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Escape to Eremito, a Tranquil Retreat in Umbria, Italy: A remote escape for digital detox with solo lodging and no TV or WiFi

Escape to Eremito, a Tranquil Retreat in Umbria, Italy

In what seems like the fourth consecutive month of winter here in New York, cabin fever is rife in those glued to their computers on a daily basis. To keep spirits up until spring offers its sympathy, we found inspiration in dreaming of simple escapes……

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Yer So Bad: Dutch Artist Parra’s Solo Show: Inspired by graphic design and Pop Art pioneers, a collection of bold and bright works

Yer So Bad: Dutch Artist Parra's Solo Show

Dutch artist Pieter Janssen aka Parra knows no boundaries in his work. Spanning the past decade, the Amsterdam-based artist has painted, drawn and sculpted his way into galleries across the world, and partnered with the likes of Nike and Stones Throw……

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The Haas Brothers Volume 1: A beautiful, comprehensive monograph accompanying the artists’ solo NYC show

The Haas Brothers Volume 1

With wildly imaginative designs and an eye for material, The Haas Brothers have been redefining home decor, art and furniture since 2010. Whether they’re tackling sexuality, science fiction or wild animals across vases, benches and lamps,…

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Lenworth, The Righteous Leftie: The Dallas illustrator behind Fresh Kaufee on creating wearable art and his solo show at local lifestyle shop Epocha

Lenworth, The Righteous Leftie

by Chérmelle Edwards Each morning Lenworth McIntosh—who also goes by Joonbug—opens his Fresh Kaufee Instagram feed with hand-drawn letterings and illustrations that simply say “Good Morning.” The simple gesture is…

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ListenUp: Kitty Cash’s mixtape, Karen O’s solo album, Simian Mobile Disco and more in the music we tweeted this week


Tensnake and Jacques Lu Cont: Feel Of Love (feat. Jamie Lidell) Sex sells for the obvious reasons, but it can also be funny. Tensnake and Jacques Lu Cont’s hilarious new video for “Feel Of Love”—a standout…

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Jennifer Abessira: We Live as We Dream—Alone: The Tel Aviv-based artist’s new solo exhibition is a mixed media feast for the eyes

Jennifer Abessira: We Live as We Dream—Alone

by Ross Belfer It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise inspiration behind Jennifer Abessira’s artwork. Collagist, observer, anachronistic collector, photographer, mixed-media artist—Abessira is influenced by and works with almost everything and anything. Over the past year, the…

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Zak Bush: Revisions: Saturdays Surf NYC’s resident photographer’s solo show melds moody urban scenes with surreal seascapes

Zak Bush: Revisions

The surf scene in NYC has exploded in recent years, with surf shops cropping up in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Seeing a board on the train is common—especially in the warmer months. It’s this growing scene that…

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Manage Your Project Easily With Your Team Using Solo

Managing a project team is often a challenging task. If your team members are working remotely from different locations, it can be difficult to make arrangements for meetings to track everyone’s progress. However, there are some great tools that will your life much easier, such as those found in an awesome app called Solo.

Solo is a free client-server app which provides you with a lot of tools to expedite your project management. Tools like task management, file management, project calender, task timer and even an activity stream have been integrated within the app.

Getting Started

Installing Solo is easy; the installation wizard will guide you through the process. To get started, first download the Solo source code and upload it onto your web server.

In your browser, navigate to the Solo installation folder to begin the process. For example: You should see the installation wizard appear like in the following screenshot.

Just click Next and you’ll be prompted with the Server Compatibility check. Note that Solo needs at least PHP v5.3, cURL php extension enabled and MySQL in your server.

If all the requirements are met, then click Next to perform the Folder Permissions check, which is needed for the installer to write permissions on a few folders. If the permissions are correct, you can continue the installation process.

Then, click Next to bring you to the database setting page. You need to provide your database settings: hostname, username and password.

After the database has been created successfully, click Next to proceed to the Company Info configuration page.

You must fill in the Base Url (used), Company Name and Email Address. If you aren’t sure about something, just click on "more info" to bring up the hint. Click Next to finish the process.

To log in, just use admin for both the username and password.

And now you’re ready to start working with your team using Solo. Once you’ve made sure that everything is working properly, delete the install folder for security reasons.

Solo Features

Solo has a pretty simple and user-friendly interface. All of Solo’s main features are located on the left sidebar. Solo also provides you with a sample project. Let’s see what’s inside.

The Dashboard is the summary of all projects. The Projects section informs you about a project’s status and progress, which you can see either in grid or list view. Right beside it, the Activity Stream can tell you what’s happening with other projects.

The Project page gives you more detailed project information as you can see from the screenshot below. You will also see a few tabs, which are self-explanatory: Details, Calendar, Tasks, Files and Notes.

With Solo, you can also add lists of your clients into the project on the Clients page.

In the Files page you can find the full list of uploaded files from all projects and filetypes like video, mp3, and document is available for preview. Note that you can’t upload files from this page; you can only do that on the Projects page.


If the Solo’s default settings don’t meet your requirements, you can customize them.

Translating to Another language

To translate Solo’s default language, first open the Solo’s language file, which you can find in: ../solo/server/language/en/build/all.php. Then translate the language within the file. Don’t forget to check the permissions on the build folder (solo/server/language/en/build) which should be 777.

Once you’ve finished building your new Solo language, login to Solo and navigate to the Admin tab then click on Build Template File to apply the change.

Config File

The config file is where you can edit the default settings of Solo. If want to change the values, open the config.php file in ../solo/server/config/. To see all available options with descriptions, head over to the config documentation page.


Solo is a creative and unique project management application. It’s also very convenient as your team won’t need to install any other app; all you have to do is log in to Solo online to start working on a project.

Since Solo is available for free, it doesn’t offer advanced features like invoicing, payment, messaging, budget report or a project calendar. However, you can get those features in DuetAPP, a premium version of Solo, for $ 49.

ListenUp: Mary J Blige joins Disclosure, Young Turks’ new imprint, Damon Albarn’s first solo album and more music we tweeted this week


King Dream Chorus: King Holiday On Monday, the US celebrated the legacy of civil rights activist Dr Martin Luther King Jr—and his dream of freedom for all. The day was declared an official holiday in 1986, and to mark the occasion several musicians…

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Stan Douglas: Luanda-Kinshasa: The Vancouver-based artist’s 12th solo show at NYC ‘s David Zwirner gallery melds fiction and documentary through a six-hour film set

Stan Douglas: Luanda-Kinshasa

by Charlotte Anderson The recording studio on East 30th Street in Manhattan was once holy ground. Carved out of the abandoned remains of an old Armenian Church, it was a place where musicians shared in a mutual, perhaps now lost, struggle—to record that…

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