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T.T. Trunks: Truly luxurious storage boasting creative use of space and integrated gadgetry

T.T. Trunks

The storage trunk is an object that exudes nostalgia; sepia-toned images of extravagant rail travel or a dusty box full of sentimentalities come to mind. T.T. Trunks, however, are crafted to make memories, rather than to store them. Boasting a most……

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OneDrive updates make Microsoft’s cloud storage system better for photos

Microsoft is updating OneDrive, its cloud storage service that competes with rivals such as Dropbox and iCloud, in a bid to make it a better photo management tool. Over the next few weeks, the company says it’s introducing changes that will automatically import photos from external devices, allow users to categorize them in new albums with clear thumbmail images, and use an updated search function to find specific files and photos saved on the service.

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First visible sample of plutonium rediscovered in storage

In the run-up to the dropping of two devastating atomic bombs that led to Japan’s surrender in World War II, American scientists raced to manufacture a bomb material that would yield enough destructive energy as part of the Manhattan Project. One of those efforts led to the synthesis of plutonium, which — although it occurs in trace amounts in nature — had never actually been seen by humans.

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Mirror joins a long line of weird LaCie storage devices

Just as mirrors reflect our image, the data we keep reflects our true self. That’s the lofty idea behind LaCie’s newest luxury storage device, an improbable convergence of a USB 3.0-powered 1TB hard disk and Gorilla Glass by French designer Pauline Deltour.

Author Mark Pendergrast said, “As our first technology for self-contemplation, the mirror is arguably as important an invention as the wheel and perhaps even more universal.” Question is: can you handle the truth of what you’ve become?

Are you ready to stare yourself in the eye and cast judgment upon the creep who’d spend so many hours meticulously cataloging his porn collection? Are you prepared to admit to criminal theft and your copyright crimes against Taylor Swift and Seth…

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Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet: The innovative Dutch designer mathematically stacks 1,000 pieces of wood to create a puzzle-like storage structure that optimizes sound

Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet

At first glance, Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet resembles a 110cm-high Jenga Tower. Disguised as a visually intriguing, textural and seemingly random pile of wooden blocks, the tower actually serves as a multifunctional object……

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Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes: A humidity-controlled, airtight environment guarantees that your stash stays fresh

Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes

Now that marijuana is legally recognized for its therapeutic effects, the accessories market is more upscale than ever, allowing for a greater standard of enjoyment. Not dissimilar from wine aficionados or gourmands, cannabis connoisseurs have a……

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Microsoft targets Dropbox and Google with unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 subscribers

Microsoft is removing its OneDrive storage limits for Office 365 subscribers. If you’re an Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscriber then OneDrive storage will be unlimited in the coming months as Microsoft rolls out its changes to every account. OneDrive for Business customers will also get unlimited storage as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 roadmap. While Microsoft’s unlimited OneDrive storage is rolling out to all Office 365 accounts in the coming months, you can opt-in to be upgraded early over at Microsoft’s OneDrive preview site.

The surprise move comes just months after Microsoft gifted 1TB of OneDrive space to Office 365 subscribers. At the time Microsoft also doubled its free space and aimed to beat competition from…

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Best Cloud Storage Services in 2014

A few years ago cloud storage was a thing people couldn’t even imagine. Even today loads of people – some even IT specialists – don’t understand the concept. Some fear cloud…

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ONA’s Sleek Camera and Laptop Bags: Style-conscious products with plenty of space for storage

ONA's Sleek Camera and Laptop Bags

It’s very easy to look and feel weighed down when carrying around cameras, multiple lenses, or even a laptop. To combat this, NYC’s ONA began producing simple and stylish bags, with functionality at the forefront. With…

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How To Use HTL5 Offline Storage In Your Website

Apart from new elements in HTML5, this new web technology offers us Offline Storage. There are a number types of offline storage, and in this article we will specifically discuss sessionStorage and localStorage. Offline Storage allows us to save data in the user’s browser and makes our web apps or games work without a connection (for a period of time).

In a real world example, developers can take the advantage of Offline Storage as a backup in case Internet connection is not available. They can then send the data up to the online server when they regain connectivity.

HTL5 Offline Storage

If you are asking yourself how to utilize this browser’s feature into your website, check out this article.


sessionStorage is a form of storage that stores data temporarily in the browser. The data in sessionStorage is set in key and value pairing, and it is exclusive to the browser window or tab. As long as the browser or the tab is still open, the data would still be there, unless we erase it intentionally or we quit the browser.

To store a data in sessionStorage, we can use .setItem(). Here is one example where we store “Hello World”.

 sessionStorage.setItem("keyExample", "Hello World"); 

Alternatively, we can also do the following. This will create a data entry with anotherKeyName as the key and ‘Hello Too’ as the value.

 sessionStorage.anotherKeyExample = "Hello Too"; 

In Webkit-based browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Opera, you can see the data under the Resources tab. In Firefox, you can search the data that resides under the Firebug DOM tab.

It is worth noting that sessionStorage can only store a string or plain text. An integer will be translated to string.

If you have JSON data you will have to format it to string using JSON.stringify() and retrieve it using JSON.parse() to convert the string back as JSON. Below are a few code examples:

 var json = JSON.stringify({[1, 2, 3]}); sessionStorage.anotherKeyExample = json; 

Retrieving data in sesssionStorage

We also have two ways to retrieve the data from sessionStorage. First, we can use the .getItem() or by directly pointing the key name, as follows.

 var a = sessionStorage.getItem("keyExample"); var b = sessionStorage.anotherKeyExample; 

Deleting data in sessionStorage

As mentioned above, the data in sessionStorage will be deleted when the user closes the browser’s window or tab. But we can also delete it intentionally. We can use the .removeItem() method or delete directive, like so.

 sessionStorage.removeItem("keyExample"); delete sessionStorage.anotherKeyExample; 


We can also store data in the browser in a form of localStorage. But unlike sessionStorage, localStorage data is persistent; the data will remain in the browser as long as we do not intentionally remove it.

Storing the data in localStorage is as easy as we did in sessionStorage. In fact, the technicalities are all the same, except we now use localStorage object. We can input a data entry, with the.setItem() method or directly setting it with the key name, like so.

 localStorage.setItem("keyName", "Hello, Local Storage"); localStorage.anotherKeyName = 1; 

We retrieve the data with .getItem() method.

 var c = localStorage.getItem("keyName"); var d = localStorage.anotherKeyName 

Similarly we can remove data entry from localStroge with .removeItem() method and delete directive.

Offline Storage Limit Size

Both sessionStorage and localStorage have limits in terms of max capacity, and each browser has its own limit. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera limit is 5MB per domain. Internet Explorer offers more space with 10MB per domain. So ensure that your data will not exceed the limit. If your data exceeds the limit, you might want to consider the other alternative, such as SQLite.

Feature Detection

In addition, even though that support for sessionStorage and localStorage is quite great (IE8 supports them), you might still want to run browser feature detection before running a function that posts an entry to sessionStorage or localStorage. This is so that you can add a fallback function like with Cookies in case the browser does not support Offline Storage form.

You can use Modernizr for doing so or wrap your script with this conditional statement, like so.

 if ( window.localStorage ) { } else { alert('localStorage is not available'); } 


Offline Storage is a really great feature that makes it possible for web apps and games to work offline. In the past we have also shown you how to utilize it in real examples.

I hope that this short article could help you get started with Offline Storage.