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Eight Sexy Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Various spirit concoctions perfect for a day of love and spice

Eight Sexy Valentine's Day Cocktails

While making no promises about love potions or secret tonics, what we can guarantee is the quality of taste in the following eight drinks. Made with care and concern, they exemplify many ideals surrounding the holiday of love: spice, smoke and flavor……

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Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength: A 90-proof spirit distilled in England, but blended in Iceland

Martin Miller's London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength

Among the two standard offerings on roster from one of the most highly awarded UK distilleries, London’s Martin Miller’s Gin, we were recently taken by the botanical blend within their 90-proof Westbourne Strength. While all of their gin is distilled……

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16 Calendars for 2015: Make this year extra stimulating with a calendar that channels your creative spirit

16 Calendars for 2015

If time flies when you’re having fun, you might as well extend that notion to the moments spent organizing your time. For our annual calendar round-up this year, we’ve included 16 shining examples that will ensure all of 2015 is just how you envisioned……

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A Collection of Christmas Design Projects To Get You in the Spirit

christmas-postcards-design-1Whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, it's all around us and within this article I have compiled a sweet collection of Christmas design projects that will get you in the spirit. These projects just ooze holiday cheer. To kick off we've got a free Christmas font kindly designed by Dublin based designer Lukasz KuIakowsk. Christmas Time […]
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Holiday Gifting: Early Standouts: Ten items from our Buy section sure to get you in the spirit of gifting

Holiday Gifting: Early Standouts

While we are always on the lookout for new things to add to our ever-evolving Buy section, during the holidays we like to turn it up a notch to help readers find the perfect presents for friends and family. Keep an eye on Buy over the next few weeks……

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Off Spirit Halloween Discount [Save 50% On Any Purchase]

Be prepared for an amazing cut-price. Today we’d like to introduce Halloween discount for web templates. We’ve reduced all prices by 50%, don’t lose your chance to save some money.

American Born Moonshine: The historic corn-based spirit gets a smooth finish from an independent Tennessee producer

American Born Moonshine

There’s something rugged and pioneering about the history of moonshine. Whether it’s Appalachian myths and the human spirit, the Whiskey Rebellion post-War of Independence, or a prominent surge during American Prohibition when it took on greater meaning, there’s a story in every sip….

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Pastel illustrations keep the spirit of summer alive

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Fall in love with the work of this Swedish illustrator

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The Polaroid spirit lives on with Fujifilm’s new instant cameras

It turns out the Instax Mini 90 wasn’t a one-off. Fujifilm’s attempt to lend its kid-friendly instant cameras a touch of class from its high-end X-series was great fun to use, but had a couple of issues — the small Instax prints aren’t for everyone, and the $ 200 entry price takes it out of impulse-buy territory. But now Fujifilm is back with a new model that addresses both of those problems: the Instax Wide 300.

The Wide 300 uses larger format Instax Wide film, which is around twice the size of regular credit card-sized Instax prints. Previous Instax Wide cameras featured comically huge, bulbous designs; the Wide 300 isn’t going to win any beauty contests either, but it has at least received a similar makeover to the Mini 90,…

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Socially Conscious Snow Leopard Vodka: A new luxury spirit that donates a percentage of its proceeds to conservation

Socially Conscious Snow Leopard Vodka

For consumers who don’t have time to try all of the many different vodkas on the market, it’s tough to know the liquor’s true nuances and build brand allegiance. With the newly released Snow Leopard…

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