of this.

Here is what the EasyAzon plugin allows you to easily do:

  • Search for Amazon Products right from your WordPress Editor in seconds.
  • Easily insert Amazon info-blocks, text links, or images with Amazon affiliate links right into your post (using WP shortcode).
  • Let Feedburner and RSS Subscribers click on EasyAzon products from their email.
  • No worry about localization! Your EasyAzon link will redirect automatically to Canada, United States, and other countries. You won’t lose your commission from a user in a different country (as long as you sign up for each affiliate program).
  • Save enormous amounts of time by not having to login into Amazon to find and generate affiliate links and affiliate images. Let EasyAzon do the searching and work for you!

How Easy is EasyAzon?

Once you install the EasyAzon WordPress plugin, and obtain your Amazon API Key, using EasyAzon is very easy. As a real life example, let’s look at a post I wrote on the Dividend Ninja. This was a book giveaway for Andrew Hallam’s bestselling book Millionaire Teacher. For that post I used EasyAzon affiliate links.

Once installed, the EasyAzon Plugin is located in the WordPress editor right under the post with other plugins, as seen in the pic above. (1) I opened up the plugin called EasyAzon Amazon Search. (2) I then typed millionaire teacher into the search field, and selected books as my search index. (3) Then I pressed the Search Amazon button. A couple of seconds later I was presented with about 5 choices for relevant content.

Using the EasyAzon search function
Fig 2. Using the EasyAzon search function

As seen in the pic below, the first option was the one I was looking for. What I did next was to place the cursor in my post where I wanted the affiliate link, and then (1) selected the Action I wanted to take.

These options include an Amazon link, an image of the book cover with an Amazon link, or a complete info block (contains the book image, title, price and links to reviews).

Search results for Millionaire Teacher with EasyAzon
Fig 3. Search results for Millionaire Teacher with EasyAzon

And there you have it. Insert an Amazon book cover and an Amazon text-link in a couple of minutes, without ever leaving your WordPress blog!

Let EasyAzon Do the Work for You!

I’ve used EasyAzon for a resources page, used EasyAzon for book reviews and book giveaways. I’ve placed EasyAzon info-blocks in my posts, which go out to RSS subscribers via Feedburner. So I’ve gained the power of selling Amazon with a one-two-punch from both my posts and by email. In each case I made passive income, with as much effort as it took to write the post or layout the page content.

This WordPress plugin is exceptional and well designed, and had been one of my core tools for passive income. If you are selling any type of Amazon products on your blog, then you’ll want to use EasyAzon.

The EasyAzon Plugin comes with a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Once you order the EasyAzon WordPress plugin, be sure to watch the EasyAzon support video. It explains how to setup the plugin and how to obtain your Amazon API Key! You’ll need this key to integrate the plugin with Amazon.

Copyright ©2014 by Avrom Digance, All Rights Reserved.

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8 online marketplaces to sell your art

The technology has so much influence in everyone’s life in today’s world that whether it’s buying or selling, maximum dealing is online. Same is the case with your art. Many artists have been selling their work on the internet and have been making money but now there is a great competition as such businesses have been increasing day by day.

That is why to make your art get maximum reach to people for making sales, here are 8 such online marketplaces where you can sell your art to numbers of people. Have a look at the websites below:

1. Redbubble

Redbubble is free to join where artists are offered to sell their art on various products while handling all the nitty-gritty stuff.


2. Big Cartel

Big Cartel offers you with CSS customization of your shop which most of the e-commerce platform do not offer. You can have five listings for free under its free plan but for additional listings, you’ll need to pay between $ 9.99 to $ 29.99 per month.


3. Society6

Society6 allows you to sell your art via a variety of merchandises such as tote bags, phone cases, clothing and mugs. It handles all your production, packaging and shipping.


4. Storenvy

Storenvy is another art-centric e-commerce site where you will get store analytics, layout customization for your online store, inventory and order-tracking services for free.


5. Displates

Signing up in Displates is free where you can earn some moolah when you promote other artists on the site.


6. College Art Online

As the name suggests, College Art Online is for all the art students and lecturers where you can set the price of your own and get 25% commission fee of each piece sold.


7. Threadless

Threadless is one of the most popular places to get T-shirt art prints. Your design will be scored by people around the world.


8. Hey Prints

Hey Prints is the place to get your lovely poster designs that will be printed on Epson Enchanced Matte Inkjet Paper for a high resolution turn out.


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