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Understated identity lets nature take centre stage

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Abbas Mushtaq and Greta Madline put a personal touch on the brand identity

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Mercedes F015 : One part stage coach, one part Blade Runner—this concept car pushes the notion of Luxury in Motion

Mercedes F015

Tonight, in their International Consumer Electronics Show keynote, Mercedes presented a vision of future mobility. The F015 Luxury in Motion concept car addresses the idea that our most prized notions will be space and time. “The car grants access……

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Amazing robot art takes centre stage in the new 3D World – on sale now

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The new issue of 3D World is on sale now cover by Mohammad Hossein Attaran Simply understanding the tools you’re using isn’t always enough, sometimes you need to leave your inhibitions behind and be inspired.

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Relive the kitschy theme park stage shows of your childhood with the help of YouTube

The Hunger Games is becoming a stage show in London, according to today’s announcement from Lionsgate.

London has become a bastion for spectacle theater — and all theater, really — thanks to the RSC, The National Theatre, and Punchdrunk. Odds are this show won’t be as insufferable as it might sound. And it almost certainly won’t be as surreal and cheap as those movie-to-stage show adaptations that buffered the long waits at theme parks of our childhood.

Remember those? This news knocked me down a rabbit hole of home videos posted onto YouTube of these cultural oddities. I’ve included my favorite below. WaterWorld, the best stage show, gets three spots because dry land is a myth, and also because I just learned about its Halloween…

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Kehinde Wiley Paints “The World Stage: Haiti”: The artist hosts a pageant to find “The Face of Haiti” in his new exhibition in Los Angeles

Kehinde Wiley Paints

Kehinde Wiley searches the world to find models to paint. His travels have taken him to Israel, Lagos and Dakar, China, and Jamaica. More recently, he’s traveled to six countries in Africa, where, in each destination, he…

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Watch ‘The Last of Us’ as a live-action stage show

The Last Of Us is one of the PlayStation 3’s most fondly remembered experiences, but for one night in Santa Monica it was something very different — a live stage show. Appropriately called “The Last of Us: One Night Live,” the performance featured live reads of some of the game’s more important scenes, a few terrific musical performances, along with thoughts from director and writer Neil Druckmann.

“It’s really weird to put video games up on a stage,” said Druckmann. But despite the strangeness of the concept, “The Last of Us: One Night Live” is surprisingly compelling, and you can check it out in the video above (just be sure to skip ahead about 30 minutes). Of course, that’s not the only way fans can revisit the gritty…

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How to elevate your creative work onto the world stage

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YCN recently announced its call for entries for the 2014 YCN Professional Awards. The aim? To shine a light on the freshest creative talent around the world. If you graduated or started working within the last eight years, YCN invites you to submit your best client projects (published or released no later than 31 March) to the awards, before the closing date of 21 May 2014.

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Zeno Rocha talks GitHub, web components and coding live on stage

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Like his fellow nominees for Young Developer of the Year in the net awards 2014, Brazilian Zeno Rocha may still be under 25 – but he’s not wasted any time.

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‘The Princess Bride’ could become a Disney stage play

Six years after a previous effort was derailed by a financial dispute, The Princess Bride is once again headed for the stage. Disney Theatrical Productions said today that is collaborating with William Goldman, author of the fairy tale that became a beloved 1987 movie, on a new stage production. No timeline for the production has been announced, and at this point it has not decided whether the play will be a musical or not. But The Hollywood Reporter speculates that it will, given Disney’s long history with stage musicals.

The comic love story traces the romance of Princess Buttercup and the farm boy Westley, who (spoiler!) transcends his humble origins to inherit the mantle of Dread Pirate Roberts and rescue his kidnapped sweetheart. A…

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Create Social-Friendly Polls Easily With Opinion Stage

No matter how great your website design may look, one important thing to remember is that communication with your readers is important. Getting to know them will give you a better direction to your articles and posts, in turn increase the traffic and pageviews of your site.

One-way to communicate with readers, and perhaps get into their heads, is to ask. Well, you don’t just ask them an off-beat question. Instead, you can try creating polls asking questions about particular topics.

Opinion Stage

If you’re not sure on how to create a poll for use on your website, we have for you, Opinion Stage. Opinion Stage makes polls easy to setup, embed on a site and share on popular social networks, and if you have a need for it, you can even track the demographics of your voters to get more insight into the opinions you have collected.

Begin Creating Polls

You must first create an account on Opinion Stage with a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. An account gives you a dashboard that allows you to easily see all the polls you have created.

Opinion Stage Dashboard

To create your first poll, click on Create Poll. You’ll be able to see a few options for your custom poll.

For Template, you choose between multiple-choice or head-to-head (only 2 answers), while for Type of poll, you get three choices. One requires voting with a social profile (this gives you the demographics of your voters), the second makes registration optional, and the third allows anonymous voting.

Opinion Stage Create

You can then add your poll question and support it with a text description, image or video. This adds a little more life to your polls and a visual explanation (particularly with video).

Opinion Stage Poll

Other options allow you to change the look of your poll by choosing a few preset themes and setting the poll box size or having it at a fixed width for a perfect fit on your website.

You can also enable or disable social sharing of your poll on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and set visibility for your poll results (displayed all the time, displayed after a received vote or totally hidden from users).

Adding Polls To Your Website

Once you have done creating your poll, you can share the provided link to gain voters.

If you want it displayed on your WordPress site, install and use the Opinion Stage Social Poll plugin to embed this on the site via the unique poll ID.

Opinion Stage Embed

If your website is not based on WordPress, you can also copy and paste the provided Javascript code to embed it on your website.

Deeper Tracking Of Your Polls For A Price

If you enabled the poll option where voters are required to register with a social account, Opinion Stage can filter their social information to give you the demographic statistics of your voters. It can filter what social account voters used, their gender and if they’re in your friend list.

However, these features are only available with a premium account that’ll cost you $ 19 a month for a year. The premium account also allows you to add your own logo to the poll, customize its theme, add the poll to Facebook and optimize it for social sharing.


Opinion Stage lets you create beautiful polls for your website. We like the fact that the polls can be supported with images and a YouTube video to make it more interesting. The free option is also more than enough if you’re looking to collect data for a simple question without the need of any detailed social demographics.