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Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength: A 90-proof spirit distilled in England, but blended in Iceland

Martin Miller's London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength

Among the two standard offerings on roster from one of the most highly awarded UK distilleries, London’s Martin Miller’s Gin, we were recently taken by the botanical blend within their 90-proof Westbourne Strength. While all of their gin is distilled……

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Kitra Cahana’s Still Man Artwork: The photographer and documentarian captures her father’s strength through locked-in syndrome

Kitra Cahana's Still Man Artwork

During the most recent TEDMED conference, photographer and documentarian Kitra Cahana delivered an empowering talk on triumph in the face of adversity….

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Four Navy Strength Rums: Overproof spirits with a history dating back to British naval rum rations

Four Navy Strength Rums

Back in 1655, British Naval liquor rationing made the switch from French brandy to Caribbean rum. By the 1740s, Admiral Edward Vernon of the British Navy put into practice diluting this rum acquired from Jamaica and Barbados to the proportion of half a pint to one quart of water. That…

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Message received: is BBM for Android and iPhone a sign of strength… or desperation?


It wasn’t a complete shock this morning when BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that the popular BlackBerry Messenger, one of the few remaining apps chaining BlackBerry users to the platform, would be coming to iPhone and Android in the form of a free app this summer.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of the free multimedia messenger app Kik. “We heard that the project had started and stopped, started and stopped.”

Former co-CEO Jim Balsillie reportedly pushed the company toward a cross-platform strategy before he stepped down in January 2012. The idea was scuttled in part by Heins, who rejected the idea in favor of pushing a lineup of new BlackBerry 10 phones, Reuters reported.

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Design Inspiration: Strength in Motion

A solid logo design that’s concise and distinctive.

This design was featured on Saturday 12th of January 2013. It’s designed by Andrew Peacock, and falls under the category of Logo.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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