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WeberHodelFeder Shoes: Designed in Antwerp by a forward-thinking trio of footwear geeks and made in Italy with the utmost care

WeberHodelFeder Shoes

While duos are aplenty in the creative fields, a strong design trio is definitely cause to pull the car over and further investigate. WeberHodelFeder (WHF) might sound like it should be followed by loud “Gesundheit!” but a glance at the label’s high……

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Please Paris Shoes: The French designer’s debut collection touts unusual materials like patented leather with granite print, faux shearling and velvet

Please Paris Shoes

In the sea of shoes that flood the department stores, boutiques and e-shops, it’s not often that a debut collection grabs ahold of our complete attention like the one from Please Paris did. The recently launched French brand’s statement pieces surprise……

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Quoddy Custom Shoe Service: The generations-old moccasin-makers now allow customers to order shoes detail by detail

Quoddy Custom Shoe Service

For those in the Northeastern US, Quoddy is a household name, having been making moccasins, loafers and shoes of the like by hand in Lewiston, Maine for generations. Using techniques and methods derived from those…

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Cool Hunting Video: Red Wing Shoes: For over 100 years, these handcrafted boots have been leading the way in workwear

Cool Hunting Video: Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Heritage kindly brought us out to Red Wing, Minnesota to see the mecca of handcrafted workwear: the Red Wing Shoes factory. The bustling place is an…

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Direct-to-Conusmer OneGround Shoes: Casual, handmade leather shoes at an accessible price

Direct-to-Conusmer OneGround Shoes

Direct-to-consumer manufacturing companies like Everlane and Warby Parker have attracted a devoted customer following by offering attractive, top-quality products at a fraction of their traditional retail costs. Businessmen, tech geeks and shoe fanatics Nilton Duque, Emre Ulasti…

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Design Innovation at Paul Andrew S/S15 : The latest line of inspired shoes and accessories from the eponymous label

Design Innovation at Paul Andrew S/S15

During this past New York Fashion Week, we had the opportunity to see the latest shoes from designer Paul Andrew. What we found was not only beautifully crafted and high quality, but also invoked an…

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Beijing Artist Kong Kong Wei: Fantastical shoes and simple cotton accessories express the Chinese artist’s creative dichotomy

Beijing Artist Kong Kong Wei

Kong Kong Wei loves drawing. Since childhood, her father encouraged her to pursue the passion—taking her to art exhibitions and covering the walls of their home with scenes from her fairytale world. Her dedication to drawing…

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Dragon Shoes by Saigon Socialite


Shoes meet handmade wood carving. This type of wood carving would more commonly be seen to decorate pagodas or houses in Vietnam or China, but this adaptation on shoes looks totally gorgeous.

This project was patiently crafted by Saigon Socialite, a design studio from Vietnam.








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Saigon Socialite Shoes: Elaborately crafted soles reincarnating Vietnam’s artisanal villages through the ancient art of pagoda-carving

Saigon Socialite Shoes

by Natasha Tauber The elaborately carved soles of Saigon Socialite are the brainchild of LanVy Nguyen, born in Vietnam and raised in California. A corporate finance veteran, in 2007 Nguyen embarked on what she calls the…

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Giro Empire SLX : Inspired by football boots, these high-performance road cycling shoes lace up and incorporate cutting-edge materials

Giro Empire SLX

With the Tour de France under way and road riding season in full swing, there’s no better time to geek out over the latest technical cycling gear. Helmet and accessories maven Giro has been shaking things…

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