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Numbers that play with negative space


Creative number typography created by Forma and Co for the latest issue or Yorokobu magazine. These popping and colorful numbers are a brilliant demonstration that in the words combination white space, space is the dominant one.






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T.T. Trunks: Truly luxurious storage boasting creative use of space and integrated gadgetry

T.T. Trunks

The storage trunk is an object that exudes nostalgia; sepia-toned images of extravagant rail travel or a dusty box full of sentimentalities come to mind. T.T. Trunks, however, are crafted to make memories, rather than to store them. Boasting a most……

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Unique number typography plays with negative space

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Forma and Co were tasked with creating a beautiful number font

Creative Bloq

Fullscreen Websites. Making the Most of the Screen Space

Fullscreen websites – the widely used trend of spacious designs.

Free Ebook: Interaction Design Best Practices (Words, Visuals, Space)

Words are themselves interactions. Visuals are equally important to the copy, since the experience suffers if the words and appearance do not complement one another. Finally, space creates the context for interactions with the right look, feel, and relationship between all elements.

Interaction Design Best Practices: Words, Visuals, Space includes visual case studies, expert advice, and real-life interaction design examples from some of today’s top companies. You’ll learn how to design for the human brain, how to match perception to reality, how to treat white space as a design tool, and much more.

While interaction design can be highly theoretical, this book is written with action in mind. Every chapter includes tips based on real-life experiences.

Free Ebook: Interaction Design Best Practices

The 7 chapters of the e-book features:

  • Best practices from 30+ companies including Apple, AirBnB, Google, Facebook, Etsy, Virgin America, Dribbble, Hootsuite, and Behance.
  • Practical explanations of how to apply white space, size/distance, microcopy, visual design, and many other IxD disciplines.
  • Advice from experts like Dan Saffer, Jared Spool, Stephen P. Anderson, Rachel Nabors, and others.
  • Plenty of visual examples to illustrate every piece of advice.

To learn how prototyping can help perfect interaction design, check out the companion ebook The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping.

Check out the free ebooks, and feel free to share if you find them helpful (the 2nd book is unlocked when enough shares are reached).

Download Interaction Design Best Practices

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Incredible video shows how Space X plans to land largest rocket in the world

You know what’s cooler than a gigantic rocket? A gigantic rocket that can land itself. Elon Musk’s Space X released a new video this week demonstrating just what it plans to do with its upcoming Falcon Heavy rocket, which is set to launch for the first time later this year.

In essence, the rocket is three of the company’s current Falcon 9 rockets strapped together. The result is a rocket that can carry over 115,000 pounds (53,000 kg) — the equivalent of a fully-loaded Boeing 737 passenger jet — to low-earth orbit. When it flies later this year, the Falcon Heavy will be the world’s most powerful rocket. Only the Saturn V rocket, which was retired in 1973 after sending Apollo missions to the moon, was more powerful.

Powerful enough to…

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SpaceX settles dispute with US Air Force over national security space launches

SpaceX has announced it has settled its dispute with the United States Air Force and will dismiss standing claims in a US federal claims court. Last year, Elon Musk and Co. accused the Air Force of stifling competition in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program by allowing United Launch Alliance — a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing — to keep a monopolistic grip on launches. SpaceX has been frustrated with the lengthy certification process as it moves toward eventually competing with ULA. Under the newly reached agreement, the Air Force will “work collaboratively with SpaceX to complete the certification process in an efficient and expedient manner” so the company probably won’t be waiting much longer to fight…

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15 websites that use white space the right way

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Whenever anyone says white space, then we literally visualize white blank/empty spaces in our mind (white space can be of any color though). Well, that is true and is applicable even while designing. White space is actually the space that exists between elements to give a clean look to your web design. These days, many […]

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Elon Musk wants to spend $10 billion building the internet in space

Elon Musk’s plan for satellite internet is even more ambitious than originally thought. At a SpaceX event in Seattle on Friday, the Tesla CEO told Bloomberg Businessweek that his unnamed Space Internet venture could one day stretch all the way to Mars — and it could cost $ 10 billion to pull off.

“I don’t see anyone else doing it.”

The news comes at the tail end of a busy week for Musk, with the CEO announcing that a five-mile Hyperloop test track is in development only a day earlier. According to Musk, the satellite internet project would make for fast, cheap global internet that isn’t impeded by terrestrial wires. “The speed of light is 40 percent faster in the vacuum of space than it is for fiber,” he says, explaining that internet…

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Wolf Camp Studios, Orange County: OC-based production company Foxes and Wolves lures local talent into its lair with a hybrid studio and bar space

Wolf Camp Studios, Orange County

by Kohl Crecelius

Ryan Haack and Aaron Shintaku (the creative duo behind Foxes and Wolves, an Orange County, CA-based photo and video production agency) are kept busy with their own projects, but couldn’t deny seeing a particular growing need within……

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