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Degen’s Acid-Drenched SS 2015 Collection: Knitwear with no shortage of color, attitude or humor

Degen's Acid-Drenched SS 2015 Collection

by Laura Feinstein While oftentimes New York Fashion Week shows at Lincoln Center are characterized by flash and grandeur, downtown at Chelsea Piers Studio, a showing of younger designers is proving to be where a new spark is. Since graduating from RISD…

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Cool Hunting

IBM’s Watson wants to fix America’s doctor shortage

In 2011, IBM’s Watson supercomputer got an unusually public proof-of-concept, competing on Jeopardy! and beating its human competitors hands-down. It was a powerful public win for IBM, and for artificial intelligence at large, but the computer at the center of all that publicity was still basically a prototype. If Watson can do this, IBM wanted to say, imagine what it can do in the real world.

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