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Freebie: High-Quality Coffee Shop Icon Set (SVG, AI, EPS & PNG)

Cortesy of our friends over at Creatticon, today we have a fantastic free, easy to customize and high-quality icon set for all you coffee lovers! The free set consists of 24 different line-style vector shaped icons for easy resizing and fast customization of colors or line thickness. They come in several formats – AI, SVG, EPS & PNGs in different sizes – and can be used in both your personal and commercial works.

Remember, with enough coffee anything is possible! Enjoy :-)

Scroll down to download all of the vector banners.

High Quality Coffee Icon Set Preview

coffee icon glyph eps svg ai png light dark

Download & License

You are free to use this icon set in both your personal and commercial projects.

Do you have a freebie thet you would like to share with our readers? If you do, you can get in touch with us here:

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Officine Mermaid's Custom Ducati Scrambler

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The Robotic Future of Pour-Over Coffee: Poursteady: Behind the scenes with the makers of the machine that automates (and quickens) the coffee shop pour-over experience

The Robotic Future of Pour-Over Coffee: Poursteady

The crowded premium coffee shop: on the one hand, it’s a lively communal living room where conservations mingle and the energy is palpable—all walks-of-life coming together in the common search for next level java. On the other hand (and often where……

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More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire: The Williamsburg shop hosts skaters, dinosaur parties, and one day, a rally team

More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire

In the hubbub of Williamsburg, Tiny Empire’s small, pristine space is where people who like juice stop in for healthy drink in a creative environment. The shop’s artistic ambiance stems from owner Anthony Spadaro’s alternative youth. “I was part……

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Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer’s Yes Shop: The e-commerce site that encourages shoppers to buy less, but buy better

Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer's Yes Shop

by Kohl Crecelius

“Yes” has been a mantra for Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer—the husband and wife duo who have founded an online shop bearing the affirmative phrase. They adhere to a lifestyle that says “yes” to what life throws at them, and have carefully……

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5 Apps To Shop From Home For The Holidays (Reviewed)

December is here which means the obligatory soul-searching and gift-finding marathon has begun. For the latter, there are plenty of gift ideas available on this site and on many others, but that is no reason for you to actually shop til you drop. There are plenty of apps out there to help you shop smarter this Christmas holidays.

We have here 5 apps that can help you have better control over your shopping tendencies, monitor your spending, track your online purchases, find discounts as well as browse and find what you need (and want) more efficiently. Now you don’t even have to leave the house to do your shopping (yay for technology, especially if you are in the US because these apps work best there).

1. Wanelo Shopping

If you love shopping, you’ll want to try out Wanelo Shopping. It’s basically a combination of social media and shopping – think Pinterest, but for shopaholics. With Wanelo, you can follow your favorite stores as well as your favorite Fashionistas (if they’re on the app, of course). It has an interface that is easy to navigate through on your mobile, and a fun color scheme which can really brighten up the shopping mood. Wanelo is available on the Web, Android, and iOS services.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Website

What I Liked

Category Browsing

There are plenty of different categories to choose from such as “Trending”, “Home” and “Newly Added” just to name a few.

They even got a” Holidays” and “Browse by Style” category, which can be real helpful.

Take for instance, “Browse by Style”. There are plenty of subcategories that you can experiment with for instance fantasy, minimalist, soft grunge and more.

Tinder-like Swipe

If you don’t want to go through every item like you’re digging through a bargain bin, you can use this feature.

Swiping right lets you choose what items you like, left, what you don’t like.

What you do like will then end up in the “Quick save” section of your profile.

Follow Stores & Personalities

Want to keep up with what is coming to your favorite stores?

You don’t have to visit the store every single day, just use the “follow” feature to stay updated with the latest.

As a plus, you can also know what other fashionistas are currently raving about and jump onto the latest trends ahead of the crowd.

What I didn’t like

Automatic push notifications. I don’t know about you but the push notifications, to me, are frequent and they get annoying after a while. If you are like me and prefer to be left alone to browse at your own sweet time, you can turn this feature off.

2. Coupon Sherpa

A sucker for coupons? Well, then Coupon Sherpa is going to be your best friend. It started out as an iPhone app back in 2009, providing shopaholics with the mobile version of money-saving coupons. All you need to do is show the mobile coupon with your phone or print it out if you want to use the deals. If you’re shopping via the website then you can use the codes for more savings. The Coupon Sherpa app is available for Android, Apple and you can even access the deals via the site.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Website

What I Liked

Organized Tabs And Layouts

The layout of the app works really well and with tabs like “Hot deals” and “In-store” that you can choose from.

I found it useful for quick and easy navigation. The system itself works well too as I could easily spot the brands and deals that I would be most interested in.

Huge Retailer Variety

There’s a great selection of brands to choose from like Banana Republic and H&M.

To top it off, it’s not just select brands but departmental stores and factory outlets that give out these coupon deals too.

Location-Based Searches

If you’re looking to save money within your area, this feature will prove to be useful.

After enabling location services, you can see the best deals that are near your location with this feature.

You can even search via your zip code, if you don’t want to share your location data.

What I didn’t like

The Coupon Sherpa mascot. I’m just not loving the mascot design but other than that, I have no complaints.

3. Monefy – Money Manager

If you’re an impulse shopper, like myself, the holiday sales may feel like a bit of a curse especially if you are trying not to break your budget this year. Monefy is a budgeting app that can help. Generally used for everyday spending, Monefy can also be used to help you watch your Christmas shopping. Create a category specifically for Christmas, to keep tabs on whom or what you’ve been spending on.

Platform: Android – Free | Pro

What I Liked

Clear Chart Expenditure

Like other similar apps, you can use categories to determine what goes where in terms of your expenses.

However, for Monefy the use of icons and a chart make it easy to see at a glance and keep track of what and where your money is going month after month.

Monitoring Cash Or Card Spending

Under “accounts”, you can choose if you want to log in your expenses under Cash or Card.

The Card option is absolutely crucial for those who love shopping with credit cards – and who would like to outlive their credit card debts.

You never know when you might get carried away with purchase after purchase.

Security and Backup

Monefy comes with passcode protection, Dropbox syncing and the option of additional data backup.

When it comes to your finances, you can never be too careful.

What I Didn’t Like

Ads. If you want more categories, you will need to allow the ads to roll. There are a few other apps out there that lets you do this for free, so this was a bit of a letdown.

4. ShopAdvisor

ShopAdvisor is an app that can help and advise you whilst you’re out shopping for those holiday gifts. All you need to do is input the item that you’re looking for and it will search through different retailers and bring up available options for you. The results vary depending on how detailed your search is. The app is available on iOS, Android and as a website.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Website

What I Liked

Different Search Methods

You can speak, scan a product’s barcode or type out your search query to find what you’re looking for.

This is a great feature for quick general searches or if you’re just browsing through the store and want to know if you can get a better deal elsewhere.


This lets you keep up-to-date with a particular item. There are 2 types of alerts you can set for yourself: time alert and price alert.

The time alert reminds you at a preset time daily about the progress of the item.

The price alert only takes effect if the item goes under a certain price change that you’ve predetermined.

The “Refine” function. If you know what you want, the refine function will help you narrow down your choices according to manufacturer, material, style, size, length and color.

What I Didn’t Like

Navigation. Tabs help in general navigation but it gets a bit complicated when you’re looking for something like how to view it in map form. It’s all in the details. Also, the Android app looks amateurish compared to the iOS and Web version. Would have loved for their presence to be more consistent on all platforms.

5. Slice – Online Shopping Tracker

If you make a lot of online purchases, then this is the tracker for you. Slice helps you keep tabs on all your purchases. You can sign up via social media (Google+, Yahoo and Facebook) or via your email address. No more wondering if your Christmas gift has been shipped yet or not. On top of that, it has a couple of fun features. You can access Slice online via the website or on your mobile phones using the app for iOS or Android.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Website

What I liked

“Discover” Function

Browsing for deals and bargains online is made easier thanks to this. It’s divided to “price drops” and “recalls”.

You can get your money’s worth and know if a product you’ve ordered online previously has been recalled.

“Slice And Dice” Function

It helps you keep track of your budget. You can see how much you’re spending in different categories in terms of online purchases.

It’s presented in the form of a colorful pie chart that’s easy to intrepret.

What I didn’t like

Some purchases were’t valid. Not sure if it is just me but when I used Slice, it actually showed me items that were merely promotional emails.

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